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    I'm a bit new to the game, and i was looking at the NT spell database, just wondering where you could get them all. I haven't seen some of them in vendors. Of course i assume the higher ones are drops only, but is there a reference to the locations of so of the Nano Crystals?? Thanks.

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    Both have all nano listings and item databases. As for "where to get", look for a "rare NT nano locations" thread somewhere on these forums.
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    Also, if you're on RK2 you can use itemsnet. I'm not sure if there is anything similar on RK1 or not. Basically, you: /tell itemsnet itemname in the game and it'll spit back whether the nano is store buyable or not. Also, the links above are good resources as well.


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    Thats very helpful, thank you. I can't find the location on the .info site..thats the one i was loooking at the first time. Where is the location guide?

    I am on RK2...ill have to try itemsnet

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    Re: Locations

    Originally posted by King_Nothing
    NT spell database

    No no, these are no spells, spells are used by mighty wizards killing every dumb melee class with 1-2 fireballs at high levels.

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    Nice to see someone rolling an NT is rooted in reality

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    Reality? I hear it's broken as intended ...
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    Quick breakdown:

    Most nanos up to ql125(ish) are avaliable in shop terminals.

    ShadowLands nanos are avalaible from garden nano sellers, which you need to get the permenant keys for to use.

    The rest are found on specific mobs or are mission rollable or are random drop.

    More information is found in my guide rooted up top.
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