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Thread: When is roleplaying taken too far?

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    Unhappy When is roleplaying taken too far?

    I've seen plenty during my half a year of playing AO, but something in particular grabbed my attention recently. So I have to ask, is it possible, for either clan or omni players, to take their roleplaying a bit too far?

    If I may, let me elaborate a bit. I fully understand an omni or clan player roleplaying to the point where they won't team with someone of the opposite side, won't sell things to them, or won't even help someone of the opposite side when they're about to die, but does that entitle a person to go out of their way to cause someone grief? Just because the in-game situation says the clans and omni-tek are at war, does that obligate a group of clanners to grief some omni's, or vice versa?

    let's give a brief example, no names attached (don't wanna turn this into a flame thread). Clan organizations Red and Blue decide they're going to get together and spawn the unique boss Bob to kill him, hoping for some great loot. After hours of killing placeholders, gathering the items necessary, or what have you, they finally spawn Bob and the battle begins. Before Bob is killed, a group of omnis show up, from organizations Black and White, and proceed to kill boss Bob and take the looting rights. When many players have invested hours of their time towards a goal, only to have that taken from them, is that still justified as Roleplaying?

    Of course, the situation is just as applicable if the orgs Red and Blue were omni orgs and Black and White were clan orgs, but that's not the focus of this.

    I'm more then aware of FC's policy towards KSing and what can be done about it, but what I wanna know is where you, the players, think that enough is enough. I myself believe that it's ok to roleplay being on one side of a war, but it's an entirely different matter to harrass a group of players that have worked for many hours under the pretense of "roleplaying".

    Some thoughts on this would be lovely, keep it civil please as I'd like for this thread to not be locked.
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    Id say you're right... this happens all the time and it ends up in flame wars over omni/clan.

    Same goes for just general things like teaming, helping someone out, or just being around them.

    Some are good, I've teamed with alot in SL as half the time I never see any omnis around when I need them.

    Other times (sided people) on both sides just start being aggressive and idiotic and that gets me very pissed off, uncalled for name-calling and abuse.

    Some people forget PEOPLE play behind the character and Omni-Tek and the Clan are not real.

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    My 2 cents.....

    In order for it to be "roleplaying", shouldn't both sides should be involved in the activity by mutual agreement? One side KSing the other and calling it RP is just plain stupid.

    In all fairness, I should mention I do not RP in Anarchy Online, but I do play tabletop RPG's. As a result, I am not completely up to date on the niceties of roleplaying on Rubi-Ka.

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    that goes beyond roleplaying, though so many peopel like to justify greifing due to roleplaying..

    thankfully, in such large groups that are required to take down big boss mobs, generally there will be people on both sides with enough common sense not to KS in a situation like that.

    for example, back when i was raiding with acom, we would spend hours in efp killing palce holders, occasionally clans would come and want to raid that mob, 99% of the time they would politly leave, or wait till we were done.. or we would let them have it if it was no big deal.

    individually on the other hand, there has been lots of griefing due to this type of situation in the past.. where one player will kill steal or be a pain and justify it because we are "stinking omnis" etc..

    In pvm i think that it is wrong to do this type of thing, in pvp, anythign that isnt an exploit goes.. plain and simple. if a clanner tells me that he has no intention of ganking me in a duel, and swears on his mothers life.. and he does, that is fine imo.. says something about his personality but pvp is pvp.

    like i said generally in such large groups there are peopel with common sense enough to put a stop to it before it starts, though i have heard of many many instances of clan and omni breaking agreemants and ksing each other at mercs... but it seems to be pretty rare despite it happening.

    bottom line, roleplaying to justify greifing (non exploiting) in pvp = ok

    roleplaying to justify greifing in pvm, where people have lots of time invested = bad.

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    Good point to bring up, Nothinman. I agree 100%

    When it comes to PVP, then anything goes. You can lie all you want, gank all you want, whatever, it's PVP, even on a player to player relation that is seen as conflict, because you're fighting the other players directly. In PvP-land, you don't even need to justify shady tactics by saying you're roleplaying, it's practically expected behavior out there.

    I don't PvP at all though, as I much rather prefer cooperative efforts with other players rather then competitive ones.

    Keep it coming people, definitely helps to know that this is sort of a common sense type deal
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    Originally posted by Kujam
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    ohhh bump! I love this thread =D
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    People using RP as an excuse for being inconsiderate pricks are just that.

