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Thread: Rimor Roleplaying orgs

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    Buffy Summers happens to be the exact name of the character in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Funny.

    On topic, I would put my org up but I, the leader, am the only real roleplayer
    lol hehe wtf pwnt bbq

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    US TOO !!!

    YAGYU !!!!!

    ... ok bad joke i know :P

    still nice to see Komodo , shattered dreams and fatal shadowzzz still going on /pray
    O.o High ! o.O

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    Rookie High Bongbuilder High SkiLLeD TecHy (looking for weed)
    The Highpriest : random lvling MP (looking for smart pets)
    DashadZ : nasty stabber (looking for backs)
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    The L.R.P.G (Long Range Patrol Group) is active and getting more members each day, things were off to a slow start, but its almost on track. We are Omni-Tek aligned and are starting the roleplaying side of things as we speak. Will have a website and forums up ASAP( blames my webhost) will update this post when site is up and running.
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    Updated. Just wanted to let people know that this is still current.

    Some of you RP orgs are hiding out there. I don't think this should just be a list of hardcore RP orgs, but all of you who like to be in-character as an organization should join in and let us know who you are.
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    website almost done, heres the link for it anyhow.
    LRPG Website
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    We role play, but its randomly, and usualy involves a midget of some kind.
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    Parts of Serenity and Remedy is rp orgs, actually most of it so add them too
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    Red face Does it count if its just me ><

    I rp and im in IA, so that makes them guilty by association

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    Inner circle

    The inncer circle is a good rp group in atlantean (rubika 1), we hang out in rompa in Omni ent, there are several different branches, but when you see a guys org that has an (IC) in it, thats us.
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    Then shouldn't that be on Atlantean Buzz forum? I don't see the connection....

    Anyways, anything would be nice to see more Omni RP groups. You guys are sadly lacking over there in that department.
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    oh whoops, I must have clicked Rimor
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    Already added you after you contacted me in Borealis.
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    Seraphim Cleric still has active roleplayers though most of the people are in the middle of de-gimping their characters and playing more than Role Playing.

    I know Vanyl and I will be happy to roleplay with any of the orgs out there to represent SC though.
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    Yes I think all the omni rp orgs are gone from this server. I ended up leaving my 40 lvl soldier an making on on atlantian just to be in a omni rp org.

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    Maybe one should think of starting an Omni RP org on RK2?

    There are plenty of Clan and neutral roleplayers to interact with, and I know more people are looking for good Omni RP orgs.
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    Omni RP orgs

    a while ago Sallust said
    Maybe one should think of starting an Omni RP org on RK2?

    I know Soranis has been talking about making Rogue's Gallery an active RP group again, but he's had trouble finding recruits.

    There are also two members of Division 3 who started playing again--Sinia and Sclopet.

    Let's not forget the fact that Vayde is recruiting.

    I haven't seen the old Roleplay bot in ages, maybe people on the Omni side just need a way to get in touch with one another. (almost IC: That's pretty ironic, considering they all work for the same megacorporation, while the rest of us are a disorganized bunch of neutrals and clanners.)

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    uh, it mite help people if you put the leaders of each org up so people can contact them. The leader of "The Leauge of Fabulous Ninjas" is Goggo and its now "The Leauge of Fabulous Ninjas Vol2"
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    you can count on us as an rg org too, tho its not all about it


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    looking for an org

    Nervais the character would, storyline wise be looking for a clan org. very much so even. his story can be found on this board under

    can someone drop me a line on this forum or my privat box at this forum if they are interested in letting him and me join.

    hope you like the reading

    Nervais's MUN
    =of all the things I miss, I miss my mind the most=(by Nerva-is's MUN)

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