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    Post The Dark Carnival's History

    The history of The Dark Carnival is tainted and disturbed to say the least and is not for the weak at heart, or any who are purists when in relation to mind and soul. In the year 29465, after the ICC attempted to intervene between the two sides engaged in civil war on Rubi-Ka, the ICC witnessing the blood lust held by the clans sanctioned the assembly of an elite group of genetically altered personnel from Omni-Med laboratories to be used as a peace keeping force in the interest of both sides. These individuals were collected put through a series of genealogical, DNA altering testing by Omni-Med, overseen by the ICC, to ensure their abilities and mission of peace keeping in the name of corporate progress would be successful.

    The elite individuals grew in power and ability and were soon after put into a collective called the RKPKB, or The Rubi-Ka Peace Keeping Bureau and released into certain areas of Rubi-Ka, both Omni, and clan controlled to end the civil war. But the turn of events that soon followed caused a sleeping dragon to awaken.
    In the year 29466 the RKPKB was called into Omni controlled mines to intervene in a clan attack on OT personnel. Upon the arrival of the RKPKB a series of chemical assaults and radiation blasts came from the heavens, showering nuclear and radioactive materials upon all OT personnel and the collective RKPKB. In agony and horrific pain the RKPKB retreated into a nearby Omni mine where they were flooded and drowned with toxic chemicals as the entry to the mine was sealed off. The RKPKB was thought dead, and upon excavation of the once productive mine by Omni-Pol, no remnants or evidence of the RKPKB was found in any substance, crevice, or crack, as if they had never been there. The ICC soon after closed the sanction on the RKPKB and the collective was soon another name in the files of the corporate machine.

    Many years go by and the civil disputes between the clans and Omni-Tek are still escalating. Reports begin circulating of an extremist Omni-Tek group working in the underground to wipe out all clan activists and terrorists in the name of progress. Some OT employees bring Omni-Pol eyewitness accounts of highly intelligent, mutated groups emerging from the underground in Omni HQ and abducting small children and Omni-Tek youth. It is thought at first to be clan terrorist activity, but within a years time of the horrific reports of these extremists and sightings whirling about Omni territories, a large faction rises up from the underground of Omni HQ one evening. The group centered on the platform by Omni-Admin and were surrounded by a swirling array of luminous gases colored purple, green and yellow. Many thought these gases were being projected from the radiated skin of the group. The images of the ghastly assembly caused some to flee HQ in terror. After all, this collective had been put through a grueling, painful radiation submersion, which had discolored the skin of some, mutating the physical appearance in terrifying ways. Omni-Pol arrived on the scene with guns drawn ready for yet another clan assault, but were surprised when one figure emerged from the mass of what eye witnesses called "freak show" and presented the Omni-Pol captain with a statement, a declaration of officiality. It was the arrival of what is now known as, The Dark Carnival. This collection of highly powered elites, with immense supernatural abilities vowed to serve in the best interest of Omni-Tek and Philip Ross as they had before, and to stop at nothing to ensure progress and the end to clan terrorists and fundamentalists. Omni-Pol backed down that day, and called for an investigation to the legitimacy of this Dark Carnival.

    The ICC soon after launched an all out search for the "freak show" and when they were located was met with compliance and cooperation. So who was this new force, this altered lot of individuals. None of them were able to be recognized in any OT cell scanners due to the horrid radiation damage and the genetic manipulation that had seemingly destroyed any recognized code, but upon extensive testing by Omni-Med, with the watchful eye of the ICC, a sample of blood from one of the Dark Carnival members was found to have a minute trace of DNA coding from the previous lab created RKPKB, except this specimen possessed high intellect coding, with interweaving of mutated DNA strands that would cause the individual to be extremely unstable at times and very powerful in the arts of nano technology and physical strength.

    With this recent discovery the ICC attempted to wipe out the Dark Carnival stating in an official release to Omni-Admin "This newly organized collective is by all means a threat to progress and any efforts to peace keeping on Rubi-Ka. Their genetic code and makeup has been extremely altered and is highly unstable causing them to act sporadically and viciously. We call for the swift action of Omni-Tek and its Police force to detain and terminate each existing member of this faction." Omni-Tek however being an opportunist hid the faction in the powerful arms of corporate propaganda. And answered the ICC with an inconclusive report to the whereabouts of The Dark Carnival.
    To this day The Dark Carnival seeks justice and vengeance at the same time. Bitter and heartless, but corporate sympathizers, and always opening the door to OT brethren. It continues to grow, each new member going in a normal species, and frighteningly then evolves in the manner of the original members, altered DNA and genetic codes, supernatural abilities, high intelligence, and of course mutated in some form. It was later discovered that The Dark Carnival during its dormant period grew in numbers while underground by abducting OT youth and putting them through training and tests to mold them in the likeness of their faction. These "training techniques" still are conducted actively today with each new member. The Dark Carnival is a frightening, powerful force that will stop at nothing to see the end of clan activists, and that Omni-Tek becomes the supreme dominating force on Rubi-Ka.

    -Sid Tisantous Saar

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    thanx Tis for posting our history formally and publicly!

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