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Thread: Large Player Structures - Organisations!

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    1. Don't like it. Confusing and just wouldn't feel like I was truely apart of the department if someone else had the name. Just not strict enough to be omni-tek

    2. This would be my choice. Guilds should be something totally different from the companies and departments of omni-tek. No names should be allowed that even resemble the departments.
    Everyone that works for omni-tek should be apart of some department... Guilds should not be treated as departments of their own, but more like factions within the companies... or a collection of people from companies that come together for a purpose.

    3. Hate it. Just hate it. Would cause more harm than good. Just because some uber d00d had the bright idea of naming his guild omni-pol because he couldn't think of anything original should not give him any special rights over anyone else.

    4. Boring.

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    I like to roleplay an agent.

    I have always wanted to be a part of Omni-intern ops, or even working as a sniper in Omni-AF.

    Now I like the people in my guild, and we are very organized and have it together... So as you can imagine I don't want to just up and leave so I can join a roleplaying guild for agents...

    I look forward to these organizations. I hope for strict policies on recruitment and the like, and I hope it encourages more roleplaying.

    You need to find a justification for the guilds in the game. Why are they there, why do people form them separately from the omni departments, and why does omni-tek allow it?

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    Guild housing: Big one. The guild I am in has been waiting for this forever.

    One type of guild house is ok for the time being, but we will require the ability to upgrade. That is what separates the strong guilds from the weak. Just consider the guild housing you have planned as something to hold us over for now, the guild housing I envision will probably require a compelte rework but it will be worth it.

    Guild headquarters should require a huge downpayment at first. After that it will require a day by day payment (guild tax anyone?). Larger guild HQ's will obviously cost more.

    We should also be able to add stuff to our HQ's like bank terminals, save terminals, the ability to download from the grid, reclaim terminals, bars, servants, lounge areas, storage areas with special terminals for putting weapons and armor that can be accessed by members... etc, etc. All of these would be very expensive, and would also add to the guild HQ's daily upkeep cost.

    HQ's in the cities or other high population areas should cost more. Supply and demand.

    A first level guild HQ in the middle of nowhere should be a rusty small place with a reception desk area and a meeting room.

    The highest level guild HQ's should be large multi-leveled offices with mini in-door forests for relaxation, recreation and bar areas, sleep quarters, storage facilities, and grand meeting halls.
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    Post Org HQs

    So, what should an Org HQ idealy be? (in rough order)

    1) Meeting space.

    2) Access to player's bank.

    3) Org grid access - only into grid with no access back would be simplest, though if orgs have HQ keys, this could determine where a generic Org HQ point in the grid takes you.

    4) Scanner and reclaim.

    5) Entertainment space - your own org bar and dancefloor.

    6) Org member appartments might be good. This would need facility to change your appartment and a mechanism for determining whose appt. a team goes to if some of them share a door (first person in team in set the destination).

    7) Org bank - accessible only to top two ranks, sizeable item store and access to org funds from tax.

    Any more ideas? Any difference in the order? Thoughts?

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    Haven't read the responses, so forgive duplication of ideas:

    There are only going to be a handful (8-10, at most?) of duplications between current player-orgs and planned NPC run-orgs. How about talk to each and see what the purpose of the org is? When I was in the Knights of Avalon, our sole purpose was to give people a gathering place until the NPC Knights were open for players, at that point we would dissolve and all enter the Knights (which we naively thought would be in October, when the storyline supposedly started). Similarly, I would bet people joined Omni-X because they wanted to be in Omni-X, taking
    orders from the NPC head of Omni-X, etc. So look at the guild list and ask the heads of these organizations what they want, you might be pleasantly surprised.

    In cases where there is resistance, I favor forcing the player group to change their name. You did that with the Dust Brigade, so there is certainly precedence. There will be a little ill will, but that is better than a LOT of confusion.

    Org Houses: Sound great, but here is something that would be a great benefit: 0% tourney areas inside each one. Finally a place where people could actually meet in peace and test things or just compete for the fun of it without worrying about a level 50 with QL200 implants ganking you for the heck of it!


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    I agree fully with Zero and Dark..

    Being one of the largest orgs on-planet, a larger org HQ is just about vital for us.

    I agree that each org should have some sort of grid-out access..perhaps dumping us in the Grid at the exit for the city zone.

    An org store/bank machine would be great as well..that way we could put our unused items up for sale for everyone or at least put em someplace that all members could at least look at, but only have the top ranks allowed to withdraw or something.
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    I think the names of these divisions needs to be forcefully removed! Some people, hell a LOT of people have been waiting since AO came out to have the oportunity to join an official OT or Clan division.

