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    The return of Radiman…

    September was ushered in with a report that an old “friend” of Omni-Tek was seen walking around Old Athens or Omni-2 for those who remember. Sources claim that he was quite busy… walking and whispering, apparently answering voices no one else could hear. Normally I would just claim him for insane, but since these “voices” have been heard by many people, even by our own CEO, Phillip Ross, then I will reframe from that, for now at least. His return has caused a great deal of speculation, both for Omni-Tek and the clans. Mostly for the clans I am sure, because they do not trust him anymore. Why has he returned? And why now? Is this somehow linked to the sudden return of the Dust brigade?

    Back in 2975, around Christmas time, there was progress in the peace talks between Omni-Tek and the Council of Truth. Even though many minor factions within the clans did not want peace with Omni-Tek (Even though it would have been for their own best!) But it was all shattered when the clan friendly Dust Brigade bombed an apartment complex in omni-1! The following month then Omni-Tek withdrew the amnesty they had offered the Clans. Around the same time, masked commandoes began a series of attacks directed towards Clan, Omni-Tek, and Neutral citizens alike. These brutal assassinations were done without provocation or hesitation. Evidence recovered did show that these terrorists were aligned with the clans, but some were also neutral. This caused a great amount of doubt as to whom these masked commandoes fought for. I think that these attacks and the mysterious death of the clan afflicted Joshua Kahn lead to the first disappearance of Henry Radiman.

    Half a year later, Radiman returned to the Council of Truth with renewed power, no one knows why. But little did it help as it was quickly made clear that the Dust Brigade returned as well, around the same time and caused chaos and destruction once again, but this time it was different! Evidence was uncovered by Omni-Tek agents that the Council of Truth was providing funds to the Dust Brigade. The Council was ordered to hand over two suspects, but they refused to do so. Omni-Tek issued an arrest warrant for the two people in question, but they fled Tir before they could be arrested. These two were later tracked down, but were permanently killed by masked commandoes before anything could be learned from them. These allegations finally forced the knights to remove themselves from the council! A few months later the entire council, the city guard, and almost all of their supported left Tir. The city were then taken over by ICC peacekeepers, which then kicked out by the sentinels (Wonder how Simon ever found the guts to pull that of!) Once more Radiman had left the clans, this time it seemed to be for good.

    Suddenly, when the new portal to the shadowlands in Jobe was to be opened, he returns once again. Talking to voices and all that. As mentioned earlier, this caused great speculation. The clans did not know why he returned to them, nor did most seem to care. In their eyes, he had abandoned them. For us, Omni-Tek, it is just another mystery that waits to solved. It did not seem important at the time, but with the recent attack by the Dust Brigade on Rome, it can only be top priority!

    Radiman leaves, the Dust bags leave, he returns, they return, the council flees Tir with Radiman amongst them, and the brigade is not seen again. And now he has returned… And they have returned with him! Their most resent attack was at a wedding it and it seems that Radiman again had a finger in the entire thing! The conclusion could be that Henry Radiman was not only the leader of the council, but also the leader of the most dreaded terrorist group ever known! But there are people who call it a coincidence, all of it. Now, what I ask you is… What do you think?

    My own views are as clear as those of Omni-Pol: Henry Radiman must be arrested, and brought in so he can explain his actions. Then we can move on, and eradicate the terrorists once and for all. No matter whom they are claimed to support!

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    I am 100% sure the apartment complex bombing occured around christmas of 29475, not 2975. Especially seeing as the planet was not even inhabitet until early 288th century. (Not that we know of at least).
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    Probably just a simple oversight on the part of another of Omni-Tek's loyal reporters.

    In any case, is your rifle loaded, Morphex? Perhaps if Mr. Radiman will not volutarilly surrender, we can arrange a little...surprise for him from the Omni-Tek agent community?

    Alternatively, I say turn Meister and his boys and girls loose. Omni-Pol took up the original investigation to the allegations of Radiman's involvement with the Dust Brigade, and I say let them finish it. This matter has been outstanding for far too long, and so long as that terrorist is out and about to poison the mind's of Rubi-Ka with his metafuzzical propaganda, no one is safe.

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    Omni-Tek no longer has the rights to even ask questions of Henry Radiman thanks to your illegal abolishment of the Tir accord.

    Better would be to question Omni-Tek's involvement with the dust brigade especially all the convenient "disappearances" of supposed evidence regarding allegations against the Clans.

    Omni-Tek already proved last time that diplomacy is only for show, and all of your violent barbaric threats further prove that point.

    Do not expect the greater clan body to stand idly by next time you take hostile action in clan territory. There is no more Council of Truth to collectively hold us back.
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    Well, I for one dont have an inkling of trust in Radiman. As many know I was in the CoA which was partly to blame for the ousting of the previous CoT. I'm just waiting for something to happen, and if I dont see action soon, the CoA may reform. Radiman comes back, people talk, promises are made, and now nothing happens again.

    Take some initiative, and do something, or dont bother coming out of the hold you've been hiding in Radiman.

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    Henry Radiman hasn't promised anything after his return, has he? It's the clans that keep talking about reviving some sort of council, something I must admit I don't have the itty-bittiest inkling of trust in. I'd much rather see a CoT with Henry Radiman as leader than some other council, made up on an emergency call.

    We'll see what happens.

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    Yes, Lets let the insane man that has suspected links to the Dust Brigade, and disappears at random lead us. That sounds like a great candidate for a leader of the Clans. Am I the only one that thinks that sounds kind of silly?

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    Well if nobody else wants him, there is always a job in RUR for Mr Radiman. I know our little company can always use a man of Radiman's intelligence, experience and integrity. Who knows maybe Mr Radiman himself might enjoy moving from the world of politics into the private sector?

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    Oh, c'mon, Charissa... ya sure ya really wanna employ the man who once publicly stated "we are God's celestial experiment"?

    /me rolls her eyes
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    Originally posted by Demenzia
    Oh, c'mon, Charissa... ya sure ya really wanna employ the man who once publicly stated "we are God's celestial experiment"?

    /me rolls her eyes
    Erm, have you actually met the rest of our staff at RUR?

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    Perhaps we can find a job for Radiman working in the notum mines along side the Atroxes.
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    Originally posted by Nevver
    Perhaps we can find a job for Radiman working in the notum mines along side the Atroxes.

    If no one else in Omni-Tek has a problem with that, sure. We could always use some more help.

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