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    Question Quests?

    Reading the thread on the trash king made me curious... How many good quests are there for items at the various levels? Are there any good lowbie quests, and what classes benefit most from them? Is there a web site out there that has a compiled list of quests and item rewards?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Question Giving the post a bump...

    So, no quests worth sharing... no sites worth seeing? Inquiring minds want to know!

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    The AO community is not very open about quests or unique mobs unless they have no use for it. If it's anything good they camp it, sell it, and horde the secret to themselfs for that tiny edge over everyone else.

    Some of the quests are impossible to figure out without outside help too.

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    It's been months and months since funcom said they had added quests. And the only two I know of is the Dodga quest, and the one that *was* in the smugglers den but was removed due to exploiting.

    Months and months and nothing. I for one don't beleive there are quests in the game, I think there's just quest. As in just the dodga mission (go talk to Dodga in the Rising Sun villiage in the Aegean zone, he's probably camped tho).

    Unique items can be found throughout the land on various unique mobs. Unfortunately most of them are uber items that require an uber guild to aquire. The shades of lubrication (+30 psy/int nanobreed only) are an example. They can be found on a named mob (can't remember his name, mcnugget or something) in Clon**** at the north side of the mining complex with the 3 orbital launchers (south of the grid). Without an engineer with a nice slayerdroid and a number of high lvl players you won't be able to kill him tho.
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    Or a MP with a demon.. Or a Engineer with a nice Warbot..

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    If i find something interesting im happy to share the knowledge ... even if it means that the mob/location gets camped by 50,000 players...

    Medea: As far as i know there is only one quest in the game currently. And its actually broken at the moment ... There are gonna be more quests added soonish apparently, and there are plenty of NPC's about that hint at quests. So my advice would be to go and explore and talk to the various NPC's that ya find, and maybe one day they might give ya something interesting to do

    As for the current quest that ya can do, I wont totally spoil it for ya but ill give ya some guidelines. There is a full guide somewhere on this forum if ya need it

    If ya find the area/outpost called Rising Sun in Aegean, there should be a man called Dodga standing in the central hut. Talk to him about his work and go along with the conversation and he'll give ya a mission. You need to collect parts off various robot mobs (any will do - even low level ones) to make an item to give to Dodga. At the moment tho it cant be completed due to a bug with some of the parts. Its due to be fixed pretty soon i think

    (That was the Clan version of the quest ... im not totally sure where Alvin is for the OT version)

    Hope this answers your questions
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    Thanks for the replies!

    It's disappointing to hear that there aren't many to do, and that the environment may be such that folks don't actually want to share their knowledge with others... but heartening to hear that there may be more things on the way.

    I play AC, and the quest system is quite developed with camping becoming less and less of a problem as the devs work on finding ways to minimalize the issues surrounding it. (Camping just isn't fun.) The quest guides on some of the fan sites are phenomenal, so I had wondered if anyone was doing anything like that for the AO community... but I hadn't had any luck finding anything. Sounds like there is a combination problem of a lack of quests and possibly a lack of good will. (If that's the actual metality of AO players- I won't last long, but so far I have run into some awfully nice folks!)

    Anyhow... thanks all! Any additional information folks can post will be greatly appreciated, as I'm pretty questing and exploring oriented, and while missions are gratifying, they're going to get boring.

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    Smile Follow up

    Just a follow up post, and a link I just found:

    Lots of information on unique mobs and dungeons... getting closer to the kind of information I was seeking.

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    Thumbs up

    glad you like the site...

    if you haven't read the sig already (which is kind of hard to believe) i run and own that site.

    Need help or have any questions email me at


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    New to AO, looking for a Quest Site

    Looks like the last time this thread was posted to was in May and nobody knew of a good site listing quests. Anyone found one yet? I'm just started AO, a couple days ago and would like to try out some Quests.

    still semi-clueless L8 NT

    P.S. This game rocks so far. I like NOT sitting on my ass for 10 minutes between fights.

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    the only quest I know is the ring of tir quests ... I'm not sure how many rings you can get from him but I'm working on the 3rd quest for the 3rd ring of tir. What do the rings do .. so far they add to strength and agility but I hear they get pretty burly in the furture .

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    tired and have a headache else would make a full list for you np...

    Today tho just gonna give the link to one other posting =>


    scroll down to Quest gives& Rewards and pick an npc to start a quest with..

    Vampire of the Shadow Ops

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    Smile Cool, thanks Darxy :) (nt)


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    (Yes, I know it's an old thread. And I know that none of you get the joke. I don't care. :P )
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