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Thread: Ragnarok Recruitment(scandinavian)

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    Ragnarok Recruitment(scandinavian)

    Ragnarok is the guild for scandinavian immigrants on RK only!
    And we need more of u, to fight the evil clans! (and do some camping)

    Ragnarok is a big guild, as u can see here so if u want an active guild this might be the one for u

    Does this sound like something for u? or do u want to know more, or see the reqs to join then click here here

    Are u ready to fill out an application form click here
    Plz read and answer the questions in ur applicationform on the forum (ignore the email address mentioned and post on forum only)
    Jamesdum President of Ragnarok
    Jamespond Member of Ragnarok
    Jamespond2 Member of Ragnarok

    Want to join Ragnarok?

    Quote on BrutalThug
    Because we have spy's in EVERYONE's guild so we can plan the attack while you sleep !! yeah ! hmm we clearly need to rename the guild to "nordic echelon"

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    RK1 or RK2 ? :P
    Christopher 'Allinone' Fornataro - Neutral Fixer on RK2,

    and his odd adopted brother

    Barret 'Disqualifier' Fornataro - Neutral Enforcer on RK2.

    (For your information: Barret is a bit too stupid to post the boards, so I'll be doing all the posting for him.)

    We all know that the neutrals are a scattered group of people. Every neutral individual has her own beliefs of neutrality and a different way of looking at it, which opens alot of discussion. I believe that neutrality simply offers you the chance to gain strength while others grow weaker and more primitive. And yes - I am a little selfish, but I do not avoid helping people.

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