    Those who took the division name for there guild name should have either KNOWN better or should have expected that at some point this was going to happen.

    On everything else, I like My guild has definately been waiting a while for org housing.
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    (I've not read the posts above, so excuse me if this is out of place)

    I would like to see you make the story orgs real. Make them live. I've wanted to join the real Omni-InternOp (or Sentinels on clan side) since I heard/read about AO for the first time. I was a bit disappointed when BETA started as I saw none of this was in the game.

    As for problems taking names from already formed guilds. I don't think there is one. Come on. Like the ones who started the guilds named after story orgs didn't know something like this might and probably would happen (with some exceptions). I don't think serious guilds like Omni-Pol would mind changing their name either.. in return for a special position in the departement ;c)

    If you deside to make the story orgs player-run I don't think I could take joining one. It's just not "real". If you know what I mean.

    Wanted to join Dust Brigade too.. "No can do".
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    Endorsing the existing story-named organisations, let people keep their names on a first-come-first-serve basis. Let players have complete control on leadership / elections etc., but set a "story-org" standard which these player orgs would have to follow or face the possibility of having their names changed. (Or whatever.)

    This would mean that many in the existing organisations would be happy, because they get to keep their organisations more or less intact and also keep them with an increased status.

    Other people not so quick on the trigger would respond negatively, because they never got the chance to align themselves with / make story organisations.


    This is clearly the best choice. Remembering that in a good MMORPG or even a table-top pen-and-paper RPG the players are, to liken it to a movie, your stars...not your extras. In fact, I would excise the idea of a "story org" altogether and instead have your events staff work directly with the existing leadership of the Major Orgs in Rubi-ka. As for others being "not so quick on the trigger" I would point out that many of these large and detailed RP orgs, like Division 9 RSGE, have been here for quite a long time AND the possibility of joining these orgs would of course still remain open.

    As for OHQ's, yes I certainly can see the need for different ORGS to share the same entrances, as it would likely be working like mission doors do. But I do have a suggestion about their INTERIOR. Give the ORGS a basic HQ with reasonable facilities. But allow the possibility of upgrades to come from Organisational cooperation and effort. If certain achievments are made by the org in cooperative efforts (and nothing that requires camping, please) then the org has "won" or "earned" , for example, a laboratory within which nano-techs can assemble crystals or engineers can tinker. possible add-on room upgrades can be offices for crats, shrines for MPs, gyms for the enforcers and target ranges for soldiers. Others could be conference halls, dance floors, war rooms, and more. Either these rooms could allow for certain game mechanics to occur, such as offering shops in the lab that sell crystal creation or robotics tradeskill parts (at a discount) or add org advantages like the gym adds a certain bonus to enforcers when they are out in the field.

    In short, make them interesting, make them varied, make them expandable, and by all means, make their upgrade a reflection of the effort and teamwork of the org that owns them.

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    Take back the official names

    The main reason I see for FunCom to take back the official names is that they need to be able to have open doors to all players. I think this is more important to omni's who are actually part of a structured company rather than the neuts or clans who are a bit more indepenant. If an organization is going to be set up in game that allows omni-citizens to be a part of it, having someone who probably doesn't know where the storyline is going completely and in every detail just wont work. Another issue is the politics that happen within an organization and with the people around them.

    Taking Omni-pol for example, the main guild I am familiar with that uses the name of an actual department of omni-tek within the game, they have their own agendas which have little to do with anything storyline based. As the individual players go within Omni-pol, some are nice people and some are your average morons who seem to just hang around to insult people in the game and get off on some sort of superiority trip because they're 'omni-pol'. As a guild they probably really try to BE omni-pol. As individual players, certain members ruin it for the whole either by ignorance or lack of role-playing ability. Another problem with them currently is that they have no power to enforce any sort of laws. If an omni-pol (the current guild) employee is standing next to clanner in omni-trade, the most he can do is either plead with the clanner to leave or shout obscenities. The most I've ever seen Omni-pol (the guild) do really is line up for pictures, which most players try to interfere with due to omni-pol's arrogant nature around 'normal' omni citizens...

