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Thread: R.U.R. (IC) Celebrates its One Year Anniversary

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    R.U.R. (IC) Celebrates its One Year Anniversary

    R.U.R. (IC) Celebrates its One Year Anniversary

    Rhompa Bar, Omni Entertainment (OTPC) -- The Omni-Tek Guild, Rubi-Ka Universal Robots celebrated it's one year anniversary Sunday after a very successful first year. Charissa "Dabblez" Jurik, Director of R.U.R. (IC), organized a bar crawl throughout most of the Omni-Tek bars in celebration.

    R.U.R. (IC), famous for it's work on the Neutral Token Board, "is a new, small and somewhat dysfunctional robotics and cybernetics company fully owned by its members." The guild was originally founded by a group of robot-loving people such as Federico "Crattyjack" Wright, and Etta "Yiis" Puller.

    When I asked what R.U.R. (IC) members thought was their most successful venture in the last year was, I got varying responses. "It's got to be our leetbot! Yes Leetbot!" Crattyjack commented. While some were listing off different R.U.R. (IC) inventions as their successful moment, Yiis simply said, "Well, finances got better, I guess that's an accomplishment..."

    Later on in the evening, thank you's were made on behalf of Director Dabblez to her founding members and to the people attending the celebration. However, after a song performed by Walter "Shadehawk" Fornataro, for Dabblez, thank you’s were directed towards Director Dabblez. "R.U.R. (IC) is completely your thing, without you, Dabblez, we would not be." Yiir said to Dabblez.

    After a great turn out and Omni-Tek members of various organizations showing up to support R.U.R. (IC), it is indeed clear that Dabblez and her Rubi-Ka Universal Robots have had one very successful year.

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    It was a great anniversary indeed. I enjoyed myself. RUR also proved robots can bake good cakes.

    I still prefer a human chorus, though the robot's monotoned singing was interesting to hear. The human chorus can be more pleasing to the ear.

    Congrats on a year RUR! I look foward to working with you for another year.

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    And I've missed that... <sighs> ... but work's work, eh.

    Congrats again t'ya folks. One year... been already one year yer plag... I mean... providing us with these wonderful robots of yers... amazing, innit?

    Now can I know who drank this beer in my name? I'm always curious 'bout these things <flashes a grin>
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