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Thread: Aomd 1.5

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    AOMD 1.5 and 14.1/No Coords

    Anyone having this problem? I am not getting coords info. I am guessing that something is different because of team missions. Just a thought.

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    Originally posted by Bronto_Cowboy
    The timer tool is a great idea! Hehe... go have a cup of coffee, come back, and tada! "Your mission awaits, sir."
    Well, it works like that without the timer.. Just do some searching for a battlesuit..

    However, if they really are worried about the amount of bandwidth it takes to autobuy missions, because of the time it takes to open the mission, read through it, maybe look at the reward a bit, and then move on to the next.. I can completely understand. However, that should be an easy fix, just put a delay(n) at the end of the if...then statement..

    *shrug* then again, I'm only a novice programmer..
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    Question help me get it to work

    I just downloaded and unzipped AOMD and when i open it i get a select adapter thing each time. then after that i get the empty mission menu. when i'm at the mission terminals i don't know how to get AOMD to do what it is supposed to do. can someone please help my clueless self out on how to use it? thanks if you do

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    Where have you tried it ? It doesn't work currently in some places, at least not in Newland.

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    i've only tried it in Avalon. when i get home i'll try it out in other places. i wasn't aware that some places didn't work. if someone could save me some time and post the places is does work i'd be very happy

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    Funcom messed with their code and now it no longer works
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