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Thread: Cz, Cosmik are you going to answer

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    Cz, Cosmik are you going to answer

    to our concerns at all?
    I think it was a great idea to break up the patch notes in small parts, so you can get feedback on each one. What I'm missing so far are answers whether you're taking our feedback/complaints into consideration?
    What is all this good for if we don't get at least get a "We have taken your concerns in this matter into consideration and are working on something"???
    When I look at those threads I can see some major concerns, and some minor ones, PvP-Changes and the breaking roots thingy seem to be the biggest ones...
    What about some answers?
    Thank you!

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    Agree and we also lack of answers to class specific concerns. Please provide us with more information about the most common questions (e.g. high-lvl NT spells no longer dropping).

    Edit: LOL just saw Cosmik answered to this specific question
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    Did I see right?

    New patch going live tomorrow? And still no answer to *any* of our concerns?
    I mean why even bother to post the patch-notes and ask for feedback if you don't seem to give jack $%&$ about it?
    Sorry if I sound harsh, but I'm really upset.
    I sure hope you'll prove me wrong - I'll gladly do the *mea culpa thingy* then.

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    Angry BUMP!!

    Come on guys, you even advertise this forum on your launcher from time to time, assuring us that our views and opinions DO MATTER!

    Yet this patch is going to go live without ANY of our concerns even being ACKNOWLEDGED let alone addressed.

    The overwhelming opinion is that the pvp changes are unwelcome. Very few people have posted in favour of them, and a HUGE screaming majority wants them rethought, yet you are going to implement them anyway?

    Im not impressed.

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    They must be kidding us, I really hope they have fixed all issues and listen to all other concerns about roots, MAs not zoning with weapon, MAs still doing bad damage, NT nukes that are missing and more, what are they thinking?
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    By not replying they keep the noise level down. Anything they do say will be used against them anyway. So the best option is to let the players "discuss" the changes amongst themselves and see what the players think without stirring things up. Look at any other MMORPG where the Devs post a lot. You get 0 information because of all the noise. While it can be annoying and leave you feeling neglected keeping it minimal can help get information to them. Honestly, I'd like to see more replies from them but I have seen what that leads to and would rather not go there.
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    They're reading... If you reaaaaaally want to make sure that they read you, (make sure its valuable time for them to read) send them an e-mail...
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