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Thread: Roleplaying Organisations

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    please add

    neut Guild "Rogues Gallery" on RK2 to this list.

    Cashes, neut Enforcer - RK2

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    Fellowship of the Losts Souls

    Eheh, we are not a 'hardcore' RP guild, but we are very social people and we look toward Roleplaying more than all !
    So you can count on us to any events you wanna organize !
    Just send me mail, or /tell ! i will always answer to be present at an event !!

    ((RahZelK the NanoTech))

    =====NanoCrystals' Maker=====

    [EMail :]
    [Website :]
    =====18:00 to 23:00 GMT+1=====

    -=[Fellowship of the Lost Souls]=-

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    This probably will never happen as FC is damn busy as it is, but it would be nice if they could add an option to the guilds to denote themselves as rp or not. And update that to the website. I mean, the way rp and non-rp guilds interact really is a wholly different game.

    Anyhow, would be nice.
    Caduceus 207 Doctor of the Bratpack
    Matahari 147 Agent
    Lyra 156 Crat

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    Bateman & Fletcher, LLC Consulting Group
    Omni-Tek Trade District, R-K1

    Bateman & Fletcher, LLC
    Do It Right the First Time

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    Cool Operation Demonseed

    I'm part of a newly formed neutral guild called "Operation Demonseed".
    We're still starting up but we are very much focused on RP'ing.


    lvl 50 adventurer
    General of Operation Demonseed

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    Red Tape

    We are based in 4-Holes, Argentum.

    Specalize in non-pvp related rp events. Go peace confrence!
    Charles 'Kithrak' Houston - Equipment
    Administrator, Omni-Admin
    Bringing the politics of Rubi-Ka to life!

    "He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster....when you gaze long into the abyss the abyss also gazes into you..." -Friedrich Nietzsche-

    "By denying support to the possibility of peace, the Council of Truth is guranteeing an outcome of war."-Administrator Houston-

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    The Ancarim Iron Legion, of which I am a member, is definitely a roleplaying guild, and it's a very good guild. We're not heavy on PvP, but we're heavy on helping eachother with whatever is needed, and we have in-character meetings and roleplaying events.

    The website is at

    Oh, and it's a clan guild. We don't like Omni-Tek
    Archelan, Ancarim Iron Legion

    Vandreren (Adventurer) - Arctech (Engineer) - Egori (Fixer) - Sherringham (Bureaucrat) - Kurtwood (Trader)

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    We're the Desperados. We're a very small hardcore rp guild. We only operate as a team in fixed playsessions which explains our size, but we're looking to run events with anyone who's interested. Send Thessaliad or Suso a /tell ingame.

    We're on RK2 and operate out of clan territory.
    Caduceus 207 Doctor of the Bratpack
    Matahari 147 Agent
    Lyra 156 Crat

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    Clan Anarchist Syndicate

    Clan Anarchist Syndicate is a good sized RP clan on RK1. We are always recruiting new members who want to have fun and be a part of the story line now and then!

    Clan Anarchist Syndicate
    Nursebetti 200Doctor

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    Unhappy Fair enough

    So there is RP Guilds out there, but how good are they? I was, as a matter of fact, thinking of this last night. I want to make a Character, who's fully developed from the start in an RP Guild, I also thought alot about how I wish him to enter the RP world, but I need a Guild, and one that's good and up for a challange...

    From Nessuvio RK1, Mithness RK2. Send me a tell if you're up for a challenge, and I'll make the Character.

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    Protectors of Dawn RK1 formerly Church of Ascension (but do to lack of interest in that idea it was reformed into PoD)

    Our goal is to creater inter guild action, to fill out the holes between Funcom Storyline stuff.

    We are also the people behind the weekly clan festival Gathering of Souls (The to date only Unity clan project to ever work out)
    Kind Regards,
    Steen Player of
    Miravlix, Cybrexx, Calautica, Llwain
    Founder of Gathering of Souls. RolePlayer, PvP'er, Quester, Socializer, Idler, Helper.

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    The Desperados need a new member, we're one short as it stands. Basically we're a 6-person guild (5 atm) with set playsessions. RP is essential to what we do and we all started with fully developed RP characters. If you're interested, send a /tell in-game to Suso or an email to

    If you don't like the set-playsessions thing, Sea of Change is also always looking for members, contact Sepentura in-game or

    both are RK-2 Clan guilds by the way.
    Caduceus 207 Doctor of the Bratpack
    Matahari 147 Agent
    Lyra 156 Crat

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    Ok a nice long list are building up.
    Now how about listing the focus of the different guilds?
    I'll add the primary focus of my main guild the Unity of the Rose:

    1. Preservation of life, freedom, and the land
    In order to live in peace and harmony with the planet, the land must be freed from the unnatural perversions that grip it.

    2. Peace among all peoples
    All races can live in harmony, regardless of Clan or Omni affiliation. Omni can continue to live on the planet as long as they respect the freedom of Clan and independent peoples. However, they must stop unleashing their mutant scourge and halt the pollution of free and wild lands.

    for more information check out:
    All the ducks are swimming in the water

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    Another for the books...

    Deep Winter Faction is another RP Org. We are a branch of Omni-Tek InternOps.

    As P.R. Director, any info required, I can pretty much handle, as well as any notices of confrences. I was not aware that there where confrences in the past, and hope those who hold them choose to invite us in the future. I for one, would make sure a representative of DWF is present.
    *Cuts to the cold static of an ended Grid-feed...*

    Division 9 RSGE

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    Mercury Dragons can be added to this list

    Please check for more info.

    Im head of the PR Dept so feel free to contact me
    Sulema Keaorata Fahrni

    You dont need eyes to see, you need vision

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    add Dark Trace

    I am Director Malik K. Caldon, President of Dark Trace, a unit within the Omni Armed Forces. We are on RK2. We are a newly formed, Agent-only guild with 2 objectives.

    1) To train young agents and teach them to use all of thier Agent skills as best they can.

    2) To conduct covert terrorist-type actions against our enemies, without bring any unwanted (ie ICC) attention to our Employer(Omni-tek at the present time).

    please add us to this list.

    also, there is a new message board that I have made strictly for the RK2 community. the url is:

    and the site is new so I will be constantly improving it. but as it stands the board contains a General, IC, OOC and trade-fair forums. There is also a forum made strictly for RK2 Guild Leaders(of ALL sides). if you are a guild leader on Rk2 and want access to the Guild Leader's board contact me(Kamachi) in game please.

    thank you for your time.
    Myles "Maeven" Mischler
    Professional Bodyguard
    Hessian Commander

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    You can add Omni-Tek Blackwolff Operations to that list as well. 90% of our guild is RP and 10% like to bash stuff, so when we have a bashing event, they're in.

    Few events so far, most internal as we polish our skills, but most have RP experience from before. We have also started a RP relationship with a couple Clan guilds to be "Enemies".

    AO is not just about pvp, or Rp or power lvling. It is about whatever the players choose to bring to it. Don't make it personal against one of these groups because you feel nerfed by the game company.

    Atlantian: "Jesska Rhees" - lvl 153 Crat - retired
    Rimor: Krazee "Lilyflie" Madness - lvl 103 ENF - semi around again

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    Don't forget the Omni Revenue Service ( All the information you need is right there on our grid site. We're tax collectors, and it's not an easy business at all. The amount of tax evasion cases on RK is insane. Nonetheless, we will collect.

    The website isn't up yet, and the ETA is unknown. We spend way too much time in Rompa roleplaying If you'd like more information, contact Brainrinse in-game.

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