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Thread: Missions crashing and repopulating

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    anyone there?


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    Have had this occur at least once every day I have done missions since 13.8.

    The mission loses all state, so when the you and/or your team come back (at whatever intervals) from the disconnect, any buffs ran during the mission are lost, all pets are gone, and any mobs in the surrounding rooms are beating on you. If you're not in the first room, it's very rare that anyone from the team will make it out alive unbuffed and uncoordinated.

    Needs fixing. BADLY. I will not attempt to fight through another mission while this is still happening.

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    Angry Bump

    How about some acknowledgement?

    Note the number of 100+ people, and the low post counts on a lot of the people posting here.

    People who have previously been quiet are speaking up.

    I know that you've got the attention of most of the 100+ population of my guild.

    Anyone there?
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    This is a big problem. I sent in a petition about it and it was deleted with no response. Until they get around to admitting they have a problem (another month?) and then fixing it (another 3 months after that?) I recommend blowing off all office, office-maze, and fireplace missions. Stick with small cave and factory missions, it is at least less frustrating when they do crash because you only lose < 1 hour of effort.

    - Tboo

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    Same here and reported MANY times

    I too have experienced this issue MANY times. I have also reported it as far back as four weeks ago.. I still have the 6 emails auto-replies from this and NOT ONE response.

    Not only is it dam frustrating to loose all the work in a mission but it is even more frustrating when we cannot get ANY support emails replied too. 6 in my email box.. not one has been replied to.


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    Glad it's not just me....

    Last week, I took a mission for the first time since my heart attack ( 3 weeks lost playing time ) and the mission reset! I thought it was probably just a coincidence since I've only seen that happen ONCE since rollout. I guess it is now a "feature" of the game.

    Luckily, I knew where the exit was and managed to make it out with about 20% health. Plus side was I was 10K CR and ~30KExp Richer!

    FIX THIS!!!!

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    Come on dammit. This is rediculous that it goes on day after day wihth no reply no fix no acknowledgment.

    I feel sorry the Dev team. To create a product like this is one hell of an accomplishment.

    I hate watching it get flushed down the toliet by managers managing like it's a used car lot. I hope you slash the tires of the managers who are making this into a game with no hope for what was advertised.
    This Norwegian logic is killing me.

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    Maybe I need to be clear due to the language thing.



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    Another one...

    Error - There is a problem with the server

    Just zoned into that one

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    This *HAS* to be fixed in the next patch.

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    this is are really REALLY anoying bug and it needs sorting NOW not next month its causing the higher lvl playerbase (myself and my guild freinds included) to get really frustrated and its also caused a lot of the higher lvls to put there accounts on hold or actaully leave the game

    I suggest FC you emergency patch this and not wait about for 14.0 thatll be too late as most of the players will leave if this isnt fixed immediatley.

    AS in FIX IT THIS WEEK dont leave it to rot its impposible for people to play the damn game if they cant do missions being one of the only ways to level passed 100.

    not to mention the mobs registering hits after they die that needs fixing asap too! as that is enfuriating people as its killing them after its dead!! rendering fighting virtually impossible.


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    Seriously folks, what's the point? FC is completely AWOL from these boards. Instead of relying on FC to fix their problems (which we know they neve will) let's discuss with each other tips on how to survive when the server crashes.

    One method is to have a designated puller bring each mob in the mission to the main room for the rest of the team to take out. Make sure the puller has either Rage or a good speed buff, so if the server resets he can still outrun the respawn on his way out of the mission.

    Another way is to do easier missions with smaller groups, so that if the server resets each member is able to either kill the respawned mob without too much difficulty or able to hold out until the other members return. To help facilitate this, the healer should keep each member at full health throughout the battle, and if the server resets, each player should endeavor to return as immediately as possible.

    Someone said in another post that these forums are for the players, not so much for FC developers. So let's take control of these boards and start helping each other out, because we know now that FC is not here for us, nor will ever be. It's up to us now...

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    This happend to me at least 15 times the past week alone

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    I seem to have found a way to greatly minimize the chance of a mission crash/rest:

    Every 30-45 minutes, get your ENTIRE team out of the mission. Wait a minute or two before going back in. You'll lose your map, of course, but that's better than the alternative.

    I haven't had a crash/reset for two weeks while doing this. However, I do know of people who've had a crash/reset within 10 minutes of entering the mission so this is not a cure-all.

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