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    A Generous Employee Makes A Difference
    Lead Reporter Quahm

    Omni-Tek Press Corp. Rome Green Division
    17 Sept. 29477

    Today in Rome Green a charitable citizen reached out to new arrivals on our world.

    At 1805 Omni-1 Standard Time a message was broadcast accross company wide communication channels - "Anyone in need of cash, come to Rome Green for a chance to win one million credits!"

    Many recently arrived Omni-Tek employees quickly flocked to Rome Green to see what was in store for them. Awaiting the citizens at the top of a staircase near Backyard There was a short fixer in glowing blue grid armor.

    "(I've) lived on rubi-ka for about seven months...I remember when I was a new citizen, it was very hard to get money." said Sentinels of the Heart President Tikkas. A few moments later he shouted "GO!" and the small crowd of new employees dashed into the training grounds in search of an item that would, if they were quick, net them the tidy sum of one million credits.

    "The reason why I'm running these events is to help other people, mostly newer citizens, to help them get money. I'm living one of my 'noobie' dreams...I often wished for this sort of help when I first arrived." he said, and quickly added "People are finding out that the new citizen you help now can be a big help later in your life".

    I was curious to see how Tikkas decided who was a winner and questioned him about his contests.
    "I started doing these contests about three days ago, they range from sending me private messages with names to what im doing today, going on a hunt.".

    Giving away one million credits several times a day over the course of several days can become expensive, even for a well established citizen here in Omni-1. Sustainability of these charitable acts would seem to be an issue for most individuals. "I came into my wealth by doing a lots of missions for people...I would get anyone anything, 'within reason'...I plan on doing more of these contests."

    About this point in our converstion the first of the hunters emerged from the training grounds. Barbiee a recently arrived Doctor, was quick to hand Tikkas a pink ring that she had been told to find. Moments later Tikkas keyed a transfer to Barbiee's bank account, and she was one million credits richer. A few minutes later Mamamia appeared and presented Tikkas with another pink ring, she was rewarded 500,000 credits for second place.

    Ultimately no one does something like this without expecting a return of some sort, even if it's something intangible. "Of course I get a lot of [people saying] 'thank you' but mostly it's the satisfaction of knowing I helped the new folks when few others would, that makes this worthwhile." Said Tikkas, after congratulating the winners over the public communications channels.

    We here at Omni-Tek Press Corp would like to thank Tikkas for his efforts to strengthen the company, one lucky employee at a time.

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    Tikkas is a fine, shining example of the kind of people who make Omni-Tek a great, strong organization. It is because of people like him - people who don't lust for power but work for the greater good - that Omni-Tek will prevail over the disorganized, greedy, power-grubbing Clans.
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