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Thread: Roleplaying Organisations

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    R.D.I is now a Role Playing Guild and on the 16th we are recruiting in ft in TIR at 22:30 (GTM+1)
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    Please add The Osfelthu Monks to that list we are strong roleplayers indeed.

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    Omni-Pol X is a RPing Organization, hopefully should become involved in the workings of Rubi Ka. You can get more info from Curthbertor and Fiben
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    Thumbs up Update Summary

    Because of all the replies, this list was getting a little messy, so here's the current freshly compiled list of RK1 orgs who've put their names down as being 'RP Orgs':

    • Aquitaine Corporation & Legion - I personally know are no longer with us.
    • Bronto Hunters, La Confrerie, Omni Exotica - I can simply find no evidence of...
    • Omni-Pol X (Curthbertor & Fiben) & The Osfelthu Monks (Dartelosolus) - both new entrants who don't (yet?) appear as orgs, and who's posters don't appear to be in any orgs...

    The list makes interesting reading, not so much for who've come forward, more who haven't... no mentions from Opposing Force, The Independent Rubikans, The Mockers, what's left of The Rivers, Omni-AF, nor any of the ten thousand alternatively named (Omni) InternOps orgs. Whassup guys? None of you role-play and feel you should tell the world about it?

    The official FC storyline is dead at worst (God forbid - please no), at best it is temporarily dormant. So in the mean time we make our own story!

    The usual cries of "Nothing I/we do actually matters, it's not 'official'." are complete rot. The RP we've all done over the past year has become part of the history of Rubi-Ka... because we all remember it as history. And because it's remembered... we are part of the game world.

    We can sit about and moan about the lack of official story, or... we can make more stories and history all of our own.

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    *raises hand*

    [apologies, I must have missed this thread]
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    Nice work Bonefish.

    The fact of the matter is the list will never be complete. While some of the list guilds fall along the way, a large part of the AO community never even reads the message board let alone posts here. I keep bumping this because, incomplete as it is, its still a good stating point, especially for players new to AO and possibly for existing guilds to find people to work with/against.
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    Lightbulb NLF

    The Nanomage Liberation Front is a great role-playing guild. Visit for more information. We are on rubi-ka 1 and we are a neutral guild. we are very active and popular and you should check us out. Thanks .

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    Question We Are RP To The Sith's

    The Sith's Are And RP Guild To Just Newly Formed Our Goals Are Still Kinda Scrwed But You Got The Chance To Make Some Choices Within Us LOL!!!!!!! But Were RP To

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    Please add Draco Legionis to this list... We have some very avid role players and some not so avid, But we have already had some very interesting events with the NLF and we are currently looking for more ideas..

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