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Thread: Rimor Roleplaying orgs

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    By the way, this list isn't an end-all-be-all list. There are some RP orgs which have chosen for their own reasons not to be publicly known on the forums.

    Look around, and if you start roleplaying publicly you might draw some out (and hopefully not too many jerks...)
    Clan Elder of The Pilgrims

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    A little group

    We are not much, but The Penumbrians is off to a rough start, our goal is to focus on the positives and potential negatives of Shadowlands, and to talk to any of those who recently had visions of the ramifications from the portals opening. [I know some clan leaders did]

    Ashkellion, Advisor Penumbrians
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    small,and brand new,but still...

    Dark Storm
    *cough* Omni-Tek

    Tear Cross
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    and what side is Dark storm on?

    I'm not asking for a lot of info, but I do need a little to put your org up.
    Clan Elder of The Pilgrims

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    Gurardians of the Hidden Flame

    I'd like to add Guardians of the Hidden Flame.
    We're a clan guild which is currently reforming to be a RP-guild.
    Dominick "Minoches" Carnalla
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    **edited,post didnt make sense nemore,follow webby to see why
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    Re: Add The Sisterhood

    Originally posted by Chastitea
    The Sisterhood is an active, lively RP Omni-Tek org.

    "The Sisterhood is Powerful.
    The Sisterhood is Graceful.
    The Sisterhood is Ancient.
    The Sisterhood is Renewed.

    The Sisterhood worships
    The Goddess Buffy Summers!
    We are her priestesses.
    We serve no other."
    You had me until:

    The Sisterhood worships
    The Goddess Buffy Summers!
    You definitely lost me right there. Sorry, but that "Buffy Summers" stuff just lacks imagination.

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    Tell the people that originally designed the marble statue of the Goddess Buffy Summers.

    Its just some marketing ploy IMO anyways, you'll find those things in all kinds of furniture stores.

    So I take it you're Omni? You should contact Quool, Lucrezia, or Kyuko about joining an Omni RP org.
    Clan Elder of The Pilgrims

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    My bad then. Didn't realize it was an item in the game. It's still pretty lame, tho on the part of Funcom and the not individual I orginally complained at.

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    Sisterhood disbanded some time ago...
    Angelmed - 220/20/64 - F1, UBT, AFK
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    Yep, got tired of this list and dumped most of the names I haven't seen in a while.

    Added some names of RP orgs that haven't told me NOT to add their names. Still looking for more, and if I added your name on you don't want to be on the list let me know in-game or here in this thread.

    I know there are a few more neutral RP orgs as well, and I suspect a few more Clan and Omni ones.
    Clan Elder of The Pilgrims

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    Hihi, could you please toss a link up to on our listing pretty please. Sankoo!

    President - Shattered Dreams- Rimor

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    Omni-RK E&E

    Not sure if you want us on the list before you (and we) are sure we can get this thing aftive, but if you do want to, please add Omni-RK E&E - you can link to

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    When the org is alive and kicking, let me know and then I'll add it.
    Clan Elder of The Pilgrims

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    I am looking for a Role playing omni org, tell me in game


    or just post a reply on here

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    Just a note to anybody reading this far. This read is officially dead for the time being.

    There is a lot going on Rimor in regards to organizing and reorganizing. Maybe at the end of the month you'll see a new version of this thread.

    For now I'm not even going to bother upkeeping it. By the end of the month it will be horribly outdated ... even though it pretty much is already.
    Clan Elder of The Pilgrims

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    Archetype is a new org, Clan, and we do RP... and struggle to get involved with Funcom's events.
    -- Killchain

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    Hey NOW!

    The League of Fabulous Ninjas would love NOTHING MORE then to advance the storyline!

    Whom do we need to speak with to become a RP org?

    We can take blame for the Newland Council member!

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    Talk to your org president about becoming a RP org.

    For those which are RP orgs, I suggest getting in touch with myself (especially if you're Clan) or Falikos (especially if you're neutral).

    Its a lot more fun when we all play together.
    Clan Elder of The Pilgrims

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    Keeping this thread updated again now.

    Want to be listed? let me know.
    Clan Elder of The Pilgrims

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