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Thread: *** Miss Rubi-Ka Pageant ***

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    Exclamation *** Miss Rubi-Ka Pageant ***

    *** MISS RUBI-KA 29477 ***

    Dimension: Rubi-Ka 1

    I would like to invite you all to the First Annual Miss Rubi-Ka competition 29477. This years event is sponsored by Belle Rouge entertainment (

    Here is the schedual of events:
    May 10th 9pm et: Preliminary competition. Each region (Omni, Clan, and Neutral) will hold a local pageant on this night. The locations are as follows:
    Miss Omni-Tek = Baboons Night Club (Omni Entertainment)
    Miss Neutral = Neuter's R Us (Newland)
    Miss Clan = The Cup (Tir)

    May 11th 8pm et: Fundraiser for Rubi-Ka schools. This event will be held at the Reet Retreat in Newland. The winners from each prelim. competition will be on hand and will be acting as honored guests at this event

    May 18th 9pm et: The 1st Annual Miss Rubi-Ka 29477 Competition. Held at the Reet Retreat. Please come and root for your favorite girl!!!

    The pageant will be judged by the following criteria:
    * Poise and physical fitness (Swimsuit/evening gown)
    * Intelligence (Interview)
    * Talent (Talent competition)
    * Community Service (Platform that is important to you)

    If you would like to submit yourself for your local competition, please e-mail Include your name, age, place of origin, your talent and platform. Please also include a screenshot and a short bio of yourself. (This competition is open to all factions... Omni, Clan and Neutral. We are an equal opportunity organization)

    This years pageant promises to be a wonderful event! For more information please contact AKTREZ at

    -Aktrez (Belle Rouge Entertainment)
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    which dimension? or is that not important enough to put in?
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    Lightbulb Great idea

    Bump to this great idea Aktrez!

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    Wasn't there a earlier thread about this in one of these forums (sorry it's almost 9 am and I'm too tired to search for it)... that said something about having guards stopping anarchists making trouble? Made it sound like a very "fair" competition.

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    We are working on getting gaurds at the doors to keep out anarchists. Being that we are holding the main event in Neutral territory.. this cuts down these chances... but yes... gaurds will be on hand to prevent a catastrophy.

    This is just a peaceful gathering to celebrate the men and women of Rubi-Ka... we mean no harm!

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    Exclamation DON'T FORGET!!!!

    Don't forget to submit your application for the pageant to Aktrez at The prelims are going to be held next week on Friday the 10th at 9pm. I will need to know who will be competing in order to set everything up.

    Thank you so much for your support!!!
    Belle Rouge Entertainment
    Shalon "Aktrez" Joor
    ~*~ Director of Vixen Entertainment~*~
    Manger of the Rompa Bar, Omni-Ent.

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    It would also be nice to know what timezone this is in...
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    As it states...

    As it states on the post.... 9pm et. That is eastern time. That would be 00:00 GMT.
    Shalon "Aktrez" Joor
    ~*~ Director of Vixen Entertainment~*~
    Manger of the Rompa Bar, Omni-Ent.

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    Now your being sexist

    What about a Mister Rubi-Ka contest, huh? We men want ladies to be at our feet worshiping our absolute divinity too you now!!!!!!!

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    We all must start somewhere

    Never fear my friends... the Mr Rubi-Ka and Best Atrox pageants will be held later in the year!!!
    Shalon "Aktrez" Joor
    ~*~ Director of Vixen Entertainment~*~
    Manger of the Rompa Bar, Omni-Ent.

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