    As for such organizations opening their door to the public, this is a good idea, however the screening process needs to be something that is regulated by FC, not something where you go to your local adv shop, pick up an application, right click and you're in. I'm thinking of something more like the process to become an ARK, because after all, a player needs to be thuroughly told what they are doing as part of a guild that is part of a company, and where that guild's intrests lie on a day to day basis. They need to be told what the limits of their power are as to what claims they can make, what laws they can uphold, etc. Dropping people in unversed in how they are supposed to act in a roleplaying style guild is like putting an actor on stage without giving him a script, he's going to suck.

    The problem with leaving this sort of management in the hands of players is politics on an individual to individual level, and the fact that once on person seizes control of a department there's almost no way that person is going to give it up to anyone else. How fun will it be when some complete stranger is bossing you around because he's your superior officer. Now imagine one of those 13-16 year old players who barely make any sense in the first place and tend to get violent at the drop of a hat. No thanks, I'll get a job at some low end fast food chain if I want that.

    In synopsis: take the official names back.

    P.S. Gaute, great ideas, but will you #$%# adding crap so the programmers can fix what's already there?! This game needs a massive retooling before it's ready for anything like this!
    1. Pathing, fix it.
    2. Tradeskills, fix them.
    3. Any of about a billion more bugs, FIX THEM.
    4. Envision ideas.

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    I thought that europe didnt like totalitarian government forms? I put up enough with the blunders of boy wonder coder *gee I am so tiny when I get out of my plane now* to have a GM tell me and my Clan what is so glorious about Rubi Ka today. I see this as a perfect oppertunity for the usual fan boys to get the one knee position goin on and see who gets the best angle. And as usual, looking at the logs, the normal people, and some new ones dropped to a knee (or two depending on preferance).

    Why cant we just get moving on what was originaly promised when the game was bought? A story that can be enacted by players. I must not have gotten the insert that says (With the help of our own GM's to "guide" you) I have met a couple GM's in game and think they are great at their jobs, and beside the major system SNAFU (ie: crashes, lag, unable to log back) have great ideas to implement into the story.

    I am not going to whine without giving a simple, unbiased solution. Randomly pick a Clan or Department to participate in an event? Proactively select them instead of asking. We all can tell who has their guild to just have the leader chat channel and who has a serious, driven member base, who want to be involved. It gets old seeing the same old people in the events.
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    This sounds great! To be in a guild, with like-minded sister-guilds, you could click the mutal channel shared by all associated sister-guilds, and ask for teams for hunts, events or trade items.

    It would bring a larger form of family, and be great for palnning major events.

    Take back names of Anarchy specific guilds, like Omni-Pol. In the real Omni-Pol, if Moronboy is doing ignorant stupid things to peeps, he would get booted from Omni-Pol. but since it's a guild, made of players, Moronboy stays in the guild. not right in my opinion.

    The real Omni-Pol does not gank it's own people, like guards and such. not saying Omni-pol the palyer guild does, but you get my drift.

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    Talking Praise the lard!

    Thnx for making that statment.

    And why does everybody always use phrases like "GuildS using official names".
    Guilds? with an S?

    Hmmm. As far as i knew (in Omni at least) the only "guild" taking a storyboard name is "Omni-Pol".
    I mean Burst Team is using Omni-AF now more as a precautionary step to see no other terrible monopolies like OP assume it in the wake of this issue.

    I seriously want to know though what other detachments, if any, other than Omni-Pol are pretending to be "official"

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    Ladies and gents I'd like to bring to your attention the poll regarding this issue that is currently running in the Player Polls forum.

    Here's a link:

    Woo-hoo! Cz replied to it
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    Originally posted by Hawx
    Why cant we just get moving on what was originaly promised when the game was bought? A story that can be enacted by players. I must not have gotten the insert that says (With the help of our own GM's to "guide" you) I have met a couple GM's in game and think they are great at their jobs, and beside the major system SNAFU (ie: crashes, lag, unable to log back) have great ideas to implement into the story.

    I am not going to whine without giving a simple, unbiased solution. Randomly pick a Clan or Department to participate in an event? Proactively select them instead of asking. We all can tell who has their guild to just have the leader chat channel and who has a serious, driven member base, who want to be involved. It gets old seeing the same old people in the events.
    And how, pray tell, are the players going to tell FCs story when we don't know what it is... The point of GM/ARK controlled super-orgs isn't primarily to tell you what to do (although for Omni dept., perhaps it should be - they are a company after all, and you generally don't get lippy with your boss) - it is to feed the players information. If this is done right, the players will follow the desired course of action *of their own free will* (well, they'll think that anyway, and that is all that matters).

    Setting up and coding these super-orgs isn't the hard bit. Managing them (and, yes, manipulating them without being blatant) will be the hard part.

