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Thread: Sol Banking Corporation

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    Sol Banking Corporation

    maybe, I'm stating the obvious; but no-one seems to have noticed the Sol Banking Corporation.
    if no-one can remember who they are look at the top of page 48 in the manual.
    Failing that, look on page 10 of the Timeline (it basically states that there is a all-out trade war going on between OT and the Sol BC - who are itching to invade Rubi Ka).

    Maybe the Sol BC will be the third party, that, will either destroy both OT and the Clans or force them to join together against a common enemy.

    Sol BC has been mentioned too often to not come into the game somewhere.
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    Re: Sol Banking Corporation

    Originally posted by Xed LRK
    Maybe the Sol BC will be the third party, that, will either destroy both OT and the Clans or force them to join together against a common enemy.
    That is where you are wrong, it is not "maybe".

    thery ARE behind the dust brigade, and i can prove it to anyone that want to lisiten.

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    Re: Re: Sol Banking Corporation

    Originally posted by Arila

    That is where you are wrong, it is not "maybe".

    thery ARE behind the dust brigade, and i can prove it to anyone that want to lisiten.
    Alright, I'm listening. Prove it.
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    Go read the script for part 3 of the animated movie.

    Page 3, from line 5, to line 15:
    The corporation will never agree to those terms! Without access to our hardware and capital, you're--
    That's a violation of our contract! Sol Ban--

    If you lisiten to the movie serirs, episode 3, part 1, then he also say it there.

    here are the pdf:

    Sol Banking support them, that is a fact.

    Feel free to disprove it.
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    Lightbulb hehe

    I also think Sol Banking Corp. is behind Dust Brigade.

    It's the age old political "Divide et Impera" tactics (divide and rule/conquer). While the 2 quarrel, the third grabs the riches.

    They can join the losing side to exterminate/rule both at the end, even getting invited to help. Once they move in with military might as a 'helper', they never ever get out.

    That's the way Rome conquered ancient Greece,
    That's what Miloshevic is trying to defend himself on,
    That's how western troops come in and stay in 'great game for oil'.

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    great, I didn't see the part in the animated story.

    The Sol Banking Corporation will force OT and the Clans to be destroyed or ally against a common enemy.
    Either it ends peacefully, or it ends for both sides - interesting...
    I must warn you that I fight very dirty, I spit and fart and soil myself


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    Who smells fear and slays the coward

    Sings we a dances of Mans
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    i think im the one of the few that acctelly noticed that part of the movie

    Anyway, froma RP angle.
    Why is Sol Banking using the Dust Brigade? Anser: to get to the notum, and get revenge over the clans and omni-tek.

    The Dust Brigade are clans, and their technology are to powerfull for them to stand alone, dropships are not easy to comeby.

  8. #8 seems plausible.

    Sol Banking has had it in for Omni-Tek since notum was discovered on Rubi-Ka, and even assisted the clans in the early days of their formation.

    The Dust Brigade's claims that 'the clans are guilty for being collaborators' seems to add to this. Sol Banking wants the war to continue, since they were profiting from the notum delivered by the clans.
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    But who pulls the strings?

    Most of us feel certain of Sol Bank's funding of the dust brigade, the fact they have always been behind the scenes and at Omni's throat is a historical given.

    Perhaps the real question is; Who pulls Sol's strings? Don't presume they are acting alone either.

    Why is Eva, a high ranking Omni Executive working agains the corporation? For all intensive purposes, she IS the Dust Brigade it seems, but why? Sol give her a better offer, she got her own twisted agenda?

    In the Intro and Episode 1, we know "David" is coming and that "SHE" is here but "THEY" are not ready yet.

    Is "SHE" Eva or someone else [the antagonist from "A Prophet without Honor" perhaps?]

    And who is "They", Sol Bank, The Brigade, someone else, "The Omega?". We just do not know these things yet for sure, only guesses really.

    In the introduction flash, there is a monsterous face that appears superimposed behind the image of Rubi-Ka, Radiman and Ross. The line is something like "..and the conflict between Omni and the Rebel Clans will tear open a hole into the heart of evil".

    The face and eyes were NOT the Pumpkin things which appeared in a original halloween teaser and of course the Halloween Episode. The Face/Eyes is something you see frequently in southern Clon**** Missions.. you know what they are if you've seen them, they cannot be forgotten. Still gives me the chills now.


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    This is how the lines are drawen as for now, atleast from my point of view:

    Side 1: Dust Brigade, Sol Banking and TrueSpace (maybe Omega also???)

