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Thread: Rubi-Ka 2 Events

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    voice of freedom is the clan news channel

    if you are omni you get the other one

    I dont know what neuts get

    but those are the new channels he was refering to (I am guessing )

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    sweet i will watch Voice of Freedom avidly now

    one point tho.. it uses the same color as my guild chat.
    witch means in an active guild like mine a msg on the Voice might be lost
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    Sorry about that, I didn't give the names. The names of the news channels are........

    Rubi-Ka Headline Services
    The Omni-Teck Herald Broadcast
    Voice of Freedom

    These will generally show toward the bottom of your channel list.


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    Originally posted by Solitaire
    sweet i will watch Voice of Freedom avidly now

    one point tho.. it uses the same color as my guild chat.
    witch means in an active guild like mine a msg on the Voice might be lost
    you can change the colour of your chat channels I think by altering a folder (I'm really not too sure how, someone else can probably help you... I have never done it myself)

    there are also programs that make it a little easier to edit chat colours.
    one of which can be found here

    but... I dont know why they didnt pick a different colour either

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    Originally posted by Intra

    you can change the colour of your chat channels I think by altering a folder (I'm really not too sure how, someone else can probably help you... I have never done it myself)

    there are also programs that make it a little easier to edit chat colours.
    one of which can be found here

    but... I dont know why they didnt pick a different colour either
    Cool ..

    Hey funcom! Why was the abilty to change the chat color not built into AO?

    This is another case of needing a thrid party software to support an application which is supposed to be fun and friendly.

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    you can do it, funcom method

    its just a bit of a pain in the behind... not very user friendly really

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    Woot! How do I volunteer?

    Originally posted by Fadinaway
    Hey everyone, again.

    ...But, wouldn’t it be even better to convince another player to be your informant? Or, for the sake of guild, build a character and make him your role-playing informant? This is a role that could be just as easily played by a player as it could be by a GM, and it would actually add to the atmosphere for one more player...
    F - I'm not a guildie (been teaming with a friend and playing packrat from level 1 to level 90), but I know several people who be interested in being involved in events, even if it means playing a bad guy. Where do I sign up? Who do I coordinate with?

    Raring to go,

    Kickshi on Ka^2

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    Got ya

    Originally posted by Fadinaway

    Sorry about that, I didn't give the names. The names of the news channels are........

    Rubi-Ka Headline Services
    The Omni-Teck Herald Broadcast
    Voice of Freedom

    F - no worries, I'm pretty thick. I'm assuming "Rubi-Ka Headline Services" is for neuts?

    Kickshi on ka^2

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    The best event on RK2 that I've participated in was at Camelot Castle last night. Goe something like this ...

    Evastan sends me a tell whilst I'm on a team mission with Littletotem, Antideath and Greenberrett. Wants to go on a dragon raid. She has some peeps already and is asking whether I'm on for it. I'm always on for kicking the dragon. But, she can't get the docs so its looking ropey. Fortunately, I'm teaming with Antideath, and she's on for the dragon after the mission.

    Some of them head up to the castle to check out the scene. I get a tell from Kaiousama saying that a couple of omni teams are already there. I send a tell out to guild chat, word gets around and by the time I arrive in Camelot, most of the higher level clanners are congregating outside the castle. They're all there. Karsken, BettyLu, Salvael, Xscape, Dodgeman, Drdank, Antideath, Littletotem, Greenberrett, Adonfff, Ccommander, Tibanna, and many, many more (sorry if I've missed you out). Nothing like the smell of omnis to get the clanners motivated.

    By this time, the omnis are inside. After a bit of buffing and organising of teams, we head inside after them. When we catch up with them, they're giving Morgan a good kicking. Needless to say, amongst all the lag, and the shouts and the screams (of "ganking b*stards!" I'm sure), the only omnis that survived were the ones that reached the 100% zone.

