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Thread: Hartbroken alone clan male fixer looking for soulmate

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    Hartbroken alone clan male fixer looking for soulmate

    A 33 year old clan fixer
    walking the lands of rubi-ka, (RK1)
    lost in his own thoughts, sadly reminded of the time
    he has left he on this part of the univers, and feeling the ever
    strain that troubles his heart of not feeling complete.
    He is a mercenary at hart, outside everyday conflict,
    raised in Omni - Tek but has realesed the strength from within
    is more important than taking a side in conflicts, allways
    trying to find peacfull solution to end conflicts of rubi-ka,
    all though he tend to favor his mother and father that nurished
    him (Omni-Tek) as they found him left on there doorstep at
    omni-admin in Rome Blue at the age of 4 months.
    As he looks to the person within more than other things he is
    seldom agressive to either side or favor other more !
    He is now working on and off on intell/report assignments
    for a client, feeling alone and looking for a soulmate
    to enrich both lifes and all around them.

    Either post here or send a /tell if your a female (either side) find
    "eith" interesting, we could go out and eat or go somewhere
    just to talk , open for suggestions.
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    We could also go offworld and share more R/L.
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