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Thread: Lag and Broken Shores

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    Re: Not just BS and 20k

    Originally posted by Fistgoddess
    The problems with the lag and the droppage is not just in BS and 20k, it's everywhere. I can't stay in game for more than 2-3 minutes at a time without lagging or crashing. What gives??? I know the population has grown, but can't something be done about moving people to another server? If RK1 is overpopulated, then don't give it as a choice for new players starting the game.

    My config is: 950mhz Athlon w/ Epox MB
    256mb SDRAM pc 133
    15gb HDD
    GF2 MX400 graphics card
    10/100 mbps lan card
    Cable modem (AT&T)
    Try upgradeing your RAM to 512 or higher, if you want to play AO. This game loves to eat up memory. I have seen that the more memory you have and better Front side bus speed the smoother this game will run, heck even when I swaped out my 5400 rpm HD to a 7400 I noticed the game loading alot better. Which Reminds me of how hard I laughed when I reread the system Req's on the retail box.

    Everything else on your comp looks great, just get yourself at least another 256 stick of RAM which should only cost $32 plus shipping at

    Btw this is not a flame just trying to give helpfull advice.
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    Exclamation Bomb 20k, Level BS

    spread the recaims and banks away from the stores. Put the mission terms by themselves. Put the whompa in the corner. Drop a big nuke on that thing, I lock up like a jaw with tetinus in that place. As far as BS, the shear amount of buildings are laggy enough, add the people and you have a recipe for crash soup.

    I suggest you make the popular places have missions underground. No one goes to BS to admire the artwork (cause they turn donw view to move anyways). Make the place flat, put some banks, reclaims, save spots, and miss terms at opposite ends. Put a big flat area with a bunch of gates in the ground, and let people meet in the open air to do their leveling missions. If you had a big area with no graphics, like a wasteland, yet was "the" spot for missions, people would be just as glad to do them there as they are now with the buildings, but they could probably move without walking. Level the place with a comet, it makes for a nice story anyways

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    BS/PM Lag

    BS has far too many objects to render i addtition to all the medium and high lvl characters forced to do missions there. On top of all the buildings and players there are mobs there that you cannot attack..... at least remove the mobs and the storms in City of Home.

    PM lags simply due to overpopulation. Since BS has become h*ll on earth a lot of us are doing missions in eye camp instead. The missions are usualy bigger, but at least we can exit the mission without crashlooping for 40 minutes.

    Both of these problem areas are a result of poor gameplanning since there are no other locations available for semi high lvl players (120+) who wish to get XP. Make other locations more accesible (put in a few scanners/whompas/grid terms and reclaims and you will get a better load balancing on zones.
    There are a LOT of players in this segment at the moment and the numbers are increasing. This problem needs looking into Fast!!!!

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    Talking yay!

    I used to have: athlon 800 1.1gb pc100 ram and a 5400rpm drive with a lot of crap on it.
    I experienced all the problems mentioned in this thread, I spent all of my time with charview distance down to 0 I turned off my map when in busy areas that I knew.. and I still lagged and froze and got kicked out then stuck in crashloops etc etc..

    I upgraded last night to athlon 1900+ 720mb pc2100 ram and a 7200 rpm drive (new mobo too ofcourse) and the difference in unbelievable, I flew straight into 20k from the eyecamp, it was packed , i didnt try to sneak round from a less populated area, i just flew right into the middle and i paused for 1 second.. map on, full charview distance, and a 1 second pause ... I had to rebuild win2k cause it wasn't happy with that many hardware changes at once (expected) so this was a brand new install, I ran AO from the old drive, not the new one, only OS was on the new one..
    it's like a new game.. (oh i have a geforce 3 , which didnt change in the upgrade, latest official det drivers)

    This isn't to brag that I have a new machine, or to tell you all you should upgrade if you expect to play, but it's just to show you that if you do upgrade.. it makes a big difference. Or maybe it was the fresh OS install..
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    PIV 1.6 MHz
    GeForce 3 - 64 Mo
    RAM 512 Mo
    ADSL running at 512 Ko/s
    Ping being 150-300 while playing AO in uncrowded zones.
    Playing at 25 - 11 FPS in 1600x1200 without TAL and with compressed textures.
    Every other graphic options on / full.
    Every other messages usually displayed.

    If we just forget last weeks madness with impossibility to log in, zoning crashes and random disconnection ...

