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Thread: Over-equipping - here we go....

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    I'm going to withhold my opinion on the results of this until I actually see it. But I will say, change is good, challange is good, IP reset is great!!

    14.2 bring it on baby!

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    Originally posted by besheba


    they buff up cast the pet, cancle the mastries etc. then have free NCU for all defensive nnao's they want.

    this is what nt's have to do all the time

    "brb guys mastry is running out need to head to tir to find a mp"

    Thats not really true, I know I keep the buffs required to summon pets running so they can be recast quickly should they die or expire. Im sure most MPs do the same.

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    are you attempting to wipe out the game economy?
    many professions depend on doing high point buffs so someone can equip a weapon decently over their level. With reducing the large need for these high buffs(cuz who would want a high-level weapon if its not gonna do damage to its full potential) many people are going to become very credit stricken, especially those of us who are saving up for vehicles like yalms(which are insanely overpriced). Many characters' livelyhoods depend on selling their high-point buffs. This will make the buffs somewhat obsolete, making professions such as the trader, whose abilities such as weapon smithing are rarely wanted or used(or the weapons available to make nobody really wants), will become a waste of time to become and/or develop.

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    Regarding the IP reset, that looks good so far. My lowly adv might finally come out of the woodwork to see some sun

    Regarding the OE-system, I will most likely quit, since my soulmate will quit since he will no longer be allowed to be all that he can be, whether as Enf or Eng or Soldier.

    And I know people in my guild will be homing in on the 'cancel' button too.

    Funcom: I hope you think this over a bit more

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    I would laugh at an MP who grouped without his pet buffs running.

    Our pets die NON-STOP in teams.

    Opps, my healer died and the groups getting beat on.

    Hold a minute guys while I cancel buffs and rebuff and then I'll be able to recast ooh damn, not reclaim again.

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    Unhappy .....

    " I didn't say OE is a pure result of bugs. I said the result of bugs is OE. They mean two different things.

    Buffs, implant steping I don't consider bugs and yes, you'll need to re-evaluate your steping stones. For the most part, you'll need to have the end result being leaving in those implants that raised your weapon skill so high. Any buffs that you used to equip the weapons you'll need to get before you fight if it's required to get within 20% of the weapon used.

    End result, people who put thought into character design will still have an advantage over those who don't. Is that not what you want? "

    Yes and no, my problem with the game from the beginning is that there is to little difference between players as it is. I am not saying that to set a cap is all that bad, but it stops growth and learning alot.

    So , let me give you a picture:

    Enforcer lvl 51, today buffed and twinked into ql 90 elite, ql 115 beam, and 133 ncu's, still get kicked around alot, but he is ok. Tomorrow lvl 51 enforcer with ql 60-70 armor, ql 70 hammer or ql 80 beam. ( He can buff into other weapons with his buffs on, but that would take alot of ncu's and some buffs last for 3 secs and shuts down nano in 2 minutes. ) And with the updates done to MA's one of the main fighting types enforcer is usless in pvp against MA's.

    Engineer lvl 67, today buffed into a feeble warmachine and ql 75-80 nano armor. In pvp he gets kill very fast, but his pet is good so he wins 50-60%. Tomorrow lvl 67 engineer buffed into a guardbot and same armor. Traders, Docs, NT, MA's, everyone is gonna kill him.

    Muc much more then the other pet classes the engineer is dependent on his pet, now they take that away.

    And last, they won't remove cheating/exploiting by this cap, why bother? let some players be better then others, let there be a some space between good players and newbies.

    I play this game to test what I can do, now, with this cap, I know what I can do, never above 20% of my skills.

    Sorry, its nothing really wrong about it, but it makes the game boring for good players, and I don't think there where anything wrong with the rules as they are. And I hate to lose many good friends that I know gonna quit now, just cuz they need to make an update that just limits the game even more. To be honest, people are tired of starting over characters and getting new rules all the time.


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    Omni Shadow Ops

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    Like I was saying before, the trick now will be to raise the needed skills high enough (and keep em up) to keep your advantage within the 20% rules.

    Everyone else will be reduced as well, so this still leaves you an advantage if you can manage your implants better.

