Omni-Tek Citizens and Faction Leaders,

I post this message for all conscientious citizens of Omni-Tek. I invite all of you, especially those of you who lead Omni-Tek factions, to participate in addressing an issue that has troubled us all for some time now.

It seems to me that many of you feel that some among our ranks are acting inappropriately. I have read numerous complaints about various OT organizations and individuals who attack Omni-Tek guards, assassinate Clanners brought into our territory for inquisition, and other such occurrences.

My question to you is this - what will we as citizens of Omni-Tek do? Sit idly by and complain?

I think we can do more.

While it is true we cannot forcibly prevent such actions, perhaps we can work together to deter them. I believe that the conscientious citizens of Omni-Tek should work together to create an Omni-Tek Code of Conduct. This set of rules will provide a guideline for how we collectively believe Omni-Tek citizens should conduct themselves. We can then begin to make a list of the most egregious offenders of this code, and determine their guild affiliation, if any.

It is my hope that the leaders of any guild whose members violate this code will take steps to communicate with, and if necessary reprimand, those members. As time passes, the Omni-Tek community at large can take further punitive steps if necessary. I would suggest that citizens of Omni-Tek refuse to group with, trade with, or even speak to players who willfully and repeatedly conduct themselves in a manner that violates the established Code of Conduct.

I call upon the leaders of Omni-Tek’s factions to come together and discuss this concept. I ask those of you who do are truly loyal to the Corporation, and wish to work for its betterment, to work with your fellows to address the issues that confront us at this troubled time. Omni-Tek needs firm leadership – who among you will step forward?

I do not think that we are powerless to stop these abuses on our own employees and policies. Let us confront the traitors and punish them. We are Omni-Tek. Let us hold ourselves to the high standards set by President Ross.

If any of you wish to discuss this further, please contact me on the general comms channels – I am listed as “Krycheck” I hope you will not turn your back on the corporation that provided you with everything you have today. Take up this call to arms, and fight in the defense of the Omni-Tek name! Do not let our beloved corporation fall into chaos!

May your day be safe and productive.

Damon Krycheck