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Thread: The Role of the Neutrals

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    Lightbulb neutrals need to be defined by FC

    the problem with all this debate is we don't have a definition of Neutral from FC. many of the points of view from both sides are quite valid as 'possibilities', but only as such. when you read a book, you don't "choose your own world", the story (and remember, FC is supposedly doing a story here) is defined by the author. so with that in mind, would FC please let us know exactly what the role of neutrals really is? make it up yourselves, or allow a vote by players or something, but give us a definition to go by. A) are neutrals a total non-faction with nothing to do with clan or omni? B)are they simply another form of rebels to omni and a bunch of "cowards unwilling to take up the cause" to the clans? C)are they citizens that have become disgruntled by both sides and have by some unspoken decision become immigrants to ICC held territories? [note: I think seeing a subversive move by the ICC to 'sink their teeth into Rubi-ka' independant of Omni or the Clans to have AWESOME story potential. oh and on a side note: when are we going to have a real story in game, and not 'yet another boring attack on <insert city/area name>' by some hideously oversized monstor or robot or faction or.. or.. or.. it's getting really old FC. especially to those of us on the night-owl gaming schedule who never EVER seem to SEE an event anyway...] anyway. bickering over 'the way things ought to be' is pointless. we should have the story of each side defined, and then bicker over the direction that should be taken within that story environment.

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    Bedivere, I'd say that the neutrals are by definition simply those who have for some reason or another no desire to align with either of the two primary factions.

    This could really be for any of a number of reasons:

    * Your character could be lazy/self-centered and just not really care enough to make a choice.
    * Your character could be an entrepreneur that sees more value in serving as a go-between than as a member of either side.
    * Your character could be a mercenary spy, working for the highest bidder.
    * Your character could be someone who believes that both factions serve a useful purpose, and sees no reason why they can't live in peace.
    * Your character could be an anarchist who hates both factions, seeing them as being nothing more than different sides of the same coin.

    I think the bottom line is that neutrals are individuals. To give neutrals more of a "focus" would be the same as creating a third faction. While I admit this might ****e up the plot a little bit, I think it would take away the fundamental reason why many people choose to be neutral.

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    I think neutrals should be defined, simply, as folks that haven't taken a side. The reasons really don't matter. I don't want to be a 3rd faction at all. Though I think making the ICC more important would be great I don't think neutrals should automatically be alligned with the ICC. The ICC isn't really neutral. They acknowledge the lease on the planet in Omni's favor. At the same time, they try to oppose OT's unhumanitarian practices. They support us by giving us neutral insurance terminals and possibly neutral whompas in the future, but I'd rather stay out of the conflict. Either way, they are a 3rd political point of view and many of not most neutrals do not want to be forced to pick ANY side wether it's Omni, Clans, ICC, Dust Brigade or what have you.

    Um, I started writing this saying I want the ICC to be a bigger part of the story. As I read what I wrote, I don't want that if neutral=ICC. Do add the neutral whompa system though. It'll be a great addition to the game and can allow for some intersting events.

    Just allow folks to go neutral after being in a faction and remove us from the [tab]. That's the only two things I think really need to be done.


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    I'm late but I just wanted to say that I'm happy (happy ! happy ! joy ! joy !) to see FC trying to improve things for neutrals.
    I quickly read all the post. Almost everything was said.

    My opinion: ENHANCE RP possibilities !!!!, that's it, and give some specific to neutral. Someone (Rayfield) wrote about that.

    Patch 14.2 will add the possibility of real invisibility if you sneak properly. That's this kind of stuff neutrals (actually AO in a whole) need.

    More: RP, politic, communications, commerce, shops, neutrality (as a way to be out of a conflict without being killed, at least not too often !).

    Circle G Inc. - Your safety is our business.

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    Cool thinking and talking to other neuts...

    This is slightly off what we've ended up talking about, but I've been talking to other neuts and I have an idea for a compromise over the knotty neutral application form business.

    It seems there are two sides to this argument: firstly, some think that neutral application should be allowed, we welcome our newly neutral brothers with welcome arms.

    Secondly, some think that neutral application shouldn't be allowed, since it belittles the neuts who made it the hard way- no longer could people look at a high lvl neut and think 'gosh!'.

