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Thread: Zombies??

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    I keep reading and hearing about zombies in the Mort area.
    So I've hoped in the Yal and done extensive aerial surveys of the border regions of Mort both by day and night and not seen a single zombie, certainly not a base full of them!

    Could someone share some Intel on the subject [coordinates, sub-zones, etc] to investigate if such creatures actually do indeed exist?


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    I had my recon team take a sweep of the area and not one report of zombie sightings.

    Lots of the normal Mort mobs but nothing out of the ordinary for Mort.

    If there was a base, then my guys would have spotted it.

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    I guess from what I'm seeing in other forum threads, the whole zombie thing is a big gag [though perhaps getting enough mentions of it in the news that it might become a self-fulfilling prophesy and Funcom will add it] and after all, everyone loves zombies!

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    I kinda thought ...

    That it was a joke about the mobs not dying when you kill them since the last patch. No?

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    If this is just a cover story to hid two bugs, I am going to have to assume FC hired Bill Clinton as a consultant.

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    It's a nice little gag by the boys and girls of the story team to make fun of the little loot bugs we've been seeing.

    Creatures of the Night Slay Hundreds!

    No, it's not a real coverup.. look at the name of the author - Coverup. LOL.

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    Why would they lie when the news is suposed to be serious, it doesn't make sense!
    Hasn't anyone seen a zombie?

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    jesus, how dumb can u be? no ofence ofcause

    The story about the zimbies, can be related to the large amount of lag death in Mobs. When you have killed them, they can still hit you for some time, before tehy fall over, they are dead, when u try to attack them u get the mdg "target is already dead" thats why they are called zombies

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    They also tried to cover up the whole Newland/Mort maps in chests bug.

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    Didn't realise it was so rampant that they would do this I think ive only encountered it once

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    The jokes on us all right

    I did not take the map part serious, but did take the zombie part serious because [as you old timers remember]....

    Zombies were used as a real plot device before!!! [Happened early in July] dead clanners [with players name] rose up in skeletal form and struck down attacking omni. This was sited
    and identified in several small events. And those decaying masses of flesh in "Infestation" part of lush certainly are zombie like [but non aggro].

    So yes, some of us take the news stuff seriously because it is, err WAS our roadmap to the current storyline, events and the like. Especially since the videos are now gone, the news blurbs was the last reliable link to any in game story context.

    Well without getting overly cynical, I guess content about bugs is better than no content at all. Just a bit disappointing that the story has almost entirely disappeared over the last few weeks and the only thing that can be done is write content about Funcom's rich tapestry of bugs.

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