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Thread: The Order of Chaos Wants You, Join Today!

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    noooo, not at all..pvp is just 1 of many many things we do >;P
    147 Mp Nodamp
    O_O i am king of faces!

    Forevah eating forbidden popcorn! @_@
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    Heya MikesterG! x_O

    Dey tink im funny...dey really do..dey also tink im insane, sick, wierd, and in need of more medicines than i take

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    yeh, dat pweez X_X

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    Newbie wants to be considered for application


    I'm a total newbie to AO, just started a couple of days ago (I'm a veteran of UO, EQ, and DAoC). Currently I have a lvl 11 MA clan but I can switch sides or start a new char. I'm mainly looking for a guild that can teach me the game mechanics, nanos, implants, IP allocations and such. I'm also considering trying other profession since I love doing tradeskills, I started MA because the people in newbie chat said that MA are the easiest to learn the game with.

    If you think I fit the bill, feel free to contact me in game (thoke) or you can send me a PM on the board. I know that I'm not high level or be able to contribute much yet (since I'm new) but I'm a fast learner.


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    Interested in joining but...

    I am very interested in joining your organization. The only issue that I can see is that I am not yet 50th level. I have played many different characters in many different MMORPGs and have found that their life-span depends upon finding people to adventure with in game. Order of Chaos sounds like precisely what I am looking for with the exception that I must be 50th level. Since any game tends to rapidly grow stale for me when having to solo, that is a tall order. I am not, by any means, anti-social. I do, however, get frustrated with trying to find good RPers and basically decent people online amidst all of the kewl doods and people who tend to regard MMORPGs as a personal scoreboard on how elite they are. I would like to contact some of you in game and hopefully I can stick with AO until I reach 50th level without experiencing the 'loner burnout' as I have begun calling it.
    My thanks for your time in listening to my little rant. =)


    (If any of you wish to contact me in game, my name is Blotorch on Rubi1, fighting for team Omni-Tek.)

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    I have a level 16 NT (Ncopernicus) who might be able to help you reach the requirement quickly. Please try to send a tell, I will also send you a few tells if you want to run missions.
    Your experience in other games is certainly helpful and welcome, and I hope to see you join soon.

    We always welcome good roleplayers to the guild, and many old guild members are working on their roleplaying skills (perhaps you can teach them a bit?). I also went through levels incredibly slowly, but team missions and team hunting can help you advance quickly.
    Other guild members have alts around lvl 40, 55, 30, ect. whom might be able to help and recommend you for the guild.

    You can also send tells to Maxtor6, who is my main, but hasn't reached a high enough rank in the guild to be a recruiter yet.

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    Hey Its Arc,

    I WANNA JOIN!...again..hehe, you have my messages on the lostlocig boards...

    and a little bumpage for my old mates.

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    make that lostlogic boards, and i was listed under Dragonshade back in the day.

    hehe little bump

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