    It seems that the people really baying for neut forms are those who accidently used their clan/omni form at the beginning. Therefore, most people who play neuts decide to play neut from the start, and only change alignment accidently.
    It seems obvious, then, that the thing to do is to have low level application forms for neutrality- say, up to level 15, and no higher level ones. That would be a tidy compromise, I think.

    Oh, on another point: we don't need token boards. Neutrality is supposed to be tough, let's keep it that way! Tokens are for wusses

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    Not thinking much and not talking to anyone

    Why not let the neutral form be a part of switching sides. Omni->Neutral, get 50(?) hrs in game as neut, then go neut->clan if you like, or stay neut.
    Neuts are already targets for everyone, so if you want to hunt down and kill your old 'pals', just do it.

    I think leaving the company or the clans can be just as hard a choice as going Neut all the way from level 1.

    We have Neuts that RP having left Omni-Tek/the Clans. We have Harry FFS. Why the hell not let people do it for real.

    I'm not gonna cry if I'm not the 100th(?) highest level neut on RK-1, and I sure hope the rest of you feel the same.

    Not letting people leave a fascist company or a group of maniacs that claims to be 'freedom fighters' by other means than joining said company or lunatics is just BS. I'd welcome anyone leaving their 'side' to become neutral, even that SOB Blazindro.

    Well, that's how I feel right now. Gimme a chance to get PvPd some more and I might change my mind.

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    One life one guild...

    People who know me wonder why i am still guild less...

    Yes i am out spoken and yes i will help any neutral any time for free.

    Ever since i have arrived in borealis after my long epic journey from what was once wine..... ( another story) I have pointed out what is needed in the cities of newland and boralis. We need our own affilated city, WE HAVE NO HOME!!!! and with out a true home (not a place we call home) we are just tourists and refuges in this conflict. This is why we have so called neutral cities dominated by clan and omni tek, this is why we have no supirior nano shops, this is why we have no high lavel hunting grounds, this is why we have pvp 25% zones on our door step, this is why OUR GAURD ARE KILLED DAILY... ( the list is endless). All that you are asking for i have stated ever since i become a medic.

    But wait why has this not happened sooner? because most of you are to busy squabbling over crumbs from the table and arguing over internal politics. Neutral guilds suck!! plain and simple...

    (however.... IRN the best that we have?? yes! selinna our neutral voice? grats on what you have achived so far, newlandbob, fractaloon, jereiziah,drtiny and all those other 'neut for evers keep up the good work keep up the good work)

    Now is the time to shout loader demand more get what we need. Never mind peace its not going to happen, profit? omni and clan have better and you can only sell just so many medi suits.

    now is the time to unite and become one voice.

    One guild is the only way, imagine a guild with 150+ members imagine the pooled resorces, the events, the life we can have and THE VOICE THAT WILL BE HEARD.

    Then and only then will you get what you ask for.


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    (however.... IRN the best that we have?? yes! selinna our neutral voice? grats on what you have achived so far, newlandbob, fractaloon, jereiziah,drtiny and all those other 'neut for evers keep up the good work keep up the good work)

    Thanks I'll pass that on to the folks you mention, too. Perhaps you're right, though: we do get so caught up in arguing about what neutrality is that we forget that there are things we all agree on, such as 'take us off the tab button!'. The only folks I've seen arguing that one are clan and omni. Says it all, really.

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    I think Nuetrals have been defined by Funcom

    I think the role of nuetrals has nothing to do with the story line what so ever. Look at the timeline of AO on the homepage for AO. It mentions nuetrals maybe 5 times out of 21 pages of entrys. I think Funcom made it so nuetrals would be attacked on every occassion on purpose, so that the game would be so difficult, only a handful would continue on as nuetral.

    I accidently hit an omni application that comes with your start up kit and wentOmni... Hence I am no longer nuetral cause supposedly AO can make you omni or clan but they cant make you nuetral. I think this is a load of rhinoman feces but hey thats what I was told. I have pretty much burned out on the game now. So many stupid bugs or equally stupid hinderances in the game have made it unenjoyably to play. I never felt in any other MMORPG that my time was wasted but I am getting the feeling that this is the case with this game.

    On top of that with all the people that agree with me. None want to do anything about it, they would rather sit around and whine than make a change.

    Oh well I am on sebatical for a while.

    Thanks for a good time all you players and I hope that they do something soon to change the BS thats cluttered the game.


