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Thread: A fixer is born; Gogliostro

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    A fixer is born; Gogliostro

    Back in the 21st century computers thrived as well as the hackers. Many companies built their businesses on developing computer security and apart from the businesses the citizens themselves took a big part in security by learning the detailed aspects and gaining the knowledge to put an end to the hacking community. The hackers went by the old saying, "Where there is a will there is a way", and there was always a way into a computer system; you just had to find it. They found from the ancient magnetic media, Ceres, many tales of hackers who broke into, demolished, and stole secrets from many systems worldwide.

    Under this era of developing technology a man known only as 'Gogliostro' arose. Some say he was working for a secret government agency as a spy to control the big companies, but through all the rumours one truth was well known; he was good at what he did.
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