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Thread: Important Players Meeting 27th April

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    Unhappy Baboons??

    Awwwww Crud!!!!

    I was so caught up in your plea that It didn't register that the mtg was at BABOONS!

    Unfortunately I would be violently torn limb from limb if I so much as ventured anywhere near there.

    It's a shame because there are equal amounts of clanspeople who feel the same as Omni in this regard.

    (could this lead us to take up a mutual cause and perhaps prevent war?....ummm....)


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    1) 1700 GMT is 1000 PST and 1300 EST (1800 BST)

    2) You can get to Baboons without getting shot. Grid into the Omni-Ent entrance on the second floor of the Grid. It drops you off south of the Arena. You can make your way north, then scurry NE until you get to Baboons. It is located at 750,750, basically straight NE of the Arena.

    If it is really an issue, I'm sure we can find an Engineer to beacon people.

    The earlier time actually works out a bit better for me, anyway.
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    Thumbs up I will be in if possible

    I will be in if possible.
    Someone posted that they did could not come because they would be massacred on site. This is not true, you can go through the grid terminal in ent and all the way to baboons you will not see a single guard. Just don't get lost.

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    Im tired, what day?
    5pm my time, england.

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    Thumbs down

    I'm looking forward to this event but of all the places why baboons? That place is laggy enough as it is. Having tons of people in there is just going to make it horrible.

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    Great Idea as usual

    As I feel always is the case kirranas post/idea is something really needed.

    This idea is one of the best so far I will definately be there as I do love this game but to keep loving it I need a change, we all need a change...

    How disconnected the arks, GM´s FC storyteam and the ARK events team is from the players is one IMPORTANT subjekt.. To me it seemes like they mostly just "do their jobb" within a VERY limited preference. The preference of doing ones jobb needs to be clearified since what is happening on events and story right now is right out awful.

    A few hours ago a friend of mine got harrased in rompa bar the harrasment whent on and on for a time and several of us /petitioned about it the ark showed and took the individual away (name not mentioned here) and warned him (you know the room with two arks..). But he came back and even tryed to pic on the two ark guardians that soon showed..
    he then got booted.. ARK-"you will not see him again"
    -this is doing their jobb sure but there is other sides to the coin called AnarchyOnline..
    Some BADLY runn events from time to time and keeping wierd harasing people out is NOT enough.
    -You must be the change you wish to see-
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    Great Idea and I would love to come and will do my best to be there, but I have a feeling I am going to get dragged into work then

    hugs to all

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    Originally posted by Cz
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    I'll support this, and also will be there
    ~I am the Virtual Virus

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    count me in, i just repoened my account after a stint in DAoC & would love some more storyline.
    Even all that Portman stuff at 2am GMT was better than nothing =)

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    If anyone has problems getting to Baboons, I'm sure an Engie can warp you in, if you trust them enough to scatter your particles through T&S!

    Destractor should be around for transport duty if needed.

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    I may log into my lvl2 clanner alt on RK1 and come along if an engie is willing to warp me in.
    I'll send a tell nearer the time

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    Please hold any large multi-faction meetings in neutral territory to avoid unneccessary conflict. Thank you.
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    I think a non roleplaying meeting in Baboons is acceptable for clan, omni, neutral etc. Its for the good of AO.
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    Kirrana Ill be there, representing my fatass, and fatasses everywhere!

    J/k Ill be there as me, with my ideas/views/opinions.

    mayhaps we get some mojo workin for us
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    You Go Kiranna

    I am glad to see other players taking the initiative as Kiranna here to start a Player Council. Some of us started a Clan Leader Council (CCL) last year and that is still doing well. We now have an ARK/GM forming up the Freedom Assembly (FA) for the Clansmen Leaders. We have Gathering of Souls festival every Sunday in West Athens. The players do not need to wait for Funcom to lead us in events. We can make history happen.

    What Kiranna proposes is well worth the time and effort and I hope it works out for everyone. I hope to be there to see it off the ground.

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    Sounds like a good thing, please count me in.

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    Re: Great Idea as usual

    Originally posted by Arion

    How disconnected the arks, GM´s FC storyteam and the ARK events team is from the players is one IMPORTANT subjekt.. To me it seemes like they mostly just "do their jobb" within a VERY limited preference. The preference of doing ones jobb needs to be clearified since what is happening on events and story right now is right out awful.
    I am sorry but I fail to understand what you mean here. Can you explain it?

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    Thumbs up Good idea

    I will be there also...

    Keeper of the Unredeemed.

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    Originally posted by Razishlyat
    I'm very, very in.

    1800 GMT =

    1400 EST (2 PM)
    1100 PST (11 AM)
    I'll be sure to make it

    Just so people don't get confused, we are actually in EDT and PDT (daylight savings) now, not EST and PST (standard time). Except for Arizona - they are in MST instead of MDT. Freaks

    EDT is -4 GMT while EST is -5 GMT.
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    Re: Time Change

    Originally posted by Kirrana
    OK I forgot about Levs party which is a bit silly as i posted the news on the baboons site. In light of this I will have to bring the meeting ahead by one hour to give us 2 full hours before levs party so the new time will be.

    17:00 GMT, 18:00 british summer time and 20:00 central eupean time

    or I think this is right

    1200 EST
    1100 CST
    1000 MST
    0900 PST

    But if you miss this I will be doing the same event for RK2 later in the week so people will get a chance to put there views across from that site.
    Man this can get people confused Here is the correct times converted from 1700 GMT

    EDT: 1pm (GMT -4)
    CDT: 12pm
    MDT: 11am (Except for Arizona, which is in MST: 10am)
    PDT: 10am (GMT -7)

    If anyone else is in ST (standard time) like Arizona and not in DT (daylight savings), then subtract an hour from the DT time listed above to get your ST time.

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