    Players quit all the time, this game has serious turn over problems. If they are going to leave because they can't adapt even if given an IP reset then theres nothing you or Funcom can do about it.

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    I´m not OE, never have been. But i can relate to thoose who are. Why cant they be? My lvl 69 fixer really sucks without a team, doing missions and get tokens is an insult to me. But i dont care, I play my own game for me, no one else. If player <noname> OE´s and gets Uber it´s really not my problem, I play for me.
    I can only see one problem with OE: PvP, right? But PvP have allways sucked in AO so what´s the big deal.

    But as in real life the world around us change and we have to adept. So reality check: Patch sounds like change. Fun, i like change. This game cant really get any worse (unfear) than it´s allready is, can it?

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    A huge step in the right direction. Some comments off the top of my head:

    1) Leave this sucker on test for a MONTH! People will whine, but I see so much potential for game-breaking or roll-back bugs and exploits in the overequipping and IP Reallocation changes!

    2) Reduce Mob HP. The AC reduction was great, but I was under the impression that the mob Health was increased to counter the over-equippers. So roll it back to a reasonable level now.

    3) Will there be any effect on charmed pets? If I charm someone and then my PsyMod Expertise runs out and I would not be able to cast that charm, will my charmed pet go to /pet behind? Obviously these aren't that big a deal since the time limit is so short compared to summoned pets.

    4) Put in an over-equipping warning for when you lose control of your pet. Something the pet says when he goes into automatic /pet behind state. I prefer "I don't even know who you are anymore." :]

    5) How often are all these checks going to be made? For weapons, is it whenever a combat starts or whenever you shoot/swing? For armor, every time you get hit? For pets, every few seconds or just whenever a command is given? Will these checks result in a further drag of an already laggy system?

    6) One more: When you say that a pet will finish its current combat, does that mean only the mob it is attacking or all mobs in the room that are currently fighting (i.e. the ones attacking me!)?

    7) Second more: Debuffs are going to completely kill pet users. One debuff and they lose complete and total use of their weapons (i.e. their pets). This will mostly make pet users incapable of PvP (unless it is 1-on-1 and they can get the attack command off first) but will also be devestating in missions against NPC traders and MPs.

    Great work. You will lose some customers, but this will serve to bring some very overpowered professions back down to earth. Or to Rubi-Ka, that is. :]

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    Engineers and OE

    At level 105, my T&S and MC is around 560 with implants and general buffs.
    That means I can still ask for Mocham or +132 wrangle (but not both) and get a dark orange bot, even after the buff runs out, I will be over the 20% limit.

    Here will be the calculations:

    self buffed/.8 = max within 20%

    If my T&S & MC = 560 then I can get a bot that has 700 T&S and MC requirements and not lose his attention.

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    Originally posted by Dr. Sent
    I'm going to withhold my opinion on the results of this until I actually see it. But I will say, change is good, challange is good, IP reset is great!!

    14.2 bring it on baby!
    That´s the spirit!!!
    Im with you all the way Doc!

    The people crying about this patch must be the same ones who leaves their team stranded when they die....

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    Thumbs down MP's vs Engineers

    Think about this engi's before whining.

    Mp's cast nano buffs, yes. But we remove T&S and MC implants to do it. So basically that's a wash when you don't have our buffs running. You however, can benifit from both implants AND buffs.

    Mp's never benifit from wrangles unless grouped with a trader while even after this patch Engineers will be able to within the 20% limit.

    What does this really stop? Engineers sub level 100 using slayers.

    Thats it. How many sub 100 Mp's are using demons?

    A couple of things:

    1. MP's have heal pet, the engineer don't. If a mob agro on the engineer ( As in 2 mobs on 1 engineer, very common problem) the engineer ois dead, unless this is a 45% mission.
    2. I know a couple of MP's with demon below 100.
    3. MP's have confus pet, engineer haven't got that one either.
    4. MP's damage pet does massive damage, ALOT more then a engineer pet without external buffs. ( Trust me, we have tested ).

    So in short, engineers are dead, they are much worse of than even the ma and other gimped characters.

    As for Crats, yes they suck, but they do have attack spells, roots and charms...the engineer...oh...yes..we got oh my how the mobs care about my great ac.