    I have heard of people ninjalooting Azure and as their "defence" they say "I am roleplaying a thief"

    I have heard people training huge trains on temple groups (and seen) and then claim "You are omni so you need to die" and RP as an excuse again.

    I have seen people ruin an Merc raid by pulling all the people out and training them on the fighters, and I have seen many other just as bad things.

    All under the pretext of Roleplaying a certain type.

    These are all offences, and I believe all should be bannerble.

    Roleplaying is to live out your char, but never to the expense of others fun.
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    Originally posted by Chazmyr
    Roleplaying is to live out your char, but never to the expense of others fun.
    And that sums it up perfectly.

    I RP every chance I get in-game, but when I'm out and about on the mission treadmill, or looking for a unique item, or in a dungeon, RPing essentially goes out the window. I can remember a time when I went to get my 'crat suit from Foreman's, and a lower-level clan fixer looking for his gamma ejector. It was on the way, so I helped him out. When I was in To3W range, almost every team I was in had a mix of all factions.

    But when it comes to raiding uniques, anyone that uses roleplaying as an excuse to KS/ninjaloot is just that - using an excuse. They're trying to find a way to satisfy their greedy desires and still get away with it.

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    Nothingman I agree.

    But what when someone manages to gather all the a*sholes and pr*ck's, and go together KSing.. you need like 6 people to KS something which 30+ people have been working for many hours to spawn. Normally we manage to work stuff like this out since FC wont help us due to much comon sense ammong people.

    But someone might not care at all, and they hide behind RP and that it isnt considered and offence by the EULA. Now is taking advantage of the EULA and game mechanics, is that RP at all? lol

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    Oh and if there was ment to be a conflict regarding this, dont you think there would be some war gas in that area? Like for instance with Tarasque.

    If someone KSed a mob that spawned 15-1hour later from me, I would get annoyed but I atleast wouldnt have wasted an entire day. As some obviously dont see the difference here, either FC condones KSing or they dont, if they dont then they should maybe have something worked out. Maybe even just for PH spawns. Since 18hour spawns we all know the deal.. most also do know the deal with PH spawns..but since some gives a F.. It ruins for alot.

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    Is far as i am concerned, none of these examples are roleplaying at all, just griefing. Roleplaying hasn`t got much to do with this, they`re just looking for something to justify their actions. And roleplaying does not justify those kind of actions.

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    Originally posted by Odeen
    Oh and if there was ment to be a conflict regarding this, dont you think there would be some war gas in that area? Like for instance with Tarasque.
    And we all know that most areas are not like Tara. So we must ask ourselves.. what could possibly be the basis for conflict in areas that seemingly allow for negotiations? Negotiations in a GAME where 2 sides are SUPPOSED to battle it out? Do we just forget we are playing a game, put on our United Nations jerseys and hand out olive laurels? Do we allow ourselves to be exhausted after X amount of hours of 'WORK'? ... In a GAME?
    So what would be the conflict for these areas? I hardly think the Devs wanted us to 'all get along'. It is .. anarchy ffs.

    Negotiations suck most the time, usually some side will try to screw over the other, in some crappy deal or another.

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    If I was trying to make peace with you at the arena, or a tower battle, or even at a tara raid, then that would be defying game mechanics, because in 25% zones we are SUPPOSED to fight. In 75% zones we can't attack eachother, we can't kill eachother, so there is no motive to fight eachother, 75% zones practically promote teamwork amongst the 2 sides. Look at Temple of Three Winds, never have I seen so many mixed side teams getting along perfectly.

    "Do we just forget we are playing a game.." No, not at all, that's exactly my point. This is just a game, why would you go out of your way to grief players of the opposite faction when it's just a game? Why do things that you know will aggravate other players under the pretense that you're doing what you're "supposed" to?

    Negotiations suck when people don't believe they will work. I've seen plenty of negotiations go very well because everyone stuck to their part of the deal.

    If the devs wanted us to be at war through every aspect of the game, then every zone except maybe your apartment and places like reet's would be 25% gas.
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    No more cooperation at uniques. That is all this means. If Omni are killing a mob and you have more damage, then go ahead and take it. Don't limit this to Mercs, extend to any mob.

    Sounds like fun doesn't it?
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    tara being in 25% is just dumb anyways.....then again im an engi, if i was an NT i might feel difrently.....


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    Bump! I agree with Nothinman! Down with Roleplaying Griefers!!!
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    *low voice*

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