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    Story help

    Im kinda new to AO(started a week ago) but ive been playing MMORPGs for awhile now. I bought AO because first of all its a great game, but also because it had a real ongoing story. Since im kinda coming into the game late, i was wondering if i could get some help on understanding how the story influences the game. Ive read the news and political stuff, but how does this affect my character personally? Also, how can i get involved in the war and political struggle? Any help in this would be appreciated.

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    Welcome Elaynia,

    The story you read on the official website in most cases only provide a backdrop for your actions and interactions in AO. Occasionally (if you're not in RK2 - j/k ) you might get to interact with one of the story-events (i.e. Dust Brigade attacks).

    For roleplaying purposes, I suggest that you figure out a personality for your character first, and then worry about how that character interacts with the news. It doesn't have to be too detailed as in, "I'm all despondent and moody because in 29742 I stumped my toe on the statue of Goddess Buffy Summers located in the Rome-Green's furniture store."

    Just use big, broad strokes. "I like this, I like that" As your character responds to the world some more, it'll begin to flesh out. Why did I say all that when you asked for how the news and events affects your character? Well, too many people seem to have been waiting for the story to TELL them how to roleplay their characters. Those people have either quit, moved to whining topics, or are still patiently waiting.

    The sooner you realize that the story isn't provided here to give you a narrative on my character "Joe Schmoe", the sooner the world of rubi-ka opens up. You'll be far less frustrated if you just react consistently with your character to what the world throws at you than waiting for some ARK or GM to descend from the heavens to tap you on your shoulder.

    As for getting involved in the war and political struggle. If that's your cup of tea, the best way is to join an established guild. But realize, that for all intents and purposes, the overall story flow is not interactive. You won't be the hero swings the tide of battle and saves Rubi-Ka. Again, some people and guilds have a grasp extending beyond their reach and have become despondent (and rather infamous in the process).

    At best, the level of interactivity in story-events is:

    1. A story team member gives a [talk/speech/briefing].
    2. Travel to the [portal/dungeon] or [stay put].
    3. The story team spawns lots of low-level MOBs as a warm up.
    4. The story team spawns high-level MOBs to kill most players with two hits.
    5. A story team member thanks the two people who remain standing.
    6. Two days later, a post goes up on the news site, citing the event and participants (usually by guildname only).

    I know, the above sounds rather cynnical... but sadly, due to operational realities, is more or less true.

    If you still want to be deeply involved with war and political struggle, there are a few guilds that have put in a lot of effort to get some involvement in story-events. Your best bet is to ride on the coat-tails of one of them if you're really interested in that aspect of AO.

    Personally, I'd rather just sit back and watch the morning holovids while I wait for my first customer of the day.

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    dont ,ind him, he is just a whiner if you ask me, you can read about the story on the official website, but it is basicly this:

    OT vs Clan, 1 side wins, Neutrals get killed by all :P

    here are a few links:

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    Thanks Tap, as i said ive been RPing D&D for 10 years now, as well as Ultima Online so im used to developing a character. In fact my character has already made a few enemies among some of the guilds (I RP a rather rough soldier). But being a soldier, my place is more on the front line, not hanging back killing monsters all day. There are lots of Omni-Tech for me to fight. *grins*

    Still, I would expect that since AO is spouted as having the most interactive story of all MMORPGs, that there has to be more than the occasional "go get killed" side plots. Until such a time as I find my place on Rubi Ka, you'll find me on the front lines where only the brave belong.

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    "one sides wins all"
    this is very untrue, since the burning zeal will redeem everyone who is corrupted on this planet!
    (so far, most OT are corrupted... but...)

    Join us in our great struggle!

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    self publicity but why not...

    OOC -

    If you want a little more fleshed out info on the RP around and sideways from the main story than the VoF tends to provide... try some of my reports. Written following interviews with people who have made themselves noticed on Rubi-ka by words or deeds - you might pick up story line from them to run with whilst waiting for an event to land... if nothing else they give info on a wider range of guilds than the news passing through the main channels

    The site is 100% IC... call it an external grid feed you've managed to track down - and allow your character to react to Any of the info their... or whatever...
    but its at

    just a warning... some of the articles are a bit long!!!


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