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    Omni Shadow Ops

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    i only hope you have the heart to see this throuh and not fall to the whiners who dont see how good this is for them there will be little praise from those who realy need this cus they wont even know to thank you the ones im talking about are those who havent even started playing yet who deserve this and need this i play a 157 nt most of the time and let me tell you all this whining about not being able to use you uber pet or how much fun it is to smash someone who hasnt the resources you do GIMME A BREAK play a nt for a while and the first time that trader or meta debuffs you and you gotta run with your dark blue run skill cus that is the ONLY option then come talk to me at least if your reduced by 25% you can still fight back you can still shoot use specials you still got it made in the shade and you dont even know it GAH! dont give me that argument about you knew what you were getting into when you chose that breed/prof cus i didnt just like all the new gamers wont either and you will still be able to out equip a nanomage in armor or a nt in nukes and you know what thats ok this is as it should be but at least now it will only be by 20%

    and on the subject of traders debuffs all i can do is laugh welcome to my world where they are the most feared class in the game they reduce my damage to 25% constantly and not by 25% to 25% weve been living with this from the begining and you only hear the ocasional whimper out of us but the mear thought of it makes you all brake down in tears HAHAHAHAHA
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    Originally posted by Bionitrous
    That's just baloney Cz and don't expect the Engineers to keep quiet and not correct you. 20% means a dark orange pet AT BEST. These will get chewed to pieces by any MOB worth fighting.
    I didn't want to go uncorrected if I stated something wrong. I posted that earlier.

    But, a dark orange pet, fully trimmed and buffed, should not get chewed to pieces that easily. I consider a dark orange MOB worth fighting. The pet is technically a dark orange MOB itself, so a dark orange opponent should be quite possible to take down, especially considering the Engineers' repair nanos. Or do pets at high levels turn considerably weaker than their MOB counterparts?

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    Yay! Nitewolf, you are badass, then you can get your own upgraded warbot....hurray! Wich 3 lvl 90 mobs will waste.

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    I love this patch can't wait to see it implemented.
    I am an mp and from day one I played as a solo buffer, what this meant was I only use pets or items that I can buff myself.

    I am level 55 nano mage
    I use a 42 Stig rifle (not many mp's use rifles but I love them), mainly for show after all im a pet class, I can happily with self buffs summon a 76 pet, now before joining each group or doing any mission I always spend 5 minute buffing myself along with the basics of masteries etc, I also pump myself up with all stat boosts and anything else, therefore I am always fighting atleast 20% boosted, yes its a pain to rebuff all the time but im use to it.

    In a group I haveto make pets alot my 76 attack pet dies alot
    Traders always say to me when in groups want me to boost you to a higher pet, I say okay if your going to be with me 24/7 for the rest of my time in the game because I don't want to get use to fighting with a more uba pet unless i've got it all the time.

    Yes I still die alot and my pets get stuck all the time in certain missions, this morning I died in lush fields because my heal pet decided to stop healing.

    Life aint perfect but kudos Funcom this patch looks good.

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    Originally posted by Bionitrous

    That's just baloney Cz and don't expect the Engineers to keep quiet and not correct you. 20% means a dark orange pet AT BEST. These will get chewed to pieces by any MOB worth fighting.

    "Worth fighting"? Meaning you'll have to fight green and yellow mobs solo like the rest of us.

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    Excellent. Keep up the good work!

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    I think that 'by any mob worth fighting', he means very, very red. People are going to have to adjust their outlook on what kinds of mobs they are able to take down with this, which will greatly disappoint those used to massively overequipping and wiping reds.

    Another question: How will this effect healing pets? Will they continue to heal after a buff runs out even if they are not 'in combat'? Or does healing someone count as being 'in combat'?


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    "Or do pets at high levels turn considerably weaker than their MOB counterparts? "

    MP pets fully buffed can not take a mob of equal level.

    As you get higher, it gets worse as Mob HP grows into the 10's of thousands and mobs have an insane minumum damage (it was supposed to be 1 point per level from what I read but it's more like 2 atm).

    Mobs are also completley unaffected by debuffs due to insanely high skills.

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