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    Greeting's to all you late night new's hounds, couch potatoes, and anyone else who has decided to stay up and read this trivia.
    Welcome to the first storyline to the first official Yalm Race Newland Desert has ever seen on a large scale. Hosted by none other then "Griynd" and his band of merry-makers.
    Let me back up a bit, getting ahead of myself. Let me explain. For I sat and I wondered, can this really be done? Can I report and commentate on a Race that's been done? Well, there's no Omni uprising, no Twin Sun's contest or more, not even good gossip, oh my nerves what a bore.

    So it's quite obvious to me that this topic here.... "The Yalm Race in the Desert" is it this I fear. And you the audience, like it or not, read on if you dare, the evening was quite hot.
    This uncensored, unedited, new version of facts, is pure semi-truth, so none of should relax. When it comes to good new's, we Newscaster's know no quarter. We combine fact & fiction like concrete and mortar.

    As a favor to this Paper a disclaimer I put forth, the opinions and comments are not theirs of course. To protect the innocent, the names have not been changed, cause the degree of guilty has a mighty wide range.

    So save your opinion's, because on down the line, you'll find it was a waste of good paper, and YOUR time!

    And, now that I've straightened out all of those fact's, just sit back, if you can, and try to relax. And hope that for reason's time not permitting and such, that I don't write about YOU, if so, your in luck !

    EVENT: The Night Crawlers Competition in the Desert

    Yalm Race In The Desert - winner's

    Group 1 - Mrcobra, level 53 Neutral, Trader

    Group 2 - Stindy, level 55 Clan, Adventurer

    Group 3 - Smallsmurf, level 143, Omni, Fixer

    Group 4 - Nastynas, level 190, Omni, Soldier

    *Good Sportsman Award - Evalissa, level 81, Omni, Adventurer

    Credits and the Beer N' Booze T-Shirt for all the lucky winners. The losers got to watch, dance and drink beer as the evening produced a gaelic party at the Finish Line.

    Comments overheard while cruising the scene.......

    Naginato to his chubby friend Chebbion - "You need to walk more and yalm less, Cheb"

    Banansniffer to the crowd - "Clanners know how to drive yalms, they run away from ommi all the time"

    Griynd to a mindless wonder - "Its a get off the track, or get your ass mowed down".

    Evalissa to a dancing fool - "Shakin' in the Desert...down & dirty disco" woot!

    Rabiaterolf shouts - "Free beers for all"

    Cynesyn shouts - "Excuse me Troxfatboy, but did you register for a yalm race and have no yalm?"

    Bjarkoff shouts - "He's why we Troxes got such a bad reputation"

    Phenzur shouts - "Hey, Newser don't forget to get my good side"

    Newser shouts - "Which one is it Phenzur ?"

    Bjarkoff shouts - "Tell me, does the phrase "Yalm Race" exclude stilettos?"

    Chebbian shouts - "I'm feeling hot and flustered, but it isn't the desert sun"

    My stories could go on there is very little doubt. But, time is short, and I must get out. So on to the my next assignment I go so very meek. Watch out for my column you might be the "Person of the Week"!!

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    *realizes she has been sleeping through the whole race...*

    G'durnit! And *I* missed that! Sheesh! Ano baka...*cringes*
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    It was a lot of fun, Nothing like a bit of drinking and flying

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    So, when are the car and boat races? Or, dare I say it, a relay race (each team is given one item that must be traded between team members between each of the fly, drive, float legs of the race, just like a Track & Field baton).
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