    Of course, we all went on to sort the dragon out. Would have been rude not to. Had to keep watch for the omnis though who were flirting to and from the 100% zone

    Great fun. Only marred by the apparent dissapearance of the coat from the dragon corpse

    Thanks to all who came along (including the omnis), and I hope you had as much fun as I did


    171 NT RK2.

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    The Voice of Freedom is the clan news channel. The Omni-Tek Herald is the OT news channel.

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    er, for some reason, I have two clanners and they get different news channels . . . one has Voice of Freedom and the other has Rubi-Ka Headline services . . . anyone else have this problem?
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    Post Link to log of RK2 events meeting

    Long chat logs of a meeting held in Reet Retreat by many many players on RK2. I'm way too tired after the meeting to go into depth here but an ARK suggested the log be posted on this board. Apparently I'm not allowed to start a thread on this board, so there's the link.

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    I also want to have events on RK2.

    I think it is important to let the players know when and where one is going to happen, even if this is not something their characters would know. The players would not need to have any idea what the event was going to be. If they knew of one several days in advance, they could plan to be logged on and their characters could "happen" to be in the general area when it occurs.

    To get as many people as possible involved in events, they need to be held at a wide variety of different times. For example, the ideal time for me would be between 04:00 and 08:00 GMT on Saturday or Sunday, but that would be impractical for some other people. There is no one time that will work for everyone, but by varying the time, more people will be able to take part in some event.
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    Thumbs up Events on RK2

    Sorry I am to inebriated to put together a cohesive replay at this moment..BUT...I love RP and have signed with a "PvP storyline" group as well as attempted to be at all events that I have been aware of. As far as I am concerned the events and story line are what this game is all about. Dozens of games have the same, similar or even better "hack and slash". What this games aims for that no other has hit yet is the idea that we as players can DECIDE the story line..not just FOLLOW it. Getting alil sour right now so lemme finish quickly (LMAO). In short, PLEASE...don't just keep eventson RK2..let us help you make them run properly. By my way of thinking you are being to nice asking us if we want them and since alot of people DO want them..then I say give em to us. THEN let us prove that we want them. As was suggested earlier maybe get a list of people who ARE interested and let those people and/or org's prove that we/they want to decide how the game flows. Sorry if I rambled...lil to much beerz =\
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    I've been to a few events.

    One was a small event were I formed up a team in Borealis and did some err... "deliveries". The worst part about this was that we had to go to Omni-T and the lag was so bad, even the GM involved got lagged out for a few minutes. On the plus side, I did get arrested.

    I've been to two large events... the one when a whole slew of Ninjadroids popped up in West Athen, and the one where Cyborgs popped up in Wailing Wastes. There wasn't much backstory with the Ninjadroids, however, the Cyborgs had a build up... a Clan went missing on day one, and everyone went out to Wailing Wastes to find them. Next day, Cyborgs started crawling out of the wood work and every clanner around started beating some 'borg butt. We found the enterance, got an Engie inside, he started Beacon warping everyone in, and we cleared the dungeon in no time flat (there was about 30 or so players most above 80+). A disc was found that was to be taken back to Tir for decoding... and... that was it. No follow up to my knowledge.

    There needs to be a happy medium between large events, and small events. Small events should focus on certain level ranges and give players a chance to rp a little. Large events are alright, but lag should be considered.
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    Event Participation

    I think that the players of AO are not showing the interest in the storyline of AO because they simply don't know what's going on.

    This post is a suggestion for making the players feel more involved in the goings-on of Rubika.

    First, create something along the lines of a newsplaque available for purchase at one of the many trade-kiosks scattered around the world. This plaque could be used to display a record of any story-related events that had occured within the game over the previous weeks as well as listing any Funcom sponsored events planned in the near future. Players would be able to peruse this information anytime the mood strikes them, rather than having to sift through webpages or wait for the event to actually occur (and most likely miss it.)

    The plaque should be a one-time purchase, updating as necessary. Two versions would be required, one Omni and one Clan.

