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Thread: Dr Tiny's online story guide - OOC

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    Thank ya!

    Incredible! this has helped ALOT thanks again!

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    Originally posted by Ryha's Player
    Woot, I’m not alone!

    So I'm posting here today because until now I have been working pretty much in isolation. I have been in a lot of orgs in a lot of games, but it is only in the past few months that I have begun running events. I would like to know if any of you, or your orgs are doing anything similar. (I’m assuming at least DrTiny is) If there is anyone else out there running org events like mine I would like to meet with all of you and exchange notes at the very least. Ideally I would like to start to work with you to weave our stores together and give Anarchy the involving moving plotline that its rich setting and back-story deserve.

    -Ryha (Chris A Barney)

    I've been in AO for 9 months and have spent most of my time working on mechanics and guild issues. I'm becoming much more interested in RP events. Some of my guild members have had wonderful ideas for RP events. However, since several of us are new to RP it remains to be seen how these events go.

    Feel free to contact us via our guild forum (in signature) or email me at Inc Doc AT Hotmail Dot Com.

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    bump and an intrest if this is outdatedly old or simply gone the wayside over time. I personally am a bit new to the RP scene of AO and would actually like to see a sample of an event, how it was setup, how it is initiated, how it is guided along without just saying person A needs to go to spot 2 and talk to person B etc.

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    Thumbs up

    Reading the guide again, and has been immortalized as it has been added to AO Universe's "Basics of Roleplay" section. It is a bit outdated, but certainly a good solid foundation for any RP events coordinator.

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