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Thread: OA Restoration Project 2

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    (And 2 years later, this is actually promised by the devs! Way to go! Now if anyone knows where Sallust is, tell me )

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    i am in support of this movement and will speak with my supperiors about what my clan can do to help, maybe man power, or funds?

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    Talking Are we sure we know what we're doing?

    I think that the reconstruction of Old Athens is a great idea. I believe that it will bring new unity to the Clans, and will give us a common goal in which to strive towards. I am in full support and am willing to help with fund raising efforts as well.

    However, I do have a few concerns to accompany my support, and I believe that they are valid:

    I see talk about the renewal of our most reverent city, a cleansing of the filth that still liters our streets, however I see possibility of a new threat to our unity as Clans.

    What I mean when I say this is that: the proposed inclusion of specific "Clan orientated" buildings and sectors, being divided up to the largest of the Clans, provides us with a means to an end.

    What happens when another Clan reaches a higher standing than the Knights or Sentinels? What then, do the Knights and Sentinels step down from their place of authority? Do they relinquish their buildings, tear down their statues to make way for the new Clan to build their own? What then? Will they leave without a fight?

    We as Clans must strive for unity, a unity that will not break, that will never let us end up like the Omni Corp. I say yes! Rebuild our beloved city, cleanse us of the filth that liters our streets, but do it for everyone, make it a place for everyone. We as a whole can not afford to loose sight of our common goal for a common end.

    With the renewal of The Council of Truth ; we should be thinking about building a larger Council, and Council building, a place where we can all go, a place that can be made everyone’s.

    Just my thoughts on the reconstruction efforts.

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    In leu of what has recently happened, I would like a memorial statue of the one who was assassinated.....but thats just a lowly Fixer's opinion.....
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    I completely agree...he died for saving us from that prison...I owe a lot to him for his bravery....

    *sighs deeply* Still can't believe he's dead...
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    You would probably have been released after a short while anyway.

    So sad that someone not understanding whats really going on sacrifices himself for....... nothing. *sighs*

    Being a infiltrator in a time such as these has its dangers and I am sure the ,now desceased, infiltrator knew well the dangers.
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    Be that as it may, he still sacraficed himself. If someone died doing a great deed to Omni-Tek, even a clanner, you would probably have them in Omni-Ent or whatever, wouldnt you?

    *Rest in Peace, Jamonnor*
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    Hear hear! I also support this movement! It's time to de-jankify Old Athen!

    I shall also discuss this with my org president to try and aid this idea!

    Well done!
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    I was thinking in the middle where OA hill is, we could put an Alter of Heros type thing. But clan the heck out of it! Any hero who has done a great service to the clans, past or present, should be there.

    Again, lowly fixer speaking..

    ((/ooc Like the giant wall of names of people who died in the vietnam war in Washington DC...I can link a pic later if you want))
    Koreteve Durousseau
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