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Thread: Our Saviour, My Saviour.

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    Our Saviour, My Saviour.

    People, the time has come..
    The time has come for a saviour to show the truth, the light..
    Follow his path and you shall see the truth..
    Follow me, follow my saviour, the coming is nigh..
    The coming of my saviour is apon us all, follow us..
    He can show you the way, he has done so with me, follow us..
    He brings you all peace no hostility, listen to him speak, he is coming.
    Soon, very soon shall he come, my saviour, my leader..
    The one is here, please....let him show you the truth.

    Many people you trust are not who they seem, your closest, your leaders, your comrades...
    Listen to him speak and show you the real truth..

    I am not speaking lies ladies, gentlemen and atrox, he came to me many many months ago and I still believe in him, If I can you can, trust me, trust my saviour, he is coming, follow us..

    Soon he shall speak, when I cannot tell, for when he does he shall show the truth..
    If you wish to follow me please do so, the path is great and you shall not be harmed.
    If you wish to forget us you cannot, its to late but I beg you not to interefere for your safety, he comes to
    help us all, he has helped me, my saviour, he has!

    Farewell citizens, we shall speak again.

    (OOC-For Omni alligned people)

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    Sounds like another hopeless Tisantous gimick soon to fail...BLEH

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