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Thread: Xeni's Agent implants for beginners:

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    Xeni's Agent implants for beginners:

    Here is a set of implants where all implants have Agility or Stamina requirments. I recomend these implants for all breeds, as there is no drawback for any agent to put IP into Ag and Sta, even for nanomages. Also Ag and Sta is easier to buff than other stats.

    These implants are designed towards doing trader wrangles. That is useful in both gettin into a higher QL rifle and to cast buffs. I got a QL200 X3 equiped on my trox agent when he wa 69 wihtout org contract and perks with not to much hassle.
    Also if you are desperate for a buff you can end trader FP with wrangles runnin, then cast a new FP to do buffs you need, like infuses or mochams for even higher buffs. Asume trader also works pretty well with a recompiler installed in your ncu.

    Also very useful with this set of implants, is that Carbonum armor also has Stamina and agility requirements. This armor is commonly available. Read more about it on You might also want check out the Omni and Storm upgrade for carbonum armor.

    To see what QL implants you can actually get in, i recomend to use nanonanny, DL from

    Here are the implants

    Head / agility requirments
    Shining(S): Time&space
    Bright(B): Ranged Initiative

    Eye / agility
    (B): Psychological Modifications
    (F):Time & Space +18

    Ear / agility
    (F):Psychological Modifications

    Chest / stamina
    (S):Max health
    (B):Biological Metamorphosis
    (F):Sensory Improvment

    Left arm / stamina
    (F):Matter Metamorphosis

    Left wrist /agility
    (B):Run Speed

    Left hand / stamina
    (B):Fire Armor-Class
    (F):First Aid +18

    Right arm / agility
    (B):Chemical AC
    (F):Radiation AC

    Right wrist / agility
    (S):Ranged Initiative
    (F):Fling Shot

    Right hand / agility
    (S)Trap Disarm
    (F)Ranged Initiative

    Waist / stamina
    (B): Max health
    (F):Biological Metamorphosis

    Leg / agility
    (S): Dodge Ranged Attacks
    (B): Stamina
    (F): Max health

    Feet / agility
    (S): Evade Close Combat
    (B): Dodge Ranged Attacks
    (F): Duck Explosions +18

    Aditional notes:
    -you might wanna build a feet and waist implant wich modifies Agility to get a highest possible leg with the stamina cluster on. that will help for other implants requiring Agility too.
    -This means your max QL waist and feet implant will be a bit lower than the rest of your implants
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    I would actually add sense to the faded slot for head.

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    Very similar to my current setup.

    My differences are:

    chest / agility
    S: max health
    F: strength

    left arm / agility
    B: break&Entry
    F: matter metamorphosis

    left hand / agility
    S: fast attack
    B: fire AC
    F: Cold Ac

    waist / sense
    S: Chemical AC
    B max health
    F: Dodge Ranged Attacks

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    Originally posted by Destructiva
    I would actually add sense to the faded slot for head.
    Couldnt check now, but i think that would make the head implant get Intelligence reqs, somethin we dont want yet...

    Also added some more info to the post up there.

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    Originally posted by Xeni

    Couldnt check now, but i think that would make the head implant get Intelligence reqs, somethin we dont want yet...
    Talking on your own behalf or?

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    I personally do not have the time to spend on custom imps so early on. I was very happy with most of the agent prof store imps and a few from other profs. IMHO, it's a lot more time and pain-in-the-ass-factor effective to just use those, at least for agents.

    But then I am not mr. super agent so wtf do I know.

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    Personally I would actually like to know your whole setup to get a 200 x-3 on your 69 trox agent. I just don't see it, if you caould add some details on how you did it, it would actually help all of us I think. Aimed shot of 470+ at level 69 has got to be very tough.

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    Well, its pretty easy to be honest but goes OE if your not drained up. You can get TTS +110? to AS ? I forget its been a while and install a vision enhancer to give ya more AS. A Ql 250 VE gives almost 300 to aimed shot I'm willing to bet you can get one on that has 100+ fairly easy to level 69. Right there you have over 200 in aimed shot. and to assume you can have 200ish AS without buffs or implants at that level isnt hard to believe.

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    Eye / agility
    (B): Psychological Modifications
    (F):Time & Space +18

    Head / agility requirments
    Shining(S): Time&space
    Bright(B): Ranged Initiative

    Right hand / agility
    (S)Trap Disarm
    (F)Ranged Initiative

    why are TS tripel implanted and no MC for ruse nano ....
    the are allmost no agent nanos who use TS

    doh oki trader imps well i still think MC are needed somewhere =)

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    I'm new to agents, well... to twinking too. I was wondering why ppl are sticking to only 2 base abilities for all implants. Yes these may be the best 2 abilities we have, but I'm picking which clusters I want disregarding what base skills they need, and using items/buffs to get all 6 base abilities up then placing the implants that I want in. I would rather pick what I buff than limit my choices even further beyond what clusters already are?

    Could someone please enlighten me with some 'constructive' advice?

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    Originally posted by Vizhalnaga

    Could someone please enlighten me with some 'constructive' advice?
    1. having only two stats requirments, u may need less time to run looking for the buffs u need. At the same time u need less time to juggle around with items and implants bubffing those two stats.

    2. Agility and Stamina is maybe the two easist stats to buffs, and can be buffed to a higher degree than other stats, so u can get in higher implants earlier.

    3. Also, having only two requirments means u dont have to put IP into all of your base stats, to get good QL implants equiped. This saves you some valuable IP, that is maybe more needed into other skills.

    4. With only two requirments, its easier to also implant base abilites to get higher QL implants equiped earlier.

    Buffs for agility and stamina: Inner Circle(Doc), behemot(Enf), feline grace(Agent).
    For items buffing same stats, get a pair of concrete cushions QL10+. also several rifles giving nice Agility bonus. Further also different armors can give u small bonus if you are short some points.

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    Big thanx! ;)p Something I didn't think of.

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    I tend to use a lot of different nanos, and max my Int since they are all 80% int-based. Unless IP are really tight or you don't like false professions this works very well, and gives you another possible stat for implants.

    This may change as I get higher level, but I also make a little cash buffing people with masteries, wrangles, or doc treatment buffs.

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