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Thread: Players Council Meeting Info

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    Cookies or no cookies that's not the point.

    I don't think that all the quotes I posted had to be relevant to the exact nature of Kirrana's particular idea. They were ideas period. They were comments, suggestions... what have you.

    I explained why I feel there is no such thing as a bad idea in putting things back on Funcom. I don't see why it's bad to feel that is a better option. The only reason some might not like it is because then our hands are tied and we're dependant upon them.

    This is starting to feel really pointless so until I see something perhaps more detailed or formal outlining this I'm through arguing about it. I've made my feelings clear.
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    thank you

    I like Tapperts response to my post. A lot of what you say there makes sense Tappert.

    I'd like to clarify Kirrana...
    my wording was poor.... the council or whatever you create need not be intended to gain recognition for the people involved's events or characters...but it will inevitably achieve that if Funcom decide to engage with it in a privileged way. Additionally the very fact that the council is being created because you percieve a problem with the way Funcom are running story is an issue for me -and other Rp'rs who think that the story is coming along reasonably well though slowly... and are quite happy with Rp carrying on by consensus in game. But it was a focus on the nature of a designated group rather than a personal slur.

    As i said before I have a great deal of respect for the work you put in... I just see the creation of an elite group of people who have time to sit on a council as well as doing the work to run small events for their guilds - or parties for the whole of Rubi-ka risks being detrimetnal rather than beneficial to the game

    Perhaps I am wrong about ARK too... but I don't believe so. They do have an events team among other roles for people interested in bugs... customer service or whatever

    and as others have said before there are plenty of mechanisms for engaging in constructive criticism email websites etc (did you close RP central Tappert I haven't looked recently - as I don't tend to like to discuus the way I run events except with the people involved in planning each event and mostly think the game is pretty good for storyline but if you didn't... then it could fulfil the role that Agent Sector does)

    I guess this post is meant partly as an apology for any personal insult felt... I'm not commenting on your intentions... merely what I see as an inevitable result of what you are trying to do

    Perhaps it might be that there is some jealousy on my part.
    I may be feeling like this partly also because I know that I have a lot of experience related to running events in live Rp that could translate to MMORPG, and I am perhaps preempitvely worried that anything I try and do using channels I have time for (aforementioned running small events and notifying cz and cosmik direct with suggestions for follow up to events based on what players have done and asking them to pass that on to gm/ark events team where appropiate) will become pointless if they decide that all RP contact is to come through this council.

    When I have time available to make a bigger contribution to RP in this game I'll do it by applying to the ARK events team -the official mechanism and I guess I resent the fact that in the meantime I may become unable to influence anything merely because I don't have time to sit on a council...

    I think however my concerns are still valid - if perhaps a little harsh.

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    To Tap

    My comments quoted earlier were not ideas to further this SIG. They were tools and alternatives. I feel the SIG to be a bad idea so I pointed out completely alternative routes that should be being used for the things that this SIG wants to do. Just because they do not build on Kirrana's idea doea not devalue them as alternatives to the goal put forth by this SIG idea. Big picture, Tap. I wasn't trying to improve the SIG idea, but phase it out with the easier, more open routes that already exisist and are far to rarely used by the community. In short we all already have the tools we need to each do what this SIG would do ourselves. We just don't use those tools enough or effectively overall.

    My points were all alternatives. I for one do not want any specific group of players making such choices on any community issues. So I tried to show ways to give the people voice, as if it is the people who want something it should be the people who ask for it. That was to be the concern of this SIG, was it not? So I gave ways to give the people voice without ever giving any individual players status or more say. Thus the relivance of my suggestions to this thread.

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    Hey! now that there is a new player poll on the forum why not do a focus group poll on the fucus group idea.
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    Interesting idea. It would nice if Funcom perhaps reminded people in game that these polls are there though or put a link directly to them on the login screen.

    That was one thing done right in EQ. When there was a poll or survey they loaded it into your login. You were automatically prompted to vote on issues when you logged into the actual game.

    Considering that a lot of people honestly probably don't read these boards I think that would be a great help.
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    That's just it

    A lot of people who play this game don't read these forums. I didn't realize this meeting had happend, because I don't always read these forums. Doesn't mean I'm any less of a AO person than the person who does, it juts means there are other ways I choose to spend my time.

    I admit to not knowing any of you (that I'm aware of) who have posted here, yet I do know many people who play this game. I know of quite a few people, or have heard names, or seen familiar posts from them, but I do not know them....

    SO..the point to that is, why was I, as a player not at this meeting...well, because I don't know you, or don't read these boards very often, so how would I be at that meeting. Was it exclusive? Exclusive meeting for the "voice of the players"...doesn't give me much hope that I'll have a say through this group...and if it wasn't meant to be exclusive, it would have ended up this way...becuase a very large part of the player base does not read these forums, or don't know you presonally. I said before, I have heard of some of you, and most of what I heard was possitive, adn I have extreme respect for anyone who has the time to make sites to these games...however my biggest fear, is that only the people making that effort get a voice. If I had the time, I might make a site too. In fact I keep planning them, but never get around to making them (takes too much play time...heh) but I pay the same monthly fee as each of you do, and I log in more play hours than 90% of the people I've why is it that web people, and people who read and postt in the forums are "THE" voice of the players?

    And, on the other side of the fence I say this....the hope and desire for something more from the game is there, and i respect that, but one "official" council for all the players is not the right thing to do, and if it happens, you may find yourself more misserable with people complaining and whining that thier voice is not heard. Look at all the posts from people so bitter with funcom (in some cases rightly so) that they are obsessed. Now add your council to funcom as a recognised group working with them....when things go will take the heat...and because you are players, speaking in the voice of the people, the people who didn't know about you, or didn't read the forums, or didn't get a chance to talk to you, cause they have a different play schedule, will hate you for it.

    I don't think any of you deserve that because your heart is in the right place. Maybe there is another option...maybe by working through the guilds..(but then what about those who chose not to assosiate with a guild) or a regular random survey to compile players desires and wants that can be forwarded, and not just the same people asked...never the same people....(but that could be a mess too) I'm sorry I don;t know what the answer is, but I guarantee, this is not it


    On a side note I am all for any RP that players wish to make happen with ou without the help of funcom, to make this a fun experience. send me a /tell in game and I'd be happy find a way to fit in (with or without means if you have something planned and have arranged for arks or gms to be involved)
    AO is not just about pvp, or Rp or power lvling. It is about whatever the players choose to bring to it. Don't make it personal against one of these groups because you feel nerfed by the game company.

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    Thumbs down i do not need your council

    I do not need any group saying they in any way represent what i or other players of this game want or need in it to be happy. i see this as self serving, trying to get your name into the spotlight much like your lame website was. you wanna be a playa and have fame? go out and earn it in game by doing things that matter, not by setting up some silly council then claiming to represent the players- you do not represent the players and i will let FC know that your council is not my voice in any way.

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