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Thread: Lag and Broken Shores

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    Broken Shores city of Home , Tir and horible load times when zoning .

    P4 1.6a
    Abit BD7
    GF3 64 DDR
    512 ddr pc 2100 ram
    7500 rpm maxtor 40 gig HD ATA 100
    Dedicated duel cable

    I lag off and on in missions also . God forbid i try and PvP

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    Newland is lag hell for me, especially at the Mission terminals. I have a very high spec PC:

    Pentium 4

    My internet connection is only 56k though (I live in UK), but my friend has the same modem and doesnt have as many problems.

    When I say lag i mean like the game just stopping for 30 seconds :-/ Maybe add some mission terminals in another section in newland to distribute the lag out a bit?

    Seriously there are way too many people at the Newland Mission Terminal, some of my online friends also lag like mad as well.

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    Examine the layout of Broken shores. You have done good things with the save terms, and grid terminal but..

    1: All traffic in Broken shores is squeezed through or by the centre. The temple enforces this if you are travelling on the top half of the city.
    2: Respawn locations are random. There are now 2 save terminals, but 1/2 of their potential is wasted - as you can save on the east side but respawn on the west side. This means you have to cross the centre to get back to your mission. Duh.
    3: There is one prominant landmark, and it is in the centre. And it has a save term right next to it. Perhaps if the west save term was far away from the temple for a change we might see less people meeting there - but i wouldn't count on it.

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    I'm sure it was mostly obvious but i never actually stated the point of the post above:

    Traffic is forced through the centre. Even casual traffic is forced through the centre. The design is such that traffic through the centre of the map is necessitated. It's a big bottleneck.

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    The best solution to solving the lag in these places is to give us other stuff to do.

    Seriously, people dont want to huddle into one spot to do nothing but missions. Hunting is a good thing too. Some people can do missions, and some can hunt, but right now hunting sucks. The xp curve on MOB's isn't like NPC's in missions. The high level hunting grounds are just mass MOB's spread out that are all agro, making it incredibly chaotic, which means frustrating and then not fun. Another problem with high level hunting grounds is the fact that they're PvP zones. Now the extra edge and thrill of this might sounds good on paper, but then again, so did communism. (and i think you get my point there)

    So make places like mort back to 75% again. Increse the xp curve on monstes, so it equals NPC's in missions, and you'll have it really balanced well. Thus some people will mission, while other's hunt.

    There's also some really good hunting places out there that could just use an OP with some save terms and reclaim.
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    Simple quick fix solution.

    Give us another city that has a grid, save terms, and a common place to get missions.

    BS get's laggy because so many people find it convenient to go there for missions. Easy access (I.E. don't have to fly or walk for 5 or 10 minutes to get there). Save teminals, so you can get multiple missions in the same area and save.

    Setup more Grid access points and wompas to areas that have missions.

    While your at it... give us easier access to Perpetual Wastelands (with a CLAN save term of course)
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    Post The worst decision ever

    The number of people in an area is most of the problem, however, the reason this is a probem is becuase:
    1. Funcom has decided to place everyone on one server, two, now that Rubi-ka2 is up. (Very ambitious).

    2. Funcom decided to use TCP/IP network model, instead of UDP. This is the biggest problem because, TCP/IP requires constant connection-negotiation to keep the connection "live." For each client connected, a constant conversation must be kept alive with the server. UDP is "connectionless", meaning the server does not check to see if the data is received, which is a task left up to the client. UDP is faster, but requires more programming skill to manipulate the data packets. As far as I know, Funcom is the only MMORPG that uses TCP/IP and I even recall a gaming guru that worked on Quake offer to revamp their code for them. I wish Funcom had taken him up on it because until they change their network model, the game will ALWAYS have a minimal amount of lag.

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    dispursement is needed !!!!!!

    I think its highly unlikly that funcom can or will change the misison terminals to give us more freedom in where our missions are so i would think the next best thing would be to add grid/wompah access to more remote areas like The Longest Road ( nano-freek house) and some of the other "ghosttowns" on Rk. There are vast cities out there that are empty of players because of the unaccesability.

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    solution = very , very simple. More High level hunting grounds. Then there won't be as many people In broken shores/ 2ho's. Then there will not be as much lag. What about Newland city. that place is worse that ether at times.
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    Lightbulb Lag/PC performance , tests and solutions.

    Hi All,

    My observations on game performance are as follows.

    I fist started playing AO on a P3 600 with a Nvidia TNT2 & 340MB ram - connected by a 152k DSL line.

    The machine I was using had been installed around a year ago, been upgraded and downgraded from win2k and w2k server, had many applications installed and removed before AO was installed.
    Needless to say the drive was extremely fragmented and walking to areas that required models to be loaded off the drive would take ages. Not to mention that once memory usage had reached the maximum available on the system, the machine would constantly grind away as it swapped memory back and forth off the page file. (ps. the clientr.exe memory leak didn’t help that either). Since then I now have an AMD 1800 with 512mb DDR and a Geforce4. For a short time I ran the machine using the existing drive from the old system. Ingame performance was obviously better, but I found that initial load times for the worst areas, 20k, NL, BS, trade, were just as frustrating.

