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Thread: Bomb Rips Through Appartment Complex

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    Post Bomb Rips Through Appartment Complex

    Bomb Rips Through Appartment Complex
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    A mutant bomb bypassed apartment security in Borealis two days ago and exploded inside, killing one person and demolishing the apartment block.

    Falikos, Itel and Redstalker were sitting around in Falikos’ apartment having a relaxing afternoon when suddenly a mutant bomb entered and grabbed Falikos. Chanting the now familiar phrase “Ashes to ashes” and “Dust to dust” the mutant bomb exploded.

    Falikos was killed instantly while Redstalker and Itel were thrown clear of the blast. Redstalker noticed that the building was collapsing and forced himself and Itel into the grid moments before the entire building caved in.

    Returning to the apartment, they noticed DB commandos in the area.

    “They tried to ambush us outside the apartment but since we came from the grid we got the drop on them.” Said Itel.

    Redstalker managed to get the name of one of the commandos;

    “There were about 4 or 5 there. Zonacill was the only name I could take note of while dodging bullets.”

    It is obvious this was yet another planned assassination, Falikos suffered from the same effects as Itel did after the DB attempted to assassinate him last week. Itel did say however; that Falikos is recovering and will be ok.

    Redstalker, Itel and others chased the DB in a running battle until the DB apparently vanished into the Omni mines on the outskirts or Borealis. Although no motive has been given for the recent attacks it is obvious that the officers in the Shattered Dreams guild have been the focus.

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    Dust Brigade is a menace to all. One must wonder what their motives are, cloaked in mystery with no public communiques other than their little "Dust to Dust" speeches.
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    Think of them as the strings that the puppet masters higher up use to get the lemmings to go the direction they want....and btw, I mean we're the lemmings in that :P They are manipulative, hide there true intentions and sidings, and make others jump the way they want. Whoever is in command is very good at playing the political mine fields, and using the Dusters to direct the path they want is quiet intreguing. We will one day get past it though, and on that day we will get to those pulling the DB's strings.
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    Then pupetmasteh has been identefyed as Midia.
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