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Thread: Newland Guard Initiative Fund Raiser.... Success

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    Newland Guard Initiative Fund Raiser.... Success

    Newland Guard Initiative Fund Raiser.....Success.
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    Today’s slave auction, hosted by Shattered Dreams, was a smashing success. 145.5 million credits were raised for the Newland Guard Initiative and a great time was had by all participants.

    Fifty-five to sixty of Rubi-ka’s most renowned citizens attended the slave auction to bid on a slave for a day. The bidding was intense and several people were sold for well over ten million credits. Deng and Chronita were bought for 20 million and Taoh was sold for eleven million, just to name a few.

    When asked what the funds raised from this event would be used for Falikos, MC for the event, said;

    “Well the hope is to give the city some options as to replacing the guards with some that will truly guard the citizens of the city rather than just harass passers by. First there will be a formal offer of the funds, hopefully seeing the hard credits will motivate the city to get a move on.”

    She went on to say;

    “Replacements have been suggested by many. My personal favorite option was the suggestion of guards similar to those in the city of Hope. They react to protect anyone coming to harm in their city and are very vigilant.”

    Views varied about what the final outcome of the Initiative might be. Ghandalf had a slightly different idea;

    “I feel... it should be... "Privatized" and that they let other... more grateful companies in on the market... even us from the families.”

    Whatever their personal views as to the final outcome everyone in attendance agreed that the Thugs must be removed from Newland.
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    Thank you again for everyone that attended! It was a great time indeed. The benifit went terrifically with a mixing of people from every background in attendance.

    I wanted to further my congrats to Justhealin of The Foresaken, and to Warbest of Komodo who were the winners of our dance contest that kicked off the benifit. They had some spiffy dancing shoes!

    With the auction and donations we raised a sum of 145.5 million credits! (EDIT!: After two more donations now up to 146.8m!)

    Donations included:

    Finghaz of Shadow Ops -1m
    Darkarch of Church of the Mushroom Cloud - 20m
    Fhinn of Shattered Dreams - 300k
    Xhairs of Disciples of Omni-Tek - 5m

    Slaves and their 'owners':

    Slave Justhealin of The Foresaken - 1.2m to Paxcorpus of The Illuminati
    Slave Darkarch of Church of the Mushroom Cloud - 3.9m to Belle2 of Amazon Sisters
    Slave Taoh of Komodo - 11m to Warbest of Komodo/Ubric of Alpha Omega
    Slave Sallust of Pillgrams - 5m to Benjax of Veritas
    Slave Juri of Veritas- 12m to Tinkertrish of Vox Populi
    Slave Xnemth1 - 40m to Darkarch of Church of the Mushroom Cloud
    Slave Rhiamant of Seraphim Cleric - 3m to Paxcorpus of The Illuminati
    slave Duo Deng of Inner Circle and Chronita of The Dojo - 20m to Ghandalf
    Slave Catosan of Storm Keepers - 2.4m to Ghandalf
    Slave Serpentin of Pilgrams - 2m to Taoh of Komodo
    Slave Chamaelo - 3m to Tinkertrish of Vox Populi
    Slave Tinkertrish of Vox Populi - 17m to Redstalker of Veritas

    Again my appologies and thanks to the people of Immortal Ascension, it appears we had double booked Reets Retreat (really must talk to that fellow that rents the space there).

    Also, appologies to those that we did not have time to auction this evening, if you still would like to help bring change to Newland City there are many ways you can help. Dontations of time or credits are welcome to further the cause!

    Thanks again for to everyone that made it so much fun and safe travels!

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    Heh. Did it mostly to annoy certain peoples in my Guild.
    Seriously though, the Mercenary guards in Newland City was hired by the NLC council, and as such is not under the jurisdiction of Omni-Admin. If the Neutral leaders want to cancel their contract with said guards, it is their right to do so under ICC business regulations, section 12 paragraph 45, cancelation of contracts.
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