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    Lightbulb *** Phoenix Entertainment ***

    "From out of the ashes rose the most beautiful creature the world has ever seen...."

    Phoenix Entertainment is born!

    From the merger of Rubi-Ka's 2 most prominent entertainment companies (Belle Rouge and Lunar Entertainment Incorporated) comes Phoenix Entertainment.

    Parties, Events, Staffing, Concerts and Shows... .Phoenix Entertainment offers everything you need in entertainment. With a full staff of Actors, singers, dancers, security and waitstaff, we can host a party to end all parties!

    So, what are you waiting for... contact Phoenix Entertainments Event staff today at

    And don't miss the 1st ever Miss Rubi-Ka pageant. May 18th, 9pm est (1am GMT) at the Reet Retreat! The winner will recieve a YALM!!! Come root on your favorite girl.

    For more info visit our website at
    See you at the show!!
    - Aktrez
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    Shalon "Aktrez" Joor
    ~*~ Director of Vixen Entertainment~*~
    Manger of the Rompa Bar, Omni-Ent.

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    Shalon "Aktrez" Joor
    ~*~ Director of Vixen Entertainment~*~
    Manger of the Rompa Bar, Omni-Ent.

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    Speaking as a Staff member i have to say that this team is dedicated yo bringing the rest of Rubi-Ka full entertainment.

    Are you tierd of going on missions all the time and need a rest, are you wanting to set up a party for an organisation, are you wanting actors for a mission.

    Then reply here or enquire at Rompa Bar in the entertainment sector of Omni-1

    We are here to play with you

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    the other night, i was a little tired from hunting muties and ridding rubi-ka of the clan menace, when i decided to grab a beer at Rompa Bar.

    my guildies and other fellow omni loyalists were busy on their own missions and hunting parties, but luckily for me the girls of Phoenix Entertainment were at the Rompa Bar and happy to provide me with some companionship for the evening.

    i would highly recommend their services to any fellow omni who wants to relax and enjoy themselves for the evening. take one of the girls shopping, maybe go swimming at lush resort, party at baboons, or just have someone to listen to your tales of mutie bashing over a few glasses of your favorite OT party mix.

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