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Thread: role playing(come on in)

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    Unhappy role playing(come on in)

    just fun stuff and kool people(who play anarchy online of course!)
    AO is fun...kill something!

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    Arrow the door opens....

    As the door open the rusty hinges squeek to pierce the thick fog of smoke that covered the surround. Another man contacts his eye to the dark shallow eyes of the man entering his presence.

    The man begins to walk to his next destanation which his rudely interupted by a pulling of a dagger from the cloak of a thief...the man throws his arm in the simple direction of the thief and mumbles a few elven sounding words and the man fades away to nothing. After this happening the man continues his journey to the destination he sought out before. As the man foot glides slowly over the creeky floor there was no sound heard. The man sat down and that was all until...
    AO is fun...kill something!

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