    The solution which I had been delaying for some time (due to having to back up 40 GB) was to reformat and repartition the drive.

    I created an 8 GB and a 32 GB partition performed a fresh minimal install of w2k on the boot partition, defragmented, installed AO and performed the optimisation procedure, then defragmented again.

    This produced, to the best of my knowledge, fully contiguous system files and also AO files.

    Now I find I can fly straight through the likes of 20k and newland with only 2-3 short pauses as the sprite images load.

    In my personal opinion it is the load times of the player images and the possibility that the images themselves are stored in a fragmented location on the drive , combined with the swapping of memory to the pagefile which causes the so called 'lag'.

    Lag is used to define slow response times over a network; I don’t believe that it is a coincidence that the times of major slowness occur at the same time as the HDD is flat out reading/writing information from the disk. The major increase in ping time is due to the pc being under load, not due to network slowness.

    my 2c,

    iged - 101 fixer
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    My system is as follows:

    1 GHz Intel PIII
    512 MB RAM
    1 9 GB LVD SCSI 10K RPM disk
    1 45 GB IDE disk 7.2K RPM
    1 60 GB IDE disk 7.2K RPM

    I also just poped in a GeForce 4 Ti 4600 with 128 MB RAM (Before this video card I used a GF2 GTS with 32 MB RAM)

    The GF2 gave around 1800 3DMarks and the GF4 with the same settings gave a 3DMark of 6900.

    I used to have realy bad lag in BS, Newland and 20K as well, but after i put in the GF4 everything works like a dream.

    I now have 20+ fps inside Newland City, in BS by the grid it start out with 30 fps and drops down to 10-15 fps by the temple depending on how many players that is around.

    The game still freez some when the toons are loaded, but now they last for 1-2 seconds in stead of 10-20 seconds, I guess more textures are pre-loaded since I now have more RAM on the video card.

    If I get to upgrade my CPU, I bet the frame rate will get even better.

    I aslo used to have AO installed on the SCSI drive, that realy helped with the loading of the toons and other gfx from the database as SCSI doesn't hug the CPU each time the disk is accessed. I had to move the game to one of the IDE drivs due to limited space though, and I noticed it on the loading times in game.

    So what I'm trying to say here is that the lag isn't always AOs or Funcoms fault, it also depends on the hardware you have installed or if your ISP or one of the other connection points you have to go through to get to the game server is lagging or not.

    And true, the minimum requirements FC sets for playing game realy should have been adjusted some.
    Level 151 NT
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    <raises his hand and vouches for Broken Shores being laggy like mad>
    Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter. If you should have any further questions or comments please contact someone at my office and I'll try to get back to you.

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    Broken Shores (Home)

    I actually see 2 types of lag there:

    First, is the initial "Load Lag" due to building structures being downloaded and updated. This is usually not a prob in other area. Maybe BS just has more polygons.

    Second is the normal lag after load. This is prob partially due to the over crowding of the area and loading the peeps into memory but the rest is a mystery. And God forbid the weather is bad. Nothing is worse than a LAG Storm in BS.

    The first type of lag will take my lag indicator to dark red. The second lag will usually require me functioning in the yellow. No other areas do I have prob with.

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    I have to agree with what other people have said. Most lag in these places seems to be caused by overcrowding. Spread people out more!

    I don't think you need more cities. Make more outposts that are easy to get to (a network of whompas or grid points that go to major outposts would be nice) Have these outposts have a save point, a bank, mission terminals and the three supermarkets.

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    The problem with HOME is not that it's a render or polygon heavy area....

    It's that it's bugged No...really.....

    There are a few places in home where NPC's get "stuck" after wandering for a while. Same as in certin locations in clon****(mas driver camp, there is a ditch....50-100 NPC's stuck in it 24/7)

    You'll commonly find 50-100 NPC's in a space barely larger than a single NPC.

    What happens when you run into this space is that your machine has to load textures and models for 50-100 npc's at the same time...resulting in a "freeze".

    The obvious solution is to eithe rget rid of the NPC's or fix to locations they get stuck in.

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    Angry lag in bs, tir....

    The problem is not the pc, the problem is not the network. The problem is all those people that still haven't got it into their heads that when you gather with 25 peepz at the same place that you create lag !

    Go to BS, you see 10 people stand at the grid. For what ???
    Go to the saveterms in BS, again alot of peepz just standing around. For what reason ??? If you wanna socialize go somewhere sitting in the desert, it's huge enough. Also in BS, everybody seems to team up at those stupid steps. 30 players shouting for group ???
    Go somewhere in your city, gather at a missionterm, pick a teammission and go to BS. If everybody would do that, there would be less lag. But some morons still don't get it, so ....


