My biggest problem with lag is in Broken Shores. All of the missions that we roll are there, and it can take anywhere from 1 minute, to 5 minutes to zone in there. Once you get in, movement is very choppy. Once we zone into the mission, things are a little better, but when we zone back out, its horrible again. Sometimes in the missions, we get lag spikes where we are in attack mode but we can't attack the mob and the mob can't attack us. Also, when we are running in the mission, it warps us back to another room that we just left because of lag.

I can deal with all the lag issues, but it is just the time it takes to zone into Broken Shores that is unacceptable. Sometimes it takes so long that I'm not sure of my computer had crashed or not.

My System:

1.5 Ghz Athlon
512MB DDR Ram
Geforce4 Ti 4600
Cable Internet Connection