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    Question Missing Persons Report:

    I feel that there is only one place to get a good burger in Old Athen: Mongol Meat. I would go there every day to spend a few of my hard-earned credits to boost the clan's economy, and to indulge in a tasty sandwich. I had observed that Mongol Meat does not serve "Mongol Burgers (if there is such a thing)," but rather Bronto Burgers.

    Back when Newland City was still open to the clans, I would eat at Bronto Burger fairly regularly. This may be why I loved eating at Mongol Meat so much.

    However, none of us will be able to eat at Mongol Meat any more. If you haven't noticed, the attendant who serves us has gone missing. The grills are still on, there is still meat (probably rotting by now) on the grills. But there is no one to flip the meat, and likewise add cheese, greens, and all the fixings. None of us knew his name, and seeing as he kept to himself, none of us probably ever would have.

    Does anyone know what happened to Old Athen's burger vendor?
    -Dr. Oren "Octagious" Cervenak
    Director of Athen Medical Society
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    Bliqz looks about innocently.


    Scuse me.
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    Im sorry to dissapoint you but he has been terminated by Omni-Med after he was found to be at the centre of an illegal weapons trade.

    His Med records were retrieved, and he was terminated. He was attacked during the day by some folk who had gotten a bad burger and he was killed, thinking that he would be reconstructed he didnt seem that bothered. Oh well what a shame, one less clan to worry about.
    Tikon - Forever an MP. Rest in peace my dear old friend.

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    Angry most upsetting.
    -Dr. Oren "Octagious" Cervenak
    Director of Athen Medical Society
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    But such is the price of selling illegal weapons.

    This just goes to show those interested in the food service/arms dealing industry that fast food and illegal weapons will amount to nothing in the end.

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    I refuse to believe that this man sold illegal weapons. I feel there is some other reason why he was killed, if he was killed. I have reason to believe that this may be Omni-Med/Pol/Tek's way of keeping the system in line with fear tactics and threats.

    I visited the Mongol Meat in Tir the other day and it was fully staffed. The employee in Old Athen (who I will refer to in this post from now on as Saul) was too quiet to undergo the charismatic endevour of selling weapons discreetly under the table. How are you going to buy weapons from someone who says so little? No, this is obviously a ploy to hinder the Clan's already feeble economy, and I will be seeking information from other sources than Omni-Tek.

    Saul...if you're out there...this is one person who seeks to find you.
    -Dr. Oren "Octagious" Cervenak
    Director of Athen Medical Society
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    An update on Saul's situation...

    I visited the Mongol Meat franchise in Tir today. It seems there is much competition with Bronto Burger that Genghis Pan is worried about. I was also wrong in thinking that Mongol Meat did not serve their own product. They do, in fact, serve their own burgers, as well as other products such as their popular Mincemeat Cut-Cake. I however, still prefer Bronto food.

    I attempted to speak with Mr. Pan on the subject of his Athen franchise and he seemed to be too busy to talk. He however handed me a frozen package and told me it was to be delivered to someone (he mumbled his name as he walked away.)

    The point is, I believe that Saul was perhaps fired because he was selling Bronto's products. Then again...why would Mr. Pan leave his store vacant for all these days? The fast food industry offers great employment opportunites to the younger generation as well as low-income individuals.

    Anyone else's opinion would be valued...
    -Dr. Oren "Octagious" Cervenak
    Director of Athen Medical Society
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    Mongol Meal......their hamburgers taste like a car drove over them in the middle of a toilet.

    It's good sometimes but tastes bad.
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    I can assure you that your so called friend Saul was terminated by Omni-Med, I would show you the termination records along with the bio samples, but im afraid they are confidential.

    You should never under estimate a quiet person, they can be the most lethal and deadly.

    Omni-Tek internal security had discovered that Saul was selling and trading illegal weapons for some unknown higher power, when questioned he said that he had to do these jobs otherwise him and his family would be outcasted from clan territory. The reason why there is no staff at the stand now, is because everyone is too afraid to work there because of what happend, we now know that the stand is in a claimed territory by some smuggling group, and that whoever works there is generally forced into doing dirty deeds.

    I can assure you that the main smugglers will be found and dealt with accordingly.
    Tikon - Forever an MP. Rest in peace my dear old friend.

    Remember, Life is a Journey, Not a Destination, So enjoy the ride..

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    Exclamation Cover-up!!!!

    I should not be telling you this but I know what happen to your buddy Saul. There are things going on that they do not want the general public to know about. I am talking about the super secret "Bronto Buger War" that is being fought between Mongol Meats and Bronto Burger for the control of Rubi-Ka's fast food industry.

    Your buddy Saul is just an unfortunate casualty in this "war". Do not believe any other stories for they are all just lies and cover-ups!!

    If you value your own safety Octagious, I advise you to let this matter DROP!!! These people are dangerous, and anyone caught prying into their affairs die a gruesome perma-death. You seen the results, people left for dead face down in toilets. Thats their trademark.
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