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Thread: from the ashes... rebirth

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    from the ashes... rebirth

    The winds blew gently over East Mutie, carrying the smoke from the ruined towers away to the south. Debris was strewn across the landscape, evidence of a battle that had just taken place. A large Atrox with spiked green hair and unusual sunglasses dropped 10 meters from the air down to the ground, dematerializing his Yalmaha too quickly. BigGreen did not seem to notice the damage taken as he steadied his balance and surveyed the scene.
    "At last," Bigreeen thought, "East Mutie is ours again."
    BigGreen tapped a command into his datapad and a column of pulsating light shot up from the ground to the sky. A tower began to take form within the shaft of light, as notum bots worked at a frantic pace to construct the spire. The column of light diminshed, then died. in its place was a Control Tower, with an orange glow emanating out from it's apex. A low hum began as the tower started up. A cheer went up from the family members gathered around the tower.
    Soon other shafts of light appreared, then more as the weary warriors rebuilt what Chimera and other Omni factions had taken by force just two months ago.
    "No doubt we'll be attacked again," BigGreen thought. "But that's all right. We have learned from our defeats. and if we are defeated again we will come back stronger, and then stronger still until the enemy realises that it is pointless. Let them come then. Let them try."
    Small points of light winked on across the arid basin, as the towers that had been built activated and connected to each other. BigGreen tapped a command again into his datapad and vanished, a red-gold yalmaha hovering where he had stood. The yalm pointed up and then west toward Borealis, and silently took off.
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