    BS is running at 1 or 2 FPS arriving to the Temple place next to save. The cluttering of players here slow down to an halt my game.
    Flying high (without viewing players is ok).

    Other zones with players clusters are laggy (Tir grid, Fair Trade, Athen whompah, Avalon save).

    Spreading out missions terminals - save / bank - whompah in NL did help a lot.

    Emergency fix for BS in my opinion :

    - add more save terminal away from temple
    - supress the one existing
    - add a whompah away from grid

    This will spread out players in the city and help a lot.
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    Re: btw

    Originally posted by xenomorph
    How did you get out of my basement?

    /me looks in basement and notices elvis is missiing to


    /me gets ready to leave town before the cops get here.
    hehe, nice one .
    also, I think windows ME has a few bugs with some systems, I tried to run it on a old pentium 2 with 700+ RAM to see what would happen. The entire system crashes whenever I try to start it up, and it can't even read the disks I put into it 90% of the time.

    "800 mhz duron
    754 mbs pc133 ram
    GF2 MX400 32mb vram
    20 gig hdd udma 100 mbs 7200 rpm
    SB 128 pci sound
    win98 se
    Cable modem
    lag on all graphic settings
    no speed read it blows
    all latest udated drivers
    Zoning blows. it should'nt. takes forever.
    All your base are belong to F.C.
    My credit card may lag up and disconnect."
    umm, I don't think win98 can run with much more then 500 MB of RAM. The last time I tried to get it to work the entire system froze when I was still logging, then with a Gb it even destroyed the graphics on my desktop.

    I have run into some heavy lag in 20k, BS, and newland. Please just split up the zones, they have all the players crowd into one area, just add in one or two outposts with a scanner, reclaim, bank, and mission terminals in some of these places, and please see if you can do that WITHOUT creating new lag.
    Every type of comp I have tried has had similar problems, especially when moving into areas where a lot of people are (ent bronto burger, the one near the whompas to rome and trade).
    And can you bring back the old view distance? I hate running in a zone then see 10 red auto-agro's pop up because of the "grid" system.

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    Thumbs up

    You can run over 512mb of ram and have a stable sys,(I do everyday) if you patch up windows correctly.. I experienced unstability when I had windows SE fully patched and updated but found that certain updates you can do without and cause instability with over 512mbs of ram.

    I run the game now with more than 512mbs ram and i dont crash anymore but I do take a big hit on the fps. I really dont in other graphic intensive games but this one. Loading the people and all the different things they wear causes the lag i think. And then after i play a while and my memory fills up i have to restart the game and clear my mem with a prog. called cacheman and I's good ta go for another couple hours or so.
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    There aint no place like HOME

    OMG! Home is generally awefull. 2ko is bad as well. I suffer terrible 20-30 second freez's here often. The lag in Clon**** is cause those damn cannons. Neat effect, but I would rather you turned them off.

    1900+ Athlon
    1 gig DDR ram
    gforce3 ti-500
    Turtle Beach Stanta Cruz
    1.5/1.5 SDSL.

    My machine shouldnt even flinch at it.
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    Red face

    I went to BS for the first time the other day.

    For some reason, all the machines appeared in thw wrong places on my screen! When I tried to click on the insurance terminal, it said "to far away...move closer" even tho I was right on top of the thing!.
    I found out I wasnt seeing things right when I talked to someone and they pointed out for me where the save terminal was.
    I couldnt see it, it just wasnt where it was supposed to be. I logged off twice, zoned out, no luck.

    Evewn the Grid machine was in the wrong place. I saw it as being
    off the path over the water, instead of by the grid-in entrance.
    I ran Speedread.exe and logged off, restared my comp, and FINALLY all the machines were right again.
    Now, I get so much lag in this area I can barely move. I have a decent vid cards, and nowhere else ive been in the game, ever, has been this bad.
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    For what its worth, here are my computer specs:

    p4 2ghz
    1GB Ram
    GeForce3 Ti500 (64mb)
    T1 internet connection

    I don't do a lot of travelling in omni cities, but the worst lag for me is:

    1) Home Broken Shores (And by God, why was the grid exit put on the pier for us to go swimming from the lag after we leave the grid?)
    2) Newland. 'Nuff said
    3) Whompa'ing to Old Athen while my computer tries to render the whole city, giving me a good 10-20 seconds of 1fps
    4) The middle of Tir, not that I go there often anymore.

