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Thread: To Rebuild A Council

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    Originally posted by Meister
    Well anyway.. right now you control nothing. I don't know what gave you the impression that the ICC had anything to do with the Tir Accord and the agreements signed in it. Alas the accord is gone, so your previously "owned" territory is not yours anymore. Govern what you like, you have no land right now
    Maybe I haven't been properly schooled in corporate thinking but I believe that if you give something you can't take it back just beacuse you feel like it. Omni-Tek signed the Tir Accord together with the old CoT. Later OT made some allegations about some of the old CoT members and the old CoT disbanded so OmniTek wanted to cancel the Tir Accord. Now we've taken the consequences of that and reformed the CoT without ties to the dust brigade you're suddenly claiming that we should loose land that was given to us just beacuse we changed a few people in the CoT?
    Would really OmniTek accept if someone would break their contract beacuse there was a change in leadership in OmniTek?
    What if they replace people at lower levels?
    The only reasonable conclusion is that it doesn't matter who was sitting in CoT at the time of signing the agreement as long as there is a CoT that represent the majority of the clans.

    If you think you have any claim of the land I own just beacuse someone in OmniTek Corporation sought to take advantage of a temporary vaccum that they had a helping hand in creating, you're gravely mistaken. Any feeble attempt to steal my land will be dealt with in an appropiate manner.
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    Rawk on Kag!!!!


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    Its not that simple. The Tir Accord was between Omni-Tek and The Council of Truth. If, as it happened, the CoT ceases to exist, then how can the agreement stand? Bear in mind the agreement contains both rights and obligations. Who is to see that the obligations are met by the Clan without the CoT? Who could be help responsible of the Clan failed to uphold theri side of the agreement without the CoT in charge? Be reasonable.

    The CoT should have appointed some sort of interim custodian body before disbanding. That way at least one could argue that the rights and obligations enshrined in the agreement could be transfered from the Cot to the new body.

    Hopefully, when the new CoT is established, the Tir Accord can be brought back. But really, till you have only got yourselves to blame.

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    I would not use the word "blame", but Savoy pretty much nailed it down in one go.

    Now if i, an Omni-Tek employee, can assist, or at least not hinder, a formation of a new council, then i will do so.

    Why, is simple. If the council fails, then we will be back to where we are now. Nothing lost, nothing gained for Omni-Tek. If it works out, we have a new "ruling body" to work with. New scease fire agreememnts can be drawn up, a new Tir accord can be agreed to and signed and maybe we can get a little bit of peace.

    That would gain Omni-Tek enormous ammounts of Credits, as the military and defence spenditure could be decreased and Notum mining could continue without interuptions. This will also benefit the Clans and the Neutrals for exactly the same reasons.

    Basicly it is a win/no loss situation, so why should we sabotage our chances of winning?
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