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    my 2 cents

    It's great that neuts are finally gong to be addressed as a viable group and not just a bunch of people who 'haven't decided which side to join yet' i have decided and i decided i want to stay Neutral. the main problems i have had to deal with being a neutral are as follows.

    1. A destinct lack of mobs to hunt outdoors after a certain level i had no choice but to go the mission way and believe me i hated it. i hate the whole indors cramped space bit. But what am i to do/ Not level/ not a chance. so i reluctantly joined the ranks. i have gone to clan areas where the mobs are so red to me (i'm a 91 mP). That would be nice to have in Neutral territory.

    2. why does being neutral mean you have no access to "SUPERIOR" shops? I was shocked and very upset to find this out specially since it meant having to get others to not only browse but buy the nano's on your behalf. So i have to trust a complete stranger with $xxxxxx credits just to buy nano's. That's just not right. Eventually I decided to create a clan character soley for the purpose of buying my nano's but even then I had to exchange money and nano's between characters again having to rely on other people. don't get me wrong, most people that helped me out were glad to do it but I shouldn't have to be put in that position. Nobody else is why should neuts.

    3. There are no bonuses for being neutral ... Why not? It's damn near impossible to stay neutral sometimes. i remember when amnesty failed and all of a sudden I was getting aggro from both sides WTF? I couldn't hunt ANYWHERE. Again the only choice was to go the mission way when I prefer outdoors hunting.

    these are issues I would LOVE to see rectified.

    Ah to be outdoors again :-)

    Thanks for the voice ... hope you guys are listening.

    currently 91mP

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    my third cent

    Oh ... almost forgot ...

    4. What's with the saving terminals I'd probably be a lot higher if I w\had a place to actually save when away from home. I know it is the same for omni while in clan ground and vice versa but can this not be remedied?


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    Talking neutrals not in the storyline?

    Pardon me whilst I laugh my behind off over here.

    As a longtime player of neuts, a player with many miles racked up on the PvP-gank Frequent-Fliers Package, and recently a participant in a number of Neutral-related plot developments, I would like to state the obvious:

    If there are groups of people lashing out violently against OT and the CoT, which camp do they fall in? Are they an OT division? Nonsense. Clanners? C'mon, even those disparate barbarians have more solidarity than that.

    The recent happening relating to the Dust Brigade and their assaults against targets on all sides of the conflict (and a number of uninvolved neutrals too) make it clear that non-factioned areas like Newland, Borealis, Last Ditch, Hope, and others are very important to the developing story-arc.

    Sure, we only have two large guilds (the IRN and Omega), and no official representation in the world of the big-time power-players that we are proud to call our own (we have no Ross or Radiman to hang our hats with), but that in no way hedges us out of the story.

    We hold the most precarious footing on Rubi-ka. Our main population centers are linked directly into the Clan wompah-network, making excursions into neutral territory trivial for clanners. We, unlike Clanners, have no established diplomatic links to the higher eschaelons of Omni-Tek. When an Omni-Pol squad descends upon a Neut, they need not fear political repercussions, as we are well known to be a disparate, unaffiliated lot.

    We also lack any many of corporate backing. In the case of Omni-tek, the backing is obvious. Clan militant groups have been supplied covertly for years by a number of Omni-tek's corporate rivals, most notably the Sol Banking Corporation.

    Meanwhile radical fringe groups pop up in neutral areas terrorizing both OT and Clan targets.

    The Anarchy Online story arc is moving right along, and we're all set to receive the brown end of the stick. Thank you for including us.

    When you're participating in Omni-Pol retaliatory strikes against Last Ditch or "securing" Newland City for our "protection" under the CoT banner, be sure to remember where we neuts fit in the grand scheme of things.
    Neutral Nanomage Bureaucrat RK1
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    How many different characters have you played? Just curious. I see you're only a lvl 46, and which one allowed you better Role Playing opportunities?

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    I have played at least 12 total, and my lvl46 MA is my highest level characters. Another of mine is a guildmate of yours.

    Neutral Nanomage Bureaucrat RK1
    Veteran, The Independant Rubikans

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    Lightbulb Nuetrals and their role

    Greetings fellow avatars of Rubi-Ka!!!