    Clans will be more loose and laidback, Omni is regimented, structured and hierarchical. If you don't want to role-play, join an org with no super-org affiliations, you'll be on the fringes of your society, maybe even rogue, but you'll have less RP responibilities but also, less backup (though probably not much less).

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    Talking my 2 creds

    #1 is not very confusing, but a no-no for rpg.

    #2... for the sake of rpg just do it. its not like FC dont do things to piss players off b4 so once again for the good of future development of teh storyline, just do #2

    #3 out of question. how can you depend on some quick finger guys to run a good rp guild? That said even for those who "think" they'll run a good RP guild should sacrifice their guild name and go for #2 and work closely with the RP team from fc.

    #4 Gaute on weed trying to be funny... ha... ha... ha...

    Just take back those names but do it tactfully. Arrange meeting with the guilds with RP guild name, maybe in an RP setting or watever, compensate them by offering cash? posts in the org? a unique bikini?

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    Originally posted by Zeroshift
    I like to roleplay an agent.

    I have always wanted to be a part of Omni-intern ops, or even working as a sniper in Omni-AF.
    I have to agree there. My first character was an agent. I was really excited, and wanted to join Omni-Intern Ops. I even went so far as to buy myself a complete O-IO suit. It was rather disappointing when I found out that there really was no O-IO in game, and the closest I could get to it was via player-run departments.

    Hehe, for the longest time I referred to missions as "jobs". "I can't come to Omni-Trade right now, I'm on a job".
    /ignore %t

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    The Number 2 Option it is :)

    I am in favor of the "forcefully taking back the story names" option

    They shoulda know when they took the name, Yadda yadda yadda.

    Sounds like they could Name their Guild something that points to support of an Offical Department.

    And I like the Forced elections for Clans, or lack of them for OMNI.

    Though not an OMNI player, I know if I was one I'd like to be promoted Past the Gimp who is just a friend of the Leader if I was doing more, and in a FC run Org on the OMNI side, that sure would be more likely.

    " Darkd00d, you were 20 mins late to the last 2 Meetings, and you were 12 late to this one, YOU are DeMoted! "

    LeaderGuy turns to SlyJedi " Welcome to the Inner Circle Sly. " *Slyjedi was Promoted to General*

    *Slyjedi is a trademark of Nanokiss Inc :P
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    Angry Guilds

    Well this is just my opinion, but basically the only thing that is holding a majority of your real players, (and I don't mean real as in someone who spends 2 hours a week and has a level 50 character) is the hope that Funcum would finally, actually get around to allowing the guilds to shape the focus of the game through diplomacy, war, etc. Most of these player are only still playing because of the loyalties to their guilds.

    Now you lay down in perfectly obscure language so that most people have no clue that you really have no intention for guilds to be anything other than a glorified social circle, and to take help work-load off of the arks.

    We are supposed to be happy about this? I for one say don't allow Funcum to relegate us to a social circle, I say fight this and force funcom to see what everyone else in the game who plays arleady know. WE JOIN GUILDS SO WE CAN AFFECT THE GAME!


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    I am in favor of a combination of making a corporation and taking back the names. Since Omni-Pol is and actual guild, and I'm in a guild call Omni-Pol Surveillance, I'll use those as my examples.

    I think the official departments and clans should be made story level organizations that can be joined by player-run organizations, much like the corporation idea. You can even call those corporations if you want (which I'll assume for the remainder of the post). Any current player-run organization should be able to align themselves by taking that as part of their name, and getting membership in this corporation. For instance, Omni-Pol Surveillance would be a member in the Omni-Pol corporation, which is a member of the Omni-Tek Conglomerate.

    What to do then with the guild Omni-Pol and the others that have one of these reserved names? Allow them to change their name to something similar that denotes a department within this corporation, or pick one for them if they don't change within a set time period (a month perhaps?). So Omni-Pol might become Omni-Pol Enforcement or some such. Omni-Swat might also want to have the option to join Omni-Pol as either Omni-Swat or Omni-Pol Swat, so this name change should be allowed to others as well.

    I'd also like to add a suggestion that there be a corporation level chat that has two settings - listen and talk. Those settings can be set by the guildmaster who joins his guild to a corporation, with the idea that it would facilitate communication and allow for alliances to better alert other departments and corporations to special events or PvP invasions. Those with listen priviledges can hear the Corporation chat, but not talk over it, those with talk priviledges can do both. That would eliminate some of the extraneous chatter over these lines.

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