    I think the Newland issue will be resolved a bit in 14.2 after reading the patch notes about spreading out the mission terminals -- let's hope so. But those moving windmills certainly don't help.

    I've never been inside Omni Entertainment (Omni-1?), but flying by it from the outside is impressive to look at.. It's huge. How is it on the inside, lag-wise? All I see are hundreds of skyscrapers


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    Originally posted by Tsk
    I don't do a lot of travelling in omni cities, but the worst lag for me is:

    1) Home Broken Shores (And by God, why was the grid exit put on the pier for us to go swimming from the lag after we leave the grid

    I guess Funcom finally found a way to try and make us use shining swimming imps....


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    Originally posted by Tsk
    I've never been inside Omni Entertainment (Omni-1?), but flying by it from the outside is impressive to look at.. It's huge. How is it on the inside, lag-wise? All I see are hundreds of skyscrapers

    Omni-1 Entertainment isn't bad at all, despite the many buildings. It's a really big zone and most things are spread out, so you don't get too much clustering of people. The two whompas on the east end are widely separated, and the grid terminal in between them is outgoing only. The most crowded spot is the mission terminals near the Galway whompa, but even that is usually not too bad.

    The stores are also scattered around the city, another good thing. The grid terminal that is in- and outgoing is on the south side, far removed from most businesses and whompas. The only bad lag place in Ent is Baboon's, and that's only when you go inside.

    It's Omni-1 Trade that is bad. All the things Ent does right, Trade does exactly the other way. The grid terminal and the whompa are right in the central square, along with the bank and insurance terminals. To top it off, there are a bunch of vendors in the square, too. So you have all these traffic-generating things practically on top of each other, lots of huge buildings and statuary, and finally, the great number of people sitting around right in the middle of it all (usually right around the grid terminal) and you end with pretty considerable lag (although in my experience, not as bad as Newland City).

    Omni-1 Entertainment is to me the right way to design a big city. It's pretty, it's futuristic, IT'S BIG, it has lots of useful places to go and everything is spread out, so you don't get a lot of lag despite the size and all the eye candy. It's my favorite place, with Rome Green in close second (also filled with many huge buildings but mostly lag free, although that is largely due to the low numbers of people there. Rome is absolutely beautiful, but Ent has more character).
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    Originally posted by PipBoy
    20K is the only town in Pleasent Meadows. PM has numerous camps which have rather good spawn rates of non-aggroing social mobs. Those camps are the perfect hunting ground for people from as low as 50 to as high as 100. Hence, you'll find hundreds of people in 20K looking for groups.
    The following applies only if you work for Omni-Tek:

    Just to the south of 20K is an OT outpost on the river bank, with the ferry to Harry's. It has a save terminal and a bank terminal, so these days that's where I go to save and transmit lfg's. It's quite close to 20k but not close enough to enter the lag zone, and if you need access to stores or elsewhere, you can ferry to Harry's and shop there, or use the grid terminal there to travel on (which is right by the ferry). The OP is much closer to the prime hunting spots (like 8 x 8 and VB camp) than 20k is anyway.
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    Athlon XP 1800+ (1.56 ghz)
    512 MB DDR RAM
    64MB GeForce3 Ti200

    I tend to notice as most people are saying here, that the lag is usually caused by packed areas with small zone space and too much clutter/people.

    Omni-1 Entertainment isn't bad at all, despite the many buildings. It's a really big zone and most things are spread out, so you don't get too much clustering of people. The two whompas on the east end are widely separated, and the grid terminal in between them is outgoing only. The most crowded spot is the mission terminals near the Galway whompa, but even that is usually not too bad.
    This is exactly how Athens is to us clanners. It is a huge city, and has many mission terminals, spread out. The only real lag you get is in front of the whompas, but it isn't nearly as bad as 20k, Newland or Home/BS. The shops are in their own seperate area, and the layout of the city allows easy travel and a wide dispersment of people. Now, let's compare this with the city of Home: Smaller than most, zone included, windy confusing passageways that keep people from getting here to there, and as people have stated, everything is jammed into one place that causes horrendous lag. People go there for missions mainly. Honestly, I wouldn't want anything done to the city itself, except spread it out a little more, and place mission terms away, etc. Also, if you give more people convinient access to high level missions at other locations, there would be less people wishing to go to BS in the first place, which equals less lag.
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    850 mhz PIII
    768 MB RAM
    Geeforce 4 64 MB
    2 Mbit dedicated connection

    horrid BS lag...

