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Thread: 13.8 Griefer love patch day

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    Talking 13.8 Griefer love patch day

    Funcom has stopped short here there should be a global search I can do so I can locate all characters in a PvP area that are at least 75 levels below me. This list can be sorted by how much unsaved xp and loot they have along with map coordinates of their location.

    This will make it much easier to find a target. All I need do now is save (even 75 levels below me no use taking unnecessary risks). Enter PvP zone with finger over the /terminate macro hot key (might lose my title if they get lucky can't have that). Find my target (ROTFLMAO) he didn't even get a chance to get a shot off. Ok loot the body (all junk though what do you expect from someone 75 levels below me) deletes items (I don't want them but it would be no fun to let him keep 'em). Oh look someone went into that small mission cave I'll wait outside he or she will not be long. Wuhahahah she didn't even get a chance to load one shot kill too. Loot body Woot!! Pinky and the mission item my lucky day. Ouch wtf someone my own level is shooting at me can't have that /terminate Muhahah you can't get my title.

    Gee Funcom this is the best patch ever

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    I must admit that this is a VERY griefable patch...

    You gotta stop and think this through FC!
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    I hope that neutrals will be able to attack first in 25% zones now, so that I can grief noobs too....


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    /me looks forward to fool griefers to wait outside my missions long after I warped home
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    Cool Parking

    Interesting comments

    Should I "park" (/terminate) my character at L74 until i have it ubered to the maximum.

    I was thinking all Ql125 implants
    Max Agi/str armour
    Ql200 weapon (trader)

    Is this a good character development philosophy?

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    That aint enough. The gankers a hudred levels above you will come together and kick your sorry bottom no matter what kind of equipment you have.
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    I think it would be nice if those with PvP titles could be attacked by anyone anywhere. Then we could always gang up on them when they are in the cities, and guard should always side agains PvP title wearers.

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    Ouch wtf someone my own level is shooting at me can't have that /terminate Muhahah you can't get my title.

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    Risk vs reward....

    If u think a lvl 150 toon is gona wait outside a mission for 3 hours for a lvl 100 to step outside...darn...

    Looting has been aviable for a long time now, when i have killed ppl at ACE camp and if i did not get the "Your target...." msg, i could loot them.... 2 times i actually took something out of the corpse, but i msg the 2 ppl and told them that if they came back i would give them the items back, and so i did (and no, i did not kill them after i gave it back).

    I will keep on killing(or trie to kill) ppl in 25% and Mayhem but i will NEVER take their stuff

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    Awhile back I looted someone in the Arena, I didnt have the heart to steal his items. Gave em back.

    This was b4 patch aswell.

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