    Side 2: Planet RK, Clan, Omni and Neutrals.

    Side 3: The ICC, and the rest of the coorps out there, maybe they also support the True-Sol-Dust side, but i cant be sure.

    As for who "SHE" is, then i have no idea, but, i see Eva (OT Med Chick right) as a person that want to control OT RK, by any means needed, maybe she is on Sol Bankings pay roll, or she is dust.

    And for David....well.... time will tell.

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    Sol probably wants to run off everyone on the planet for it can get acces to the Notum

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    Personally, this is how it is going to go.

    Sol pulls dust brigade strings in order to get a hold of rubi-ka.

    OT wants to wipe clans off of RK.

    Clans want to extirminate OT.


    Then RUbi-ka itself is ALIVE. The whole planet is concious and is raising its defenses against the human intruders.

    Just look athte time line. Through out the occupation of RK the planet has been esp harsh. The first colonist all disappear, mutants and GIANT creatures are always attacking civilized areas. My bet is that RK is going to destroy all transportation means adn its goign to be an all-out fight for survival wiht OT, Clans, and Sol having to band together to survive the on slaught of the planets defenders.

    AO 2 will start with clans and OT being expelled from RK and having to move to another planet to fight it out.

    Cause frankly, I LOVE the universe that FC has painted here. Its beautiful.
    I was one of the people who believe that FC had a "secret" 12.0 patch just before launch....he he.

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    Not sure I buy into the planetary concious theory [kinda goes along with the sentient nanobot], but cant help but to think that there was something on Rubi-Ka LONG before Omni discovered it. Perhaps the extensive mining operations will eventually uncover it.

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    I like the idea of a thinking planet. I rember when I first had this brought to my attention. I think Aberic (forgive typo) said the planet told him to kill Raiman (the clone). He said it was something about the planet. I haven't seen too much evidence of this yet, except the constant attack by Rubi-ka's life forms against populated areas, so whats this now? 4 Sides?
    1) OT, 2) Clans 3)3rd Party(Dust, Sol) 4)The Planet, maybe 5) Neutrals. Maybe you can pick to play as a monster on the planets side...hehe, thats how they'd incorperate the ability to play as a monster. Rubi-Ka is a unique place, wouldn't it be fun to be part of it?
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    Interesting, but not a single lifeform on Rubi-Ka is from Rubi-Ka they are all mutated versions of Earth creatures or rouge robots. Maybe if there is anything with the actual planet it happened after the settlers arrived

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    not sure

    My understand was there are a few creatures native to Rubi-ka I am certain the Manteze are.

    Also I believe Enigmas and Medusa where native to the planet as well.

    I would suggest the planet is not as dead as we might think it was. If fact I would not be surprized if there was not another power behind the strange monster attacks, we have seen. It may well be a monster we have not seen yet. controlling these beast as they have attacked clans, neutral a Omni alike.

    But as for Aberic very sudden maddness about the planet telling him to do things. Well that did not work out to good, mind you their are people who said he made more sense while under planet control than before.

    I dont mind waiting to find out but we have to have something to fill the gaps in the story.

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    The planet was worst than a wasteland untill they terraformed it and the manual says that not a single alien race has been discovered, these creatures on the planet are results of humanity playing god with genetic engineering, cybernectis, ect. How do we sleep at night?

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    I don't like the idea of a sentient planet at all. If I wanted magical methaphysical elements in my RP I'd play something more along fantasy lines like AC or EQ.

    But as for some life already being here ya gotta wonder why they evolved some of this crap you see. I mean yeah I know they just wanted a variety of mobs for us to kill but it'd be really cool if FC would come out with some kind of article explaining the reasons for all the various creatures that were created and what their nich in the ecosystem was supposed to be.
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    Post Monsters and some niches

    I believe I read somewhere that the Blubbags, now found in many areas around on the planet, were originally designed to assist in mining-operations, being able to chew their way through rock in short order, acting as organic filters to get the wanted materials (notum, mainly). Well, that's one being and its niche.. Anyone else know of other creatures with their attached niches?
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    Quite a few of the critters out in the wilder places of Rubi-Ka are from natural mutations.

    The twin suns that Rubi-Ka circles put out very high amounts of radiation. Add to this the eradic orbit that Rubi-Ka follows around the two suns, and it's an evalutionary paridise.

    Combine the geneticly altered terraforming life forms with the otherwise unknown elements of notum, nanobots with corrupted programing, meta physical manifistations, into the mix and who knows what will come out.

    (I could mention some of the clanner's unusual reproductive habbits as well, but it would probly be censored).

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