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Thread: Rally in Old Athens

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    Rally in Old Athens

    Rally in Old Athen
    Investigative Reporter Legman

    A rally for the restoration of Old Athen took place today. It was held near the prison in Old Athen and was hosted by Sallust and Aurust. The rally, held to bring attention to problems in Athen, was a great success. Everyone involved had a great time and learned something of the history of the city as well.

    “We're trying to raise popular and political support for the restoration of Old Athen” said Sallust when asked about the purpose of today’s event.

    Aurust replied “It is an effort to make every clanner today aware of their own home and their pride in where they live.”

    The event started with a short speech from Sallust;

    Thank you all for coming today! As you hopefully all know today is the second Old Athen Restoration Rally! We have all come here from numerous Clans and far spread regions united by this great Clan Metropolis of Old Athen. We are Clan, and in its heart this is and has been a Clan city for well over a century. Today we are gathered here not by corporate order, but by free choice to be united as one people! We come together in the name of a greater Clan unity for love of the common good. We rally together to make the face of this city appear to be as Clan as its people! We also rally to bring a lasting peace and sense of security to Old Athen. Are you with us and do we stand united for the cause of improving the great Clan city of Old Athen? As you can see our great city is in a shambles! Omnis infiltrate and disrupt from many poorly guarded entrances and omni-tek propaganda pollutes our city. So today we rally to bring hope to the city, for a new Clan Renaissance of Old Athen!
    The crowd cheered loudly as the speech ended.

    There were three well organized events for the participants of the rally to partake in. The first was a crawl race that made its way through the most run-down and dilapidated portions of Old Athen.

    “It has a twofold meaning.” said Aurust. “One, for fun. And two, it will bring all contestants through the very rubble and trash that we aim to clean up and make them more aware of it.”

    The second was a trivia contest that had the crowd testing their knowledge of the city and the clans.

    The finale was a redecoration of the Omni-tek statue near the prison. Prizes were awarded to the winners, but everyone that participated had fun.

    The rally ended as peacefully as it started and was a great success.
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