Rocherd presses the Record button

Welcome to Episode 2.

Well, hundres of thousands of years later I wake up and see a bright light.

"Hello, uhhh" The person looks on his list "Oh, hello Lewis "Rocherd" Randigo. Welcome to the year 29475" says the person "Your shuttle to Station Xalao is ready. It'll take till 29477 to reach the Morning Star Space Station" said the person inside the room

I step out and see that I'm currently blind since my eye's haven't adjusted to being open. I follow the guide of the person and I'm suddenly sitting.

I hear a voice over the intercom "Hello and welcome to the Rubi-Ka transporter. We'll arrive on January 31st 29477. We'll be putting you guys into cryo-sleep till we arrive. Thanks for your attention" said the voice

I fell asleep till January 30th 29477 when I was awoke by the immigration officer at exactly 24:02 pm "Move it! All off the ship!" Said the tired officer.

I walked off the ship and boarded the next ship that would take us to The Morning Star from the Xalao Station. I loaded it and arrived at the Morning Star at some time I do not know.

Well we docked and I was the first one off but everyone pushed and I was trampled and my skin, kinda torn and old and bleeding and bruised, I was glad that my DNA would be remade since I was falling apart from the cryo-lab and the cryo-sleep. I was slowly dying inside and after my skin had been exposed to the air it started crumbling. I fell on the floor in front of Gridstream Production's room on the Morning Star.

I was then picked up by a floating machine and carried at full speed to the DNA Restruction Room. The wait was 9 hours so I waited and my arms and legs and fell off so I was picked up by a scientist and put on a table and the computer screen in front of me explained what each breed was and when I picked Soltius has my breed and Adventurer has my class the scientists worked on adjusting it. 3 hours later they applied it and I became a new person.

"Now the last thing we'll need to know is what do you want your name to be?" said a scientist

"Rocherd" I said

Well I walked out and arrived in Arrival Hall which was packed. I slowly made my way to the front and started Neutral but accidently switched to Omni-Tek and I'm glad I did


Well thank you for joining me for Episode 2 and Episode 3 will come sometime.

Rocherd clicks the End button.