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    Thumbs down Laggness is the word ;)


    Have 2 computers:
    CPU: 1GHrz 1.4Ghrz
    Ram: 128 DDram 512 DDram
    Graphics: 2*Tnt 2 2* GeForce 2
    Uplink: 5 meg line 5 meg line

    Lagging is pretty much the same on both computers. Even if I play with low detail and such. Lagging is unbarable at 20k, Newland and BS. It is so bad that the screen freezes for a long time every meter I move towards the center of the names zones.
    It is a bit silly that u cant run around freely but that u are forced to move like a worm to even cope with the lagg and still be able to move. The most and worst of times is when all Yankees have their yalms and bots and what not at 20k by the bank/save.
    Everytime Im forced to enter that place I pray to the AO-gods above to please bless my char and let me have "the power of the force" to be able to log back in if I go ld
    This is not entierly a FC sever fault...but also a design flaw. Lets say like this:
    1. Why isnt their a grid in the outskirts of 20k op? I am forced to use the whompa or take a serious detour to enter that place...I cant belive that Omni-Tek or Ross are so cheap that they didnt have the funds to build a grid in that "town".
    Since a grid would move all "Looking for group" peeps to the grid..50% of them would most likely group at the whompa too...this would cut down lagg and solve the issue. Making 20k a zone at it self just like Newland would also help.

    2.The amonut of ld´s should be able to be registered by FC in form of a bug report or something in the like...this way if FC realizes that each LD might lead to a Hard Reboot..they could more easily understand the dmg on each players system when that happens to often...Im tired of formatting my harddrive due to system malfunctions induced by Hard Reboots where AO freezing is the cause.

    3.BS is unbarable...the center where u have the big "Temple" is very like the building in omni ent that caused lagg. Take it away or simply do this: add more servers or server power to BS..or simply divide it in zones.

    4. The lagg is actually a really big issue that should be addressed by funcom more really destroys the fun in the game...when angry feelings towards FC, AO or a players computer arrise every time u go ld and what not.

    5. This ld issue is costing a lot of credits in form of nanorechargers and buffs that pet users use in-game.

    Thats my thoughts on this issue...hehe...bump me or flame me )
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    This may clear a few issues up:

    Its not entirely the number of people that make Broken Shores laggy. On RK2 you can walk into broken shores and find it completely empty on occasion and still lag-out/crash. Ironically enough, ive been in BS with only one other person (in all of BS) and that person lagged/crashed at an identical spot to the one crashing everyone on the richly populated RK1 server. Yup - you know the spot - just appraoching the weapon shop heading north to the temple.

    The number of players certainly make the lag worse, but the number of players is not the root of the problem. The map (or lack of a separate sone for home?) is. The framerates on this map design stink. If you were playing Quake and someone posted this map no one would play it because of the cruddy map design/framerates. Shoddy worksmanship. Too many textures perhaps? Too many buildings? I dont know, not being the expert, but i do know that real experts can design a consistently better map with ease in any 3d game you care to name.

    One thing, however, is responsible for more aggravation among the player base than any other in my opinion. The weather. Is BS so smooth that you need to add in consistently violent weather 24/7? Can't you just make it sunny? Imagine the lighting effects chewing up resources every 1/3 of a second which is how often lightning seems to strike and we have a valid reason for why BS means more to the players than just 'broken shores'.

    To re-iterate: Its not the people. The people make it worse, but BS is still laggy when completely deserted.

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    broken shores

    seems broken shores is where all go to for mission xp at my lvl but lag is outta control east homes is a pain.
    iplz sort it out

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    I have read most of the posts here and it seems like everyone is using their network cards for the internet connection. I have ADSL, DSL or something too, 2MBit and it's really fast, still I'm crashing and I know why I do it too (I think)

    My network card and my soundcard is sharing IRQ, so when networkcard is receiving a lot of data (many ppl) and the sound at same time (ppl walking, music etc, stupid pets talking) will both access the same IRQ, and when the IRQ is overloaded will the system that uses this crash (AO)

    I "always" crash when heading fast into some areas or zoning into crowded areas because my IRQ will be overloaded with sound and data from the networkcard - this is just a thought, can't everyone check whether some devices share IRQ?

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    Angry Where is all the money going!

    I would like to know where is all the money we are spending going into? In my opionion all of funcoms servers should be top notch for all the money they are getten every month, this is ridiculous.

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