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Thread: Omni-Mining Operation: Endless attacks by the Clan

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    Omni-Mining Operation: Endless attacks by the Clan

    Omni-Mining Operation: Endless attacks by the Clan
    Rob Rameo Droider

    Reets Retreat, Borealis -- OTPC -- For years the Omni-Mining operation has been under attack by Clan forces. Clans and Omni-Tek are constantly arguing over whom began the entire ordeal. The question on everyones mind has remained the same for years; will it ever stop?

    In Reets Retreat on Dec 13, individuals from Clan and Omni-Tek were present. Alex "Bonechompper" Ashford, a four-year Veteran of the Omni-Tek Mines, retired shortly after the robots were introduced. He sadly stated, ”It was a very hard job, then in came the robots who made it much easier. There was just not enough work for humans anymore." Bonechompper also mentioned that the Mining operation has been moved, and he no longer knows its location. Bonechompper mentioned that, "Perhaps [it was] to cover the location of it to stop the attacks?"

    Ned "Masterlilli" Mirabelli, was also present at the event. Masterlilli is a member of the Clans who seemed to have a split personality. When around Bonechompper he would shout things such as, "WAR TO OMNI FOR THE MINES," but when I spoke to him in private his sympathetic side opened up. He confessed that his girlfriend is Omni, causing him to be unable to be with her during the wars. He offered me his opinions of the current situation, "All the fighting seems to be because the Clans want their own mining operation but do not know how do make one." His friend, Fancey "Jugsmalone" seemed to think, "If the Omni’s told the Clan how to start one of their own, the fighting would stop a bit, but there will always be rebels that will create more wars."

    I finally asked Masterlilli if he knew where the mining operation had been moved to. Masterlilli suggested that it maybe hidden behind Loren Warr and his thugs in Newland City. Just when it was about time to leave, "Hopptrix" came over to have a look and was slain immediately by Loren Warr and his thugs. Maybe it is true that the mining operation is located in Newland City, the only way to find out is to kill Loren Warr and his thugs.

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    Post Statement from Director Moscardelli

    Indeed Omni-Mining facilites are constantly under attack from the clanners. Attacking citizens that are not even in the military. I also must express that the clans constantly attack other orginzations private mining towers. Then they say we attack them, yet the clans constantly attack. It is Omni-Tek who is under attack.

    Yes the work was hard in the mines. That is why when I became Director of Omni-Mining, I wanted robotics to take over and stop relying on human force. It was the way to go. Soon enough Omni-Mining was running better then ever before. We were more eficante, safer, cleaner and the workers were in a much better state then they ever were before. Many had to stop working yes, but I believe this was for the better of all. Mining operations constantly move due to threats of attacks and better locations. It is a normal process, and nothing to worry about.

    The Rebels have no rights to mine. I highly disaree with ICC’s descision on this. We let the Rebels have cities, they still fought. We agree to ICC request of Clans have reclaim technology, they fought more. We gave them amesty and they fought harder. No matter what you give they will fight more. Giving them knowledge and technology to create a Notum business is nothing but a mistake. They will use it to create a even bigger war. I wouldn’t be surprised if they even went after the ICC. The clans are savge, leaderless people who only want to fight, not evolve.

    No we don’t have a mining operation in Newland. If you actually know Rubi-Ka recent history, those mercs were put there for protection of Newland from Clanners. This was done on account of the vicious Silverstone attacking neutrals. Loren Warr has nothing to do with mining.

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    While on his way to work our little engi reads today newspaper. He stumbles bout some Article by OTPC and thinks:
    "Oh boy, they are getting weirder every day, now those omni-#### suggest even in the open to kill people of there own side...."
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    Wouldn't it be funny if the Sentinels actually worked for Omni-Tek and were in place in Tir to protect a secret mining facility run right under the noses of the Clans...?

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    Would crack me up.......and Omni-Pol are really Clan spies.

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