    Pissed at lagcreating morons

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    The City of Home was a slideshow for me the other night, even 20k is just plain laggy, but Home i could only move if i went forward a few metres at a time.

    Exiting out of zones would take minutes, even trying to turn 90 degree's was impossible without waiting a good time first. I was running my lowest vid setting script /viewdist 35, /chardist 5.

    Ixari - there are twice as many people in the main square of Omni Ent, where i run medium settings /viewdist 70 /chardist 45 with no lag other than a little pause when i first run into the busiest areas.

    Its definetly more a problem with Home than it is with AO in general. 20k and Newland i can also hang around in the busy areas with low vid settings without too much lag. Its more of a videolag thing, Home used to be bad (but not unplayable) even near release when it was deserted.

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    /me completely agrees with jonjon
    Unfortunately, such a change is probably impossible at this stage of development. If netcode would be written as a separate module (which by what I experience isn't the case) then maybe.

    @Ixari: emm, play offline games? I mean what does MMO stand for? Why then even have cities?

    If I can jump into arena on a 32 player Q(n) server and move around while all hell is breaking loose at 130 fps...
    Ohh yeah, forgot, that's happening in GL mode via UDP

    I only have 256Mb, true (Isis tries to hide but failed), still; infront of NLC general store, 15 or so toons outside, wait for everything to smooth out, zone into the store, turn around and zone out as soon as possible, wait AGAIN??? What, in those three or so seconds the whole population of the area changed? Buildings still look the same...hard disk didn't even spin! Ping's in red...on T1?

    So face it FC, your netcode stinks. Your renderer uses brute force algorithms or has waits built in .
    Cut down graphics, or make it more user configurable. Weather, buff effects and stuff like that should have on/off switches. This isn't FPS, so as I can't jump around evading hits all I need is correct info on what's going on:
    You hit _half of it is hidden in the wall so how can you tell_ with 56 points of projectile damage
    _whatever_ hit you with 40 points of melee damage
    _whatever_ hit you with 40 points of melee damage
    _whatever_ hit you with 40 points of melee damage
    (ok, Springfield I'm suing you!)
    Executing nanoprogram Deprive Skills...
    (/me smashing his head, damn fool you, that doesn't work!, move it of the bar already!!)
    Nanoprogram executed successfully
    _whatever_ hit you with 89 points of melee damage. Critical hit!
    (suits me well)
    Executing nanoprogram Embrace of greed...
    (/me moving out of my shottie range)
    Nanoprogram executed successfully
    _whatever_ hit you with 40 points of melee damage
    (wtf!? its hands don't look 16m long!)
    _whatever_ hit you with 40 points of melee damage
    (is this getting predictable or what?)
    First Aid skill now available
    (/me frantically hitting poor key)
    Skill available in 3 seconds
    (let me guess...)
    _whatever_ hit you with 40 points of melee damage
    (do I win anything for guessing right?)
    You died...blah...blah
    (/me looking at my PC trying to render surroundings of reclaim booth)

    all than with ping around it me?

    A very negative one, I know. Don't get me wrong, I AM enjoying this, call me fatalist . Very similar story could be picked off chat logs (if we could log fights of course ). I b1tched while I waited for the scene to render (the more smooth you're gonna make the game run the less I'll b1tch ), then I laughed. I wonder though for how long?

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    GF2 Pro with latest Det
    256 MB
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    I think alot of the problem is peoples machines.

    Im running a GF4 4600 and Athlon 1.4ghz 512mb DDR *custom built* (That means I picked everything myself, including the motherboard - no cheap filler components that you find in alot of branded PCs ) without any problems. 1280x1024x32, RAID-0 harddisks, etc. All settings at max and the game runs rather well.

    Places like home see my framerate drop, but I never feel the need to turn anything down. (On RK1)

    I see small freezes, usually no more than .2 of a second when large numbers of players come into range, its only noticable with huge crowds.

    On my previous gfx card (GF2 GTS) everything was reasonable, I tended to turn char&viewdist down to 60% in home, but everywhere else was comfortable.

    Oh yeah I only have 64k ISDN so netconnection (and probably netcode) are NOT the problem


    I do agree Home in particular could do with some more alteration to encorage people to spread out one way or another, although on the other hand people (myself included) are a bit dumb for all sitting around in home waiting for missions or teams - and moaning about the lag. No matter what anyone says there ARE alternatives, its just hard to get people to consider them.

    Personally I think they should start by taking out the "distance from mission terminals relation to level" thing and replace it with "difficulty of zone".

    Newbies would get missions in their sides cities, and higher level people would get missions all over, regardless of what terminals they went to. (This would stop the crowding at places like Newland, where EVERYone and his dog seems to go to get missions for Home)
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    Well, then net indicator is screwed. If it says my ping is 7000 ...
    And yeah, agree about off-the-shelf PCs; that thing of mine IS custom built btw Upgrade? In a while. For now I tend to repeat "Time is relative" and wait

    As I said, more than lag it's stuff like in my made-up story that bothers me.

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