    Here is an example of headlines that the players could read:

    (An obvoius declaration of a planned event)
    The Camelot Herald reports that certain Omni-Tech sources believe that clan terrorists are planning a raid on the Rome Blue sector late tonight or early tomorrow morning (23:00GMT-2:00GMT 5/29/02) to free convicted terrorist Albert Rosa.. Residents should prepare to defend themselves, as OT officially denies that any such incurrsion is possible and refuses to send additional security personnel.

    (The Clan version of the above event)
    Conclave leaders have declared the arrest of Albert Rosa by OT Armed Forces an illegal act and are asking all loyal clanners to aid in his rescue. Anyone planning to assist in this noble venture should gather in Old Athens tonight (23:30 GMT 5/29/02). The target zone will be revealed just prior to the rescue attempt.

    The ability of players to view this information whenever they wish will allow more people to participate in storyline events or at least know what is occuring in the world around them, thus increasing their feeling of "immersion" in Rubika.

    Just A Thought,

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    haven't read all the posts here but i'd just like to say YES to events on rk2.... if i would log on right now and send a few tells to a couple of ppls about a event in 20k or sumthin, there would be alot of ppl coming to it in 15 minutes, true or not. Course i'd never do this if it wasn't true.... Hell, the last event that i went to was that fight in mmd that another player told me about, and i don't even think that FC had anything to do wit that. And that had a nice turnout even tho it was pvp event and not alot of peeps on rk2's interested in pvp.

    Now as far as the FEW idiots that say events sux and all, u can't please em all, so fek em. Let those noobs go power level in bs all day or sumthin.

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    I again have not read all of the posts, but i know what i want.

    The last events i was at on RK2 were a shambles to say the least, a handful of people were called late at night to go out in the middle of nowhere and kill "someone". Now what happened was about 60 - 70 people wen't to the base in EFP and wiped out the first guard spawn, and waited....and waited....and waited....and waited. Nothing further came and half of the crowd was wiped out by the next spawn so everyone just gave up.

    Now there are several flaws to this sort of event.

    1. Organisation - An event needs to give proper notice beforehand, not 10 mins, not 30 mins, not and hour, a day or a week is more like it. You can't just go "oh i think i'll spring an event" and expect everyone just to turn up. Also, don't hold events at extremely idiotic times, i.e. 9am gmt, no one is on !

    2. Location - There is no point sending a group of people out to the middle of nowhere and expect them to just expect them to accept that, they won't go unless they can get back there easily if they are killed, a zone or 2 from the nearest save point maybe.

    3. Information - Theres no point telling someone to go to efp and kill "name" if they can't find the exact location of the person, they need to be told EXACTLY what to do, vague events are not exciting.

    4. Diversity - Pure kill events are fun if they only happen once a month or something, but not every event, get us to search for an item, maybe incorporate the dungeons or something,

    5 - Reward - It's all well and good giving an event, but when it is futile at the end and changes nothing or you gain nothing, what was the point? even a free token or something would make it all worthwhile.

    One thing that would really create excitement on Rk2 is an event like the first one on rk1, giant vultures or something attacking Tir, and 9pm -10 pm gmt is the perfect time for it, im sure a ton of people would flock out of the gates of tir just to have a go. Just anything to wet our appetite right now would help, give some excitement to the higher lvls and actually give the lower lvls something to make them think the game is more than just missions.
    Maybe you could drop the suppression field in omni trade or something some night.

    Oh, and if FC read this, please visit the soldier forum, it's gettin hectic in there and you're last 10 answers weren't acceptable.

    166 Soldier RK-2

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    I missed the event where the terrorists blew up the appartments in Omni Ent. but I got to see the one where the slayer droids went crazy. That was funny cause I was showing some new people to Rubi-Ka around Omni City, I answered a question about being attacked in the City, just before a Slayer ran over and killed us

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    Re: Rubi-Ka 2 Events

    Originally posted by Fadinaway
    Hi Everyone,
    Hi Fad

    My suggestions would be; Make dimension travels possible ( I know you are somwhat working on that ), and make one server RP'ing, and the other server without RP. My obvious suggestion would be to make RK2 a RP server, since the "hardcore" powerleveleres are mostly on Rk1, and usually not interessted in RP as far as I can see

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