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    Exclamation Assembly - Recruiting

    May 10th, 29477

    Press Release

    Assembly is a clan organization, founded in the late fall of 29476 but not actively recruiting until now.

    Our every-day schedule is to offer services to the free clans of Rubi-Ka. Getting items for people, selling services; like intelligence, information, protective services, surveillance and more, each job specified in contracts between guildmembers and clients, and undisclosed in this press release. All client contracts are confidential and names will be kept strictly within the organization if this is what the client wish.

    In addition to members, Assembly is also seeking two advisors, who will aid in the upstart of the organization. If you think you may have something to contribute with, and previous experience in similar positions, contact president Jenae Tussa Godfray for a talk. When a satisfactory number of members has been reached, Assembly will hold its first election of council.

    If you wish to seek more information or file an application you may visit the Assembly gridfeed.

    Also, you can contact our president, Jenae Tussa Godfray, or Eomar Jeval for questions.

    Assembly is a roleplaying clanguild on Atlantean. If you are looking for a guild who chases uniques, has phat lewt as main priority or tower raids as only social events, you won't be very happy with us. Minimum level requirement to join is 20, and all sorts of characters are welcomed.

    With Regards,

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    [Want to bump this beacause I joined Assembly yesterday. Have been talking to the people for a while, and they are very nice people, good roleplayers and it's a fun place to be, even if we are very few.]

    Player of Lille

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