    Heres my two cents. I feel that neutrals should have an active role in the game. Just because they are indifferent about the conflict, doesnt mean they should be ignored or treated like a red-headed stepchild!!
    I feel that they should be a faction that is absolutely needed by the Omni and Clan alike. OT and Clan should have to seek out Neutrals to complete certain quests and maybe even missions. Neutrals should maybe have the rols as advisors to the clan and ot leaders, kind of like Merlin to King Arthur. Where say a nuetral could be appointed as arbitrator in certain situations, or say, give them certain trade-skill's that clan and OT do not have or dont have access to , so one would have to seek a neutral out to build certain implants or gain a particularly deadly weapon or maybe even a new skill. And for the sake of everyone, PLEASE PLEASE ADD SOME FRIGGIN NPC's that interact with the citizens of Rubi-Ka!!! Ive never seen a game so desolate of NPC's. Allow people to either buy or build HOUSES! Expand Rubi-Ka!, AND for the sake of the game and the players, START THE DAM WAR ALREADY!!!! I bought this game to fight in huge battles like i saw in the intro movie launch, I want to be able to man a HUGE laser CANNON and blow Omni ships out of the sky and a massive 10000 player vs10000 player battle!!!! I mean what happens when you get to level 200 ?? If things arent changed ill just get bored and quit if there isnt something that makes me want to stay, like having a war to fight. QUIT MILKING US AND START THE ACTION!!! ONLY Allow people to pvp who are relatively close to each other in level.
    Allow 100,000 credits to be awarded in tournaments for pvp, allow PEOPLE TO TAME AND RIDE MOUNTS LIKE HORSES OR DRAGONS OR THE LIKE!!! BE CREATIVE!!!

    Hmmm, if i have anythign more to ***** about ill add a thread!

    Have a great day!!!

    Belgarioniii of rubi ka 1

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    Hehe now I'm all curious :-). Let me know who you are in guild chat.

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    Thats the best idea I've heard yet.

    I really liked the idea to change the game on only one of the 2 demensions (rk-1 and rk-2) Let the people who want to change to the new patch or move to the old preserve their characters by doing a ONE-TIME switch (only for characters created before the patch, this will prevent them from powerlvling and then moving to the OE server) then we'll have an uber, hardcore dimension and a new anti-OE-cause-I-can't-keep-up dimension. Each would have different strategies. No one gets pist off and leaves the game. It also would let people try something else when they got bored of a particular dimension which means longer subscription which means more money. Someone said thats what FC really wants anyways. If so then make a hardcore server mor interesting and boost up the max lvl equipment.

    I think that would solve everyone's issue but I dont think that FC would care to do it. They would have to develope patches for each dimension which means they would be less rich.

    CZ, what would anyone important think of that Idea?

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    Sorry that was on the wrong thread

    like i said

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    My thoughts on what neutrals need

    I don't have a high level neutral, so I can only contribute generalities, but I like the idea of neutrals being peace lovers. It fits the can't attack first thing. The not being able to auto target a neutral has good in-game merits, but I think for roleplaying purposes it's not good. Neutrals should be at just as much risk going through war areas as anybody else. People should have to check who they're targetting or just start firing willy-nilly and not apologize because it's the neutral who came into that area anyway.

    I might be able to understand the justification of sided guards attacking us in their cities, but please don't give us missions to those cities, then. Do Omni chars get missions to Athen? I don't think so. Why then should I, as a neutral, get a mission to Old Athen, Athen Shire, or Wartorn Valley when I can't make it to those areas without getting fired upon? Send me to neutral areas or areas like Broken Shores where the outpost guards won't kill me on sight. But I'd prefer the guards from neither side attacking us immediately. We can't fire on anyone, so we're no threat. We can't use their stores, so there would be no arms dealing or whatnot. I'd much like to be able to run around freely as a neutral in those areas.

    Whompas certainly need revamping. Broken Shores being the only connecting area to Omni, and that only after a dangerous run, is silly. A good neutral nexus would be great. I also like the idea of making more Clan oriented and Omni oriented whompa systems, with maybe one whompa on either side dipping into the neutral nexus.

    Neutrality shouldn't be a faction, by any means. However, it shouldn't be an iconoclast philosophy, either. Some neutrals might be peaceniks; others might be opportunists; yet others might be dissatisfied with either side. Anything that allows varying philosophies among neutrals is a good thing.
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    Just to point you out unseelie that with neuts being on the tab lists we don't have the same risks as anyone else going into PvP areas but DOUBLE risk as we are targets for Omni and Clanners.

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