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    Post Dust Brigade Attack on Wedding, Message Left

    Dust Brigade Attack on Wedding, Message Left
    Investigative Reporter Legman

    The peace and tranquility of the wedding between Katelin "Fleat" Tapanes and Daryl “Quickstart” Mushai was shattered yesterday when the Dust Brigade (DB) attacked. A viral bomb was detonated and a holographic message was left, addressed to the “happy couple”. The message left no doubt as to who is behind the recent DB activities and the motive behind all the attacks.

    Mr. Henry Radiman, former leader of the Council of Truth (COT), performed the ceremony that was to join the couple in matrimony. As the couple was reciting their vows the DB launched a surprise attack. Squad leaders, followed by the now familiar mutant bombs, descended on the wedding spreading chaos and mayhem. They were chanting “Ashes to ashes” and “Dust to dust” as they proceeded to fire randomly into the assembled guests. The mutant bombs were later detonated. However, instead of blowing up in a ball of fire they spewed clouds of noxious gas into the atmosphere, obscuring vision and making people ill.

    A search of the DB bodies after the attack produced an item addressed to the “happy couple”. When Quickstart activated it a holographic image of “The Lady” appeared. The following is the message she left:

    I see the fool has managed to persuade you at last, huh, Fleat? How much did he pay you to say yes? Or did he knock you up and now has to do the honorable thing? Anyway, pleasantries aside, I unfortunately could not be present at the ceremony or else I'd voiced my objections in person. Don't worry though...I'm en route to Rubi-ka as we speak to out my newfound...friends.

    [Then the automated message turned to Itel.]

    “How did you like my mutants Itel? bit too rough for you? you traitorous dog! I'll deal with you later...”

    [Returning her gaze to the bride and groom the hologram continued.]

    “Now, to the couple. Of course, I couldn't leave you without a gift... but you already killed it so... You might ask what it was. Well allow me to give you a little hint.... It was a bomb, but not just any mutant bomb...oh no, it's sooo...much...more.... I'll keep you in suspense a little longer, but... well, What were Mercutio's dying words again? Well, I'm sure you'll figure it out...after all, you figured out all my other plans.....or so you thought. Hope to see you two soon....just don't die too quickly...I want the pleasure of looking you in the eyes when you do Fleat...”
    With those final words the hologram vanished, leaving a stunned silence only broken by the cries of the sick and wounded. Several guests had died from a strange illness that overcame them quickly, despite the best efforts of the doctors in the area to save them.
    Others appeared to be affected as well, and although they didn’t die they became ill.

    An escort was arranged for Mr. Radiman and lead by Sallust, while Quickstart and Fleat were escorted to safety by others. Sallust led the party guarding Radiman to the COT building in Tir. When asked if he had a comment on the events that had transpired Mr. Radiman said “I have no comment at this point. First I need to find out what this was myself.” The escort encountered no resistance along the way. Radiman thanked everyone and then turned and entered the COT building.

    Itel, and others, confirmed that the voice of “The lady” was that of Midia. It is apparent that she is the mysterious “she” behind the recent DB attacks, and is returning to Rubi-ka for revenge on those who fought against her in the past. She also alludes to other plans; however no one can confirm what those might be at this time.
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    Got my film back from the wedding today.
    Originally posted by Runar Thor
    Having a launch like AO had was like being violently spanked for 2 years straight and we swear by the great, soft pillow in the sky to take every precaution possible to ensure the future safety of our botties

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    Re: Dust Brigade Attack on Wedding, Message Left

    Originally posted by Editor: FJRK
    It is apparent that she is the mysterious “she” behind the recent DB attacks, and is returning to Rubi-ka for revenge on those who fought against her in the past.
    Fleat probably spammed her with every single general stat debuff and incompetence at the last tower battle....this was probably just